Legends Quest


Items Needed

  • Machete (can be found in cupboards near Radimus Erkle)
  • 2 Gold Bars (4 recommended)
  • Hammer
  • Rope
  • Rune or Dragon Axe
  • Lockpick
  • Pickaxe
  • Atleast 1 Unpowered Orb
  • Vial of Water
  • Cut Sapphire
  • Cut Emerald
  • Cut Ruby
  • Cut Diamond
  • Cut Opal
  • Cut Jade
  • Cut Red Topaz
  • 1 Soul Rune
  • 1 Mind Rune
  • 1 Earth Rune
  • 2 Law Runes
  • 3 Fire Runes (If taking the long but easy path)
  • 3 Blood Runes (If taking the long but easy path)
  • 3 Air Runes (If taking the long but easy path)
  • Runes for any Charge Orb spell
  • Charcoal (obtainable during quest)
  • Papyrus (obtainable during quest)
  • Recommended: Combat gear, food, and potions for combat


Starting the quest

Talk to the guards outside of the Legends Guild, Northeast of Ardougne. If all quest requirements are met, they'll send you inside to get an assignment from Radimus Erkle. He'll tell you to finish the map of the Kharazi Jungle and obtain a totem from the locals. Before leaving, grab a few machetes from the cupboard nearby and atleast 3 pieces of papyrus.

Mapping the Jungle

Items required: Radimus notes, charcoal, 3 papyrus, axe, and machete

Head to Shilo Village (you can take a ship from Ardougne to Brimhaven) and buy some Charcoal from the general store (they also sell papyrus and machetes if you need them).

Leave Shilo Village through the gate and head South and start cutting through the dense jungle. Once in side, walk from one end to the other, stopping to read Radimus notes in the East, Center, and West parts. If done correctly, you should have a completed map.

If you want to save yourself a trip back here during RFD, head to the south western part of the island. There should be a grouping of vanilla plants. Take 1.

Contacting the Locals

Exit the jungle and talk to a forester right outside. Agree to give him the map and you'll receive a bull roarer.

Re-enter the jungle and use the Bull Roarer to make Gujuo appear. He'll ask for help freeing his tribes shaman from a cave towards the Northwest edge of the jungle.

Find the cave and squeeze through some rocks to enter. Once inside, you'll find the shaman, Ungadulu, trapped behind a wall of flames. Investigate the flame and he'll tell you only pure water can extinguish it.

Exit the cave and use the Bull Roarer to summon Gujuo again. He'll tell you where to find pure water and that you need a special vessel to carry it. Then he'll give you a sketch of the vessel. Head to an anvil with 2 gold bars (you may need extra if you fail making it the first time) and a hammer and try making the golden bowl.

When you have made the bowl, head back to Shilo Village.

Exploring the Shaman's Cave

Items needed: Radimus notes, Bull Roarer, Pickaxe, Machete, Axe, Lockpick, all 7 cut gems, soul, mind, earth, and 2 law runes, Golden Bowl, Food, Armor, and Prayer Potions since you'll be fighting a lvl 182 Demon

Once you have the necessary items, head back into the jungle and summon Gujuo. He'll help you bless the golden bowl (your prayer points must be above 42 to do this).

After blessing the bowl, head to the center of the jungle to find a pool of water. Cut some reeds at the edge of the pool and siphon the water into the bowl.

Head to the cave and go deeper in, past the shaman, and squeeze past the bookshelf into another part of the cave. Pick the lock on the Ancient Gate, mine the boulders, and force open a door to reach a room with several lvl 83 Deathwings.

Run farther into the cave and jump over a low wall. Use the runes on the wall in this order: Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, Law to open the wall.

In the next room, use your gems with the stalagmites until you find where each one goes. After you have used each one, the Book of Binding will appear.

Now go back and restock if you need to and then head to the area where the shaman was. Use the pure water on the fire to step through and then use the Book of Binding on Ungadulu to make the demon appear.

He'll drain your prayer at the beginning of the fight and hit you with a firewave at the end. Once you defeat him, Ungadulu will give you some Yommi seeds. Exit the cave.

Replenishing the Pure Water

Items needed: Bravery Potion, Radimus Notes, Machete, Axe, Lockpick, Pickaxe, Bull Roarer, Golden Bowl, Rope, Unpowered Orb (2 if doing the longer but easier path), Runes to cast a Charge Orb spell (twice if doing the long but easy way), Yommi Seeds, Food, Armor, and Potions for combat

Use the pure water on the Yommi Seeds to germinate them. Summon Gujuo and he'll tell you that the underground source for the pure water has been blocked off.
(Note: You have to check the water pool that holds the pure water and talk to Gujuo to continue.)

You'll need a potion of bravery to be able to enter the tunnel so exit the jungle. Add Adrigal (located Northeast of Tai Bwo Wannai, near the river and ocean) and Snakeweed (located southwest of Tai Bwo Wannai, near the delta area) to a vial of water to make a Bravery Potion (you may need multiple potions depending on the path you take later).

Head back to Ungadulu's cave and return to the area where you got the Book of Binding. You'll notice another door leading farther into the cave. Use a Charge Orb spell on it to open it and continue into a room with several barrels. Use your rope on the winch, drink a Bravery Potion, and head down. (extra rope can be found in barrels next to you)

Climb down the rocks and you'll find 3 undead warriors. Defeat them to get 3 pieces of crystal and use them on the furnace to make a glowing crystal heart. Just North of Irvig Senay is a mossy rock. Use the Heart Crystal on it.

Head south to find a magic barrier. Put the Heart Crystal into the recess next to it to be able to pass through. Run past the Lesser Demons and push the boulder to make Echned Zekin appear. He'll tell you to kill a spirit called Viyeldi and give you a dark dagger. There are two paths from here.

Listen to Echned Zekin (quicker)

Take the dagger and climb back up to the top of the path where you first started this section of the dungeon to find a blue wizard hat on the ground.

Try and pick it up to make Viyeldi appear. Use the dagger on him and return to the pool and the lvl 182 demon will appear (he will drain your prayer). Defeat him and push the boulder out of the way. Fill your golden bowl and germinate the seeds if you haven't already.

Ignore Echned Zekin

You will need another unpowered orb and runes to cast an enchant orb spell
Return to Ungadulu without picking up the wizard hat and he will recognize the dagger and take it from you, giving you a Holy Force Card in return.

Go back to the boulder and try pushing the boulder again. Use the Card on him and he will be weakened making him easier to beat. Fill your golden bowl and germinate the seeds if you haven't already.

Restoring the Totem

Items needed: Radimus Notes, Bull Roarer, Yommi Seeds, Rune or better axe, Machete, Golden Bowl, Food, Armor, and Potions for combat

Exit the cave and if you need to, go and bank since you will have to fight the demon one last time. Fill the bowl at the pond and find a fertile patch of soil (it will be bare of vegetation and dark drown on you minimap).

Use the Bull Roarer to summon Gujuo and talk to him. Plant the seeds, use the Pure Water on them, and fill your bowl again. Repeat 3 times and the Yommi tree will become an adult. Use you axe on it until you've collected all the branches and shaped it into a totem pole.

Now find a location where there is an old totem pole and prepare for the final battle. Use the new pole on the old one and the demon will appear and initiate dialogue (you may want to turn on protect form melee since he will attack you while talking). If you didn't use the Holy Force Card earlier, than the three undead warriors will appear from highest level to lowest and you must defeat each one.

After beating them all, the demon will appear for the last time. After beating him, use the new totem on the old one again to replace it. Gujuo will appear and give you a golden totem and congratulate you.

Return to the Legends guild and talk to Radimus Erkle and he will remove the totem pole and notes from your inventory. Meet him inside of the guild to complete the quest!


  • 4 Quest Points
  • Access to the Legends Guild
  • Ability to charge Combat Bracelet and Skills Necklace at the totem in the Guild
  • 17212.5 Exp in 4 skills of your choice (out of Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, Defence, Magic, Woodcutting, Herblore, Prayer, Smithing, Crafting, Thieving and Agility; can choose one skill multiple times)
  • It is recommended to choose either Herblore or Prayer to dump the exp rewards in, as they are among the most difficult skills to train.
  • Ability to wield Dragon Sq. Shields
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