Merlins Crystal

Merlin's Crystal

Starting the quest

Talk to King Arthur in Camelot



  • Bread
  • Tinderbox
  • Bucket
  • Bat Bones (obtained during quest)
  • Black Candle (obtained during quest)
  • Excalibur (obtained during quest)
  • Teleport runes to Varrock and Falador (optional)


  • 20 attack (to equip Excalibur)


Starting Out

To begin, talk to King Arthur in his Castle at Camelot. Ask to join the Knights of the Round Table and he'll suggest a quest. Agree to rescue Merlin from the crystal.
Talk to Sir Gawain and he'll mention the Morgan might know how to free Merlin. Next talk to Sir Lancealot and the second floor and he'll say the only way to enter the Keep is from the sea.
Head South to Catherby and talk to Arhein on the dock. He'll tell you he delivers to the keep but that you can't hitch a ride. Grab some armour and click on the boxes between the bank and candle shop.
You'll enter the boxes and hear some dialogue. After awhile, you'll enter the Keep LaFaye. Leave the boxes.

Freeing Merlin

Go up the stairs while avoiding Renegade Knights. On the top floor, you'll find Sir Mordred. Fight him and right before you defeat him, Morgan will appear.
In exchange for sparing Mordred's life, she'll tell you how to free Merlin. To do so, you'll need a number of items:

  • Bat Bones (can be obtained by killing a bat outside LaFaye Keep)
  • Black Candle (can be bought at the candle shop in Catherby)
  • Excalibur (held by the Lady of the Lake)
  1. Leave the keep and kill a bat right outside for the bat bones.
  2. Head Northeast to Catherby and buy a black candle from the candle shop.
  3. Head to Southeast of Taverly to find the Lady of the Lake. She can be found on a spar of land sticking out into the lake. Talk to her and she'll tell you to
  4. go to the jewelry shop in Port Sarim. Grab your loaf of bread and head there.
  5. As you near entering the shop, a beggar will appear and ask for a loaf of bread. Give him the bread and the Lady of the Lake will appear and tell you that you are worthy to have Excalibur.
  6. Go to Varrock and head to the Southeast corner of the city (not the fenced off area). In the building, there is an altar which when searched tell you the words: Snarthon Candtrick Termanto
  7. Head back to Camelot and head to a gazebo in the Northeast corner with a pentagram on the ground.
  8. Light your black candle and DROP (don't bury) the bat bones.
  9. A demon will appear and you'll be prompted to say the magic words. Select the right choice and the demon will vanish.
  10. Go back inside the castle and climb to the very top of the Southeast tower to find Merlin inside a blue crystal.
  11. Use Excalibur to shatter the crystal and free Merlin. You will then be teleported to the ground floor, next to Merlin. Talk to him to finish the quest!


  • 6 Quest Points
  • Excalibur
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