Moneymaking Guide

High Level Alchemy

High Level Alchemy is a level 55 Magic spell in the normal spell book. Outside of player interaction, this spell is practically essential to making money on your own and will be referred to as 'alch' for the rest of this guide.
What the spell basically does is turn an item in your inventory into a specific amount of coins (varies by item) at the cost of 1 nature rune and 5 fire runes. It's common to offset the fire rune cost by just equipping a fire staff, while nature runes can be quickly obtained by trading pess for natures with other players.
Casting the spell itself also grants 146.25 Magic XP, a very nice amount especially when the spell is used on bank notes of several hundred, even thousands, of items.



Pure Rune Essence

In short just mine Pure Essence a.k.a pess (make sure you have at least 30 Mining otherwise you'll end up mining Rune Essence which is, for most intents and purposes, useless). Even just one person going for 99 Runecrafting can single-handedly fuel the pess market for a few weeks at least (since around 500-700k pess is needed to max the skill). Runecrafters tend to either straight up buy pess for 500gp each or swap the runes they've crafted for pess.


Although not always sold, gold ore is is an extremely valuable resource to players who wish to increase their smithing level. Gold bars are not as desired, but can still be sold due to the sheer amount of resources Crafting requires.


Follow the Thieving guide and you will have plenty of crafting materials to either sell to other players, or to make use of yourself to alch for money.
Valuable thieving loot

  • Coins
  • Various seeds (Watermelon, Torstal, Limpwurt …)
  • Gold Ore
  • Adamantite Ore
  • Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds
  • Fire orbs
  • Death and Blood runes

To those who wish to alch:

  • Turn gold ore into gold bars, then craft diamond bracelets. Enchant the diamond bracelets into Abyssal Bracelets which alch for 2520 coins each. For slightly less money, alch the diamond bracelets which are worth 2295 coins each.
  • Use Fire orbs on battlestaves to craft them into Fire battlestaves. You can buy 100 battlestaves from Zaff at Varrock, but you will need 700k to buy his stock. Alching a Fire battlestaff nets you a profit of 2300 coins each.


Higher Slayer levels allows you to fight certain monsters, some of which drop extremely valuable, but extremely rare, items such as Draconic Visages, Dragon Chainmails, and Abyssal Whips.
Higher level slayer monsters also typically drop items items that alch for a lot of coins such as Adamantite and Rune armor and weapons.
Most slayer monsters also have access to the Rare Drop Table and clue scrolls, both are sources of valuable items.

Although not a slayer exclusive monster, Blue Dragons are commonly fought as a Slayer task due to their 2 guaranteed drops: Dragon Bones and Blue Dragon hide.
Dragon bones can are extremely valuable to players who wish to train Prayer, while Blue dragon hide is valuable to players training Crafting. Both items are generally sold for around 3k each.
See the Slayer guide for more information on monsters.

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