Here is the list of minigames implemented in /v/scape, along with their guides:

Barrows Brothers
Bossing (Under construction)
Castle Wars
Duel Arena (Under construction)
Fishing Trawler
Gnome Ball (Under Construction)
Gnome Restaurant (Under construction)
Impetuous Impulses (Under construction, see the Hunter guide for current details)
Mage Training Arena
Pest Control
Pyramid Plunder
Managing Miscellania
Rogues' Den (No guide for agility lvl < 80)
Shades of Mort'ton (minigame)
Sorceress' Garden (Under construction)
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
Tears of Guthix
Temple Trekking
Treasure Trails
TzHaar Fight Caves
Warriors' Guild
Wilderness Survivorman Guide (Under construction)

Not Implemented

This is a list of minigames that were in 2007Scape that have not yet been added to /v/scape:

Barbarian Assault
Blast Furnace
Burthorpe Games Room
Champion's Challenge
Rat Pits
Trouble Brewing

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