Magic-icon.png Introduction

Magic is one of the most useful skills in /v/scape, from combat spells capable of doing massive damage, to quick teleportation around the map, and even enchanting jewelry into magical objects of power - it has it all it all in terms of variety. While ingame either hit the F7 key or click on the spellbook tab of the HUD to see the list of normal spells along with the requirements to cast them. All spells require runestones (which can be crafted with Rune Essence or Pure Essence stones acquired via Mining) to cast, sometimes requiring a special secondary piece of equipment as well.


Arguably the biggest reason people train magic is for the High Level Alchemy spell for fast experience and great money-making potential, and to utilize the various spells from Ancient Magicks. Ancients require the completion of the very difficult Desert Treasure quest to use, however the rewards (notably Ice Barrage) are the strongest combat spells in the game. This guide won't touch much on training with Ancients though.

However, training magic is one of the more expensive grinds in /v/scape as all types of runes can be pricey or tedious to get even if you Runecraft them, due to the price of Pure Essence. This guide will show divergent methods between the fastest and most expensive methods compared to the slow and cheaper ones.

Note that with combat spells, you will also gain Hitpoints experience as you deal damage. Depending on how much you use combat spells and the fact that Hitpoints is a skill that cannot be trained directly, offensive magic may actually be a very good form of unintentional Hitpoints training.

Also note that combat spells can only be autocasted with certain equipment. Elemental staves are preferable for the normal spellbook as they grant unlimited runes for their element, and the Ancient Staff is the only item that allows you to autocast Ancient Magicks. Defensive Autocasting is also not available in /v/scape. If you have the right equipment on, to autocast go to the F1 menu/attack tab ingame and select "Attack with a spell".

This guide heavily relies on splashing to level up effectively. For those that don't know, splashing is when you deck yourself out in metal armour and other gear that adds up to at least a -65 Magic Attack bonus so that your spells will always fail when you cast them on a target. You'll be mainly splashing debuffs such as Curse or Stun, as they give no extra experience upon a successful cast and allow you to cast faster if you splash them than if not. Be warned however that splashing non-combat spells is very click intensive, even when compared to other skills. It's worth it for the best experience rates though.

Note that if you have the cash/ability to get one as a drop, a Mud Battlestaff is incredibly useful for splash training. All of the spells you'll be splashing require both Earth and Water runes, so having a staff that combines them will save you money in the long run.

Visit the Store Guide page to see the best places to buy various runes. It goes without saying that you'll need quite a bit of money (or at least free time to mine Pure Essence to trade to Runecrafters or make runes with yourself) to get all the runes you'll need. There are rune stores in Varrock, Yanille (with 66 Magic), and Mage Bank/Mage Arena for starters.

Among other things, one benefit to leveling Magic is the ability to enter the Yanille Magic Guild at level 66 which grants access to the fastest Pure Essence mining route due to the Yanille bank's proximity, the Mystic Robe vendor, the Magic skillcape master, and a Rune shop.

Magic Gear 3rd_age_mage_hat.png 3rd_age_amulet.png God_cape_Guthix.png Ahrim%27s_robe.png Mage%27s_book.png Master_wand.png Barrows_gloves.png Seers_ring.png Ahrim%27s_skirt.png Infinity_boots.png

Aside from runes, here is the gear you'll most likely be using as you level up the skill:


Level 1-15 : Questing

Leveling up to 15 is incredibly easy - simply complete the two short quests Imp Catcher and Witches Potion.
You will gain a total of 2,700 experience which will place you at level 15, only about 50 exp away from level 16. Click their quest guide links for help. There are other quests that grant Magic experience, but these are the easiest to complete at low levels.

Levels 15-35/39/43 : Curse Splashing

The fastest training methods won't involve any combat spells at all for a while. You'll be mainly splashing (scroll up to the introduction for an explanation) the spell Curse. Before you can Curse at level 19 however, you have to use the weaker debuff aptly named Weaken.
It only takes about 27 casts of Weaken from 15 to level up to 19, which requires a Water Staff, 54 Earth runes, and 27 Body runes. All of these can be purchased in Varrock.

The best places to splash are at the Monk of Zamorak behind the stairs on the ground floor of Varrock Castle, or the caged Lesser Demon on the top floor of the Wizard's Tower south of Draynor Village. Both are fine locations, it doesn't really matter what you use. You can switch to another location if one is taken by a player already.
While splashing, use the Resizable client mode at the smallest size you can make it with maximum Zoom too, and position the camera so your splash target is as close on the screen as possible to your spellbook. This way, the distance your mouse has to travel is as short as possible for max efficiency. See below for examples.
splashing%20camera%20setup%20zammy%20monk.png splashing%20camera%20setup%20lesser%20demon.png

Once you hit level 19, you'll be able to start splashing Curse. There are several milestones you may stop at, so look below to make your choice.
If you wish to stop at:

  • Level 35 for Fire Bolt, from level 19 it will take approximately 283 casts of Curse which requires an Earth Staff, 566 Water runes, and 283 Body runes.
  • Level 39 for Crumble Undead, from level 19 it will take approximately 455 casts of Curse which requires an Earth Staff, 910 Water runes, and 455 Body runes.
  • Level 43 for Superheat Item, from level 19 it will take approximately 711 casts of Curse which requires an Earth staff, 1,422 Water runes, and 711 Body runes.

Levels 35/39/43-55 : Fire Bolt or Crumble Undead or Superheat Item

There are three paths to take from here on out, involving the three spells listed above.

Fire Bolt

The best place to train magic with Fire bolt is most certainly alongside Slayer tasks, namely Giants (Hill and Moss) and Dragons (only Blues at this magic level) which are great for experience and money making even if you're just killing them with magic. All of them have various safespot locations too, making them very low-risk to train on. If you don't care for Slayer/you don't have the combat level for at least Vannaka (he requires 40), you can just kill the monsters for their loot instead of getting a task but this is much less recommended as Slayer is very useful to train.
If you've completed the Family Crest quest (which you may want to do for Superheating below anyway), you can get the Chaos Gauntlets which boost the strength of your Bolt spells to have a max hit of just 1 less than the higher-tier Blast spells do. This is extremely recommended as the higher average damage will boost your experience rates.

Due to the fact that you get a base amount of experience for each cast and each extra point of damage you do with the spell grants extra experience, gauging the amount of casts required would be inaccurate. Just stick with it, you'll probably need at least 1K casts (3,000 Air and 1,000 Chaos runes with your Fire staff).
For reference, splashing Fire Bolt grants 50.625 exp. If you wish to splash Fire Bolt instead of using it to slay things it will take about 2,849 casts from level 35 to 55, which means 2,849 Chaos runes with 8,547 Air Runes (and a Fire staff). This may be preferable as you can AFK combat spells with ease so you don't have to pay attention at the cost of it taking a bit longer.

Crumble Undead

Crumble Undead training is similar to Fire Bolting, but with a more limited pool of things to kill albeit better experience rates.

  • Aberrant Spectres located in the Slayer Tower are the most recommended to Crumble if you have high combat stats as they drop good herbs and level 3 clue scrolls, but require 60 Slayer to kill, a nosepeg equipped to fight them and not die immediately, and 64 Agility or completion of Priest in Peril to even access them.
  • Banshees are second most recommended and are more accessible for most players as they give decent Slayer experience and drop small amounts of noted pure essence, various herbs, Dark Mystic Gloves, and level 1 clue scrolls. Make sure to wear earmuffs and have at least 15 Slayer to be able to kill them. They're in the Morytania Slayer Tower too, so require the same things as Smelly Spectres to access listed above.

There's also Crawling Hands in the Slayer Tower, they only require 5 Slayer and can drop some decent rings but are pretty underwhelming otherwise. Same requirements as Spectres and Banshees to access them.
Lastly you have Ghosts, which drop absolutely nothing BUT can be safespotted across a stream in the Varrock Sewers.

Unlike Fire Bolt, if you wish to splash Crumble you cannot autocast it without a Slayer's Staff (requires 50 Magic and 55 Slayer) so you'll have to go back to full Curse clicking mode and on top of that it can only be cast on specific enemies. The Ghosts across from the little stream in the Varrock sewers are the easiest place to manually splash Crumble.
Each Crumble Undead splash grants 55.125 exp, which means from 39 to 55 it will take about 2,413 casts requiring an Earth staff, 4,826 Air runes, and 2,413 Chaos runes. This is much slower and more expensive than actually slaying monsters with the spell however, and is not recommended over Banshees or Smelly Spectres. If you still want to anyway, the Ghosts in the Varrock Sewers are the best spot.

Superheat Item

Superheat gives good experience rates, but requires Nature runes (and a Fire staff) and any type of ore to smelt, with the associated Smithing (and most likely Mining) levels to boot. It has to be done with ore, you can't just cast it on nothing for the experience. It's recommended to Superheat iron ore as you'll get a bar 100% of the time without needing a Ring of Forging, or gold ore with the completion of Family Crest with the Goldsmithing gauntlets for the best Smithing experience rate.
From level 43, it requires 976 Superheats to reach level 55 which means you need a Fire staff, 976 Nature runes, and materials for 976 bars of any type.
Superheating synergizes EXTREMELY well if you make iron bars to smith into iron knives for Ranged training, as around 5,000 iron knives/1,000 iron bars will level you usually perfectly high enough to use a Rune Crossbow for further leveling.
Superheating is also incredibly useful for Smithing experience when used on gold ore (with Goldsmithing gauntlets from Family Crest) while waiting for the rocks to respawn in Brimhaven. This may or may not be the best method to level Smithing.
It's also quite possible to reach level 99 (or close to it) purely from superheating depending on how you've trained your other skills up this point. While not as fast as other methods, the 99 is basically guaranteed if you have the materials; such as from gold rocks.

Levels 45-55 : Camelot Teleport

Alternatively once you hit level 45 you may choose to spam Camelot Teleport until you reach level 55.
With an Air staff, this method requires about 842 law runes to reach level 55.
At this point you may want to consider mining your own Pure Essence to trade to other players for, or craft the Law runes yourself if you can as they can be hard to get.

Levels 55-80 : High Level Alchemy

Congrats, halfway there :^). Your experience rates will soar from now on, the only thing stopping you from alching all the time is the hefty amounts of Nature runes required (in fact if you want to alch all the way to 99 from here, it'll take about 100,000 nats/things to alch) and a stockpile of things to alchemize (commonly referred to as Alch Fodder). Don't forget your fire staff.

Good alch fodder includes:

  • Yew/Magic bows from Fletching. You will make a hefty profit per alch on Magic Longbows in particular even if you buy the nats or bowstrings required. If you gather all the materials yourself, your experience rates will suffer slightly but you'll make even more cash. Don't string or alch bows below Yew or Magic. Yew Longbows alch for 768 gp, Magic Shortbows for 960, and Magic Longbows for 1,536.
  • Abyssal Bracelets and Fire Battlestaves from Thieving heroes. Explained further on the Thieving and Crafting guides, these two items are the best alch fodder in the game compared to how easy it is to acquire their materials at 2,520 and 9,300 gp per alch respectively. Thieving is also quite easy to train like Fletching.
  • Feathers. Very easy to collect in vast numbers, however you will lose out on a lot of money due to the cost of nats and the fact that feathers only alch for 2 gp each. Only do this if you want a lot of experience and have money to burn, or you have the Mining and Runecrafting levels to be self-sufficient.
  • Gem Bolt Tips from Gem Rocks. Very easy to collect in vast numbers, however you will lose out on a lot of money due to the cost of nats and the fact that bolt tips only alch for 3-30 gp each. Only do this if you want a lot of experience and have money to burn, or you have the Mining and Runecrafting levels to be self-sufficient. Only alch the tips of Opal, Jade, Pearl, and Red Topaz gems, using the other more valuable gems is an even bigger waste of money.

There are many activities one should do while alching as to not waste experience. Do not just bankstand as you alch. Examples include:

  • Alching while waiting for secondary Herblore materials to respawn as you collect them; such as the Zamorak Wines north of Falador, the Jangerberries east of Castle Wars, or the Blue Dragon Scales in the Taverley Dungeon.
  • Alching while waiting for the Lathas Chests from Thieving to respawn, rather than pickpocketing the Paladins in the area as you wait.
  • Because you can run while alching, basically any safe non-wilderness activity that require a lot of moving around such as Farming runs and Treasure Trails are great ways to gain multiple types of experience or money.
  • Alching while waiting for the boat to a Pest Control game, this way you can gain even more Magic experience than normally just spending your PC points on it.
  • Alching while waiting for Dragonstone drops in the Mage Training Arena Enchanting Chamber
Aations but alching gives roughly 100,000 experience per hour, and you can also alch around 1,000 things every 90 minutes or so if you're at max clicking efficiency.
A tip is to keep the noted stack of alch fodder in your 16th inventory slot, so you don't have to move your mouse around to keep the rhythm going because clicking on an alchemy spell automatically swaps over to your inventory screen:

From level 55, you'll need 12,440 High Alchs and therefore 12,440 Nature runes (and 12,440 things to Alch) to reach level 80!
It's also quite possible to reach level 99 (or close to it) purely from alching depending on how you've trained your other skills up this point. While not as fast as other methods, the 99 is basically guaranteed if you have the materials; such as from Thieving, Fletching, and Crafting.

Levels 80-99 : Pest Control or Stun-Alching

Like Prayer, only the most absolute of madmen don't use Pest Control to train this skill past 80. However, PC can be quite inconsistent at times due to things like a lack of extra players to join you or just bad players in general that hold you back. Direct said people to the Pest Control page so they get better. Check its guide yourself if you're unsure how to play too.
You don't even need to use magic at PC to get good rates, you can use melee or even ranged to train those skills too as you level magic using the points you get. Gauging the amount of games/points it takes to level to 99 would be wildly inaccurate too, so just hang in there. Remember that cashing in more than 100 points grants a 10% extra experience bonus too.
Expect at least few straight days to a week of PC. If you're lucky, this will be the fastest method of getting the 99 for you.

An alternative option is Stun-Alching. For those who don't know, Stun-Alching is the same as splashing (explained in the intro of the guide) the spell Stun combined with casting High Level Alchemy to cancel the casting animation for the alch by using Stun to get fast experience rates. When timed correctly in the right rhythm Stun-Alching gains about 350,000 experience per hour, making it one of the fastest Magic leveling methods in the game next to Pest Control.
However the Soul runes and Mud Battlestaff (normally each cast of Stun requires 12 Earth and 12 Water runes!) required to cast the spell thousands of times can be incredibly expensive, rivaling the cost of repeated Ice Barrage training. You also need a large bulk of Fire runes too (5 Fires per Nat), at least those are much easier to get. Even if you farm the Soul runes yourself (they drop fairly frequently from Dust Devils which also are one of the best sources of Fire runes) or buy them from the Yanille Wizard's Guild shop (they stock up to 100, you need 66 Magic to get in), it will take a very long time to gain enough Soul and Fire runes to purely Stun-Alch to 99 - but it has been done before.

One Stun-Alch (High Level Alchemy + Stun) grants 348.75 exp. From level 80, it will take about 31,680 Stun-Alchs to reach level 99. This means you need a Mud Staff, 31,680 Soul runes, 31,680 Nature runes, 31,680 things to alch, and 158,400 Fire runes - not to mention the patience to cast the spells that many times because they can't be autocasted!

Due to all this, Stun-Alching is only a recommended training method for the very rich and/or the very patient. Gathering all those Soul runes is unheard of, however it's not uncommon to collect runes for around 1K casts (1,000 Souls, Nats and 5,000 Fires) for a quick ~350k (348,750) Magic experience. When you run out of Soul runes, just head to pest Control. Treat Stun-Alching as an optional boost if you have extra runes, not a main training method unless you're an absolute madman.

Levels 86/94-99: Smoke/Ice Barraging

For more wealthy players, training using Ancient Magicks (requires Desert Treasure completed obviously) can be quite quick - especially when used in multicombat areas with a lot of monsters that have high HP. Examples are in the Bandit Camp in the Kharidian Desert and the Zombie Monkeys in the long cavern under Ape Atoll. You can also even use these spells in Pest Control for maximum magic experience. You'll need a good stock of prayer potions and a high prayer for the skelemonkeys, of course. For the bandits, you can simply safespot them over all the tables in the bar.

The reason why you'll be using the particular Smoke and Ice Barrage spells is because they're cheaper than the Shadow and Blood ones despite Ice Barrage being the most powerful spell in the game, and because Barrage spells over Blitz spells hit multiple targets at a time which will greatly increase experience rates in multi-combat areas like Pest Control.

  • Smoke Barrage costs: 2 Blood runes, 4 Death runes, 4 Air runes, and 4 Fire runes per cast - can also be made cheaper with a Fire or Air staff.
  • Ice Barrage costs: 2 Blood runes, 4 Death runes, and 6 Water runes per cast - can also be made cheaper with a Water staff.

Due to the rune cost of these spells, unless you're rich you should not expect to only utilize Ancients to get to 99, just like with Stun-Alching. It's much cheaper and almost as efficient to simply use Pest Control instead even with meleeing or ranging, only using Ancients occasionally.


In conclusion Magic is arguably the most useful skill in the game, and for good reason. It has the most variety at the very least, even without the Lunar spellbook in the game at the moment. It's simply one of those skills that everyone should level, as everyone can get a specific use out of it.

Another Method (Bursting)

Smoke and Ice Burst are also good options for training, even past the 64/70 Magic requirements to cast them respectively. Use the same methods as the Ancients section above. Again, Burst spells are better than the Rush spells because they're multi-target, but not as wide of an area of Barrage spells.

  • Smoke Burst costs: 2 Death runes, 4 Chaos runes, 2 Fire runes, and 2 Air runes per cast - can also be made cheaper with a Fire or Air staff.
  • Ice Burst costs: 2 Death Runes, 4 Chaos Runes, and 4 Water runes per cast - can also be made cheaper with a Water staff.

Yet Another Method (Mage Training Arena)

Another great way to train your Magic is at the Mage Training Arena to the North of Duel Arena. Specifically the Alchemist's Playground, with proper strategy, can net you up to around 190,000 experience per hour, giving you Alchemist Points to put towards gear. Players will need points in all 4 rooms to make purchases; however, it is worth noting that participating in the minigame is a huge drain on runes, requiring thousands of Law, Cosmic, and Nature runes. Because of this, 54 Runecrafting or quite a bit of money would also be an asset. Though tedious and expensive, doing this minigame can reward you with excellent mage gear (including Best-in-slot boots, shield and weapon items). The full, detailed guide can be found here.

Why Not Use Void Mage?

Unlike with Ranged's preference to the Void Ranged set over level 70 in the skill, the Void Mage set is always bad even with maximum scaling. This is because the Void Mage set effect only grants +30% Magic accuracy and does not give extra damage like the Ranged or Melee sets do. And even then, the best-in-slot Magic gear is better than it anyway. Don't waste your PC points or money on the Void Mage helm for anything other than fashion.

Where do I farm runes?

  • Buy them 10 at a time from magic guild (prices don't change with quantity)
  • Craft cosmic runes: faster than the abyss with agility shortcuts
  • Farm catalytic runes (mind/chaos/death/blood) at Barrows
  • Use the balloon system and ring of dueling to castle wars for laws
  • Turoths (with 55 slayer) for nature runes
  • Trade pess for nature/law runes
  • Water and fire runes are drops from green and blue dragons -remember, they're immune to magic so you will have to train some other form of combat

If you have completed this guide, congratulations! If you're just passing through, thank you for reading!

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