Lost City

Lost City

Skill Requirements

  • 31 Crafting
  • 36 Woodcutting
  • A decent magic or ranged/fletching level
  • Ability to defeat a level 101 enemy with limited resources

Items Needed

  • A knife
  • A woodcutting axe
  • Runes or materials to craft ranged gear


Talk to the campers in the back part of Lumbridge Swamp, specifically the warrior, to try and learn about Zanaris. They'll tell you that only a leprechaun named Shamus knows the truth, but you'd never be able to handle a leprechaun like him. To find Shamus you must chop down a tree to the west of the campers that says "Chop Tree" instead of "Chop down Tree".
Shamus will tell you that you need to obtain a Dramen staff to enter Zanaris, which can be crafted from the branch of a tree on Entrana.

Gearing up

Unfortunately you cannot take any combat equipment to Entrana. If it gives any stats at all when equipped, you cannot take it. This means no glory amulets or anything like that either. The things you CAN bring are:

  • A knife, logs, and a bowstring to make a bow (requires the proper fletching level of course)
  • Arrow shafts, feathers, and arrowtips to make some ammo (bring mats for about 100 arrows)
  • Runes - 100 casts of fire strike should do it (much easier than bringing ranged gear to craft too)
  • Potions and food (optional since you'll be safespotting)

Getting to Entrana

  1. After you get the items to kill the tree spirit (bank everything else), head to the Port Sarim docks west of Lumbridge and past Draynor Village. Talk to the monks on the southwest dock to travel to Entrana (you won't be charged any gp for the trip).
  2. After you arrive on Entrana, run east and then north past the temple, then west after you cross the bridge.
  3. You will find a Cave Monk standing by a ladder. Go down the ladder to enter a cave full of zombies. Your prayer will be drained when you enter the cave.
  4. Kill the zombies with your bare manly hands until one drops a bronze axe for you. Continue walking through the cave.
  5. Enter through the smaller area which contains several large mushrooms and the Dramen tree.
  6. Cut the tree to make the level 101 Tree Spirit spawn. Kill it. Trap it behind a mushroom and safespot for an easy kill, meleeing it is not recommended.
  7. After killing the spirit continue cutting the tree to get a Dramen branch. Use a knife on it to make a Dramen Staff. You may find it helpful to get several branches in case you lose your staff later, or if you want to save time during RFD.
  8. Leave the island - the magical door will teleport you to level 12 wilderness, or you can just home teleport out.
  9. Equip the Dramen staff and enter the unassuming shack in Lumbridge Swamp to complete the quest!


  • Crumble Undead doesn't work on the Tree Spirit unlike in Oldschool Runescape.


  • 3 Quest Points
  • Access to Zanaris
  • Ability to wield Dragon daggers and longswords (with 60 Attack)
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