Ironman Guide


Welcome to the Ironman guide on this wiki. Currently the guide is still far from complete as it is under construction.

What is Ironman mode?

Ironman mode is a mode where you are completely self sufficient and cannot receive any help from other players on /v/scape. This includes restrictions such as;

  • No trading - you can drop items to other players, but cannot pick up or trade items for yourself
  • No infinite run energy
  • No teleport other, group teleports or Lunar support spells - you can still cast them on others
  • No participation in drop parties - this includes throwing them
  • No staking - Duel Arena minigame is still available
  • No access to other players' POHs
  • No picking up loot from pking
  • No bossing with other players - any aggro or damage to the boss means you do not get loot
  • No peace from global chat, as there is always someone trashtalking you as they are jealous of your elite chat icon

Ironman mode is considered more challenging due to the restrictions it imposes, especially for skills such as Prayer, Runecrafting or Herblore. If you feel that you have made a mistake, you can always de-Iron by talking to the Lumbridge Guide. However, once the helmet is off, there's no putting it back on, so be careful.

What about Ultimate Ironman mode or UIM?

Ultimate Ironmen are accounts with even more restrictions than a Ironman. These increased restrictions are:

  • No banking
  • No resources from Managing Miscellania
  • No items kept on death - this includes the Protect Item prayer
  • No daily sand delivery from Bert after The Hand in the Sand
  • No experience rewards from Pest Control
  • No slayer rerolls - prepare to visit Turael often.

How to make an Ironman or Ultimate Ironman

Before you leave Tutorial Island, speak to the wizard and ask about becoming an Iron Man. Set your status to Ironman/Ultimate Ironman and then leave for the mainland and you will be an Ironman account.


You can complete all quests, including Shield of Arrav and the Heroes' Quest.

The trade restriction does not apply to the quest items you need to trade in these two quests; you simply need to right-click and "use" the item on another player to transfer it for the quests.


The following guide is intended to help regular (grey) Ironmen. Ultimate Ironmen have their own tips at Ultimate Ironman Guide.

As an Ironman, your run energy is finite, meaning it will deplete as you run about. Skilling Agility will increase your energy regeneration rate and grant access to some very useful shortcuts such as the Taverley Dungeon pipe shortcut.

You'll want to pick up Boots of Lightness early on, as they reduce your weight by 4.5kg. To find them, first go to Catherby to purchase a candle, then to Ardougne to speak to Lucien in the pub near to the castle in East Ardougne to start Temple of Ikov.

With a knife and a lit candle, head towards the Ranging Guild and enter the temple to the south of it via a ladder. Head directly past the iron gates and down the staircase to find a room with the Boots of Lightness behind a cobweb. Slash the web and pick them up.

At level 43 hunter you can hunt Spotted Kebbits for their fur and make a Spotted Cape, which reduces your weight by 2.2kg. Similarly, at level 69 you can hunt Dashing Kebbits for their fur and make a Spottier Cape, which reduces your weight by 4.5kg. These three are the only weight-reducing items currently in vscape, so you want them as early as possible.

At 30 Agility you can unlock the Agility Pyramid, which is the only way to train agility and make money at the same time. However, it is recommended to leave it until at least 65 Agility, as the failure rates on some obstacles and repeated water trips will lead to awful gains in both money and agility. At 75 agility, you will stop failing any obstacles and with good concentration, you can theoretically earn 260k per hour as well as a solid chunk of experience (around 100k xp per hour). Realistically, due to concentration and the need to bank/turn the pyramid top in after every lap, the rates will be slightly lower than that. If you have the Pharaoh's Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder, you can use this to access Simon Templeton immediately, although getting a sceptre will take a while.

Otherwise follow the Agility guide as per usual.

Getting around /v/scape as an Ironman

Ironmen have limited run energy so it's highly recommended to start Temple of Ikov in order to get boots of lightness. These boots reduce your weight which in return lowers your run energy consumption rate and boost your run energy recovery rate.


For other weight-reducing items, Ironmen can either wear a Spotted cape (requires 40 hunter to wear / 43 hunter to make) or a Spottier cape (requires 66 hunter to wear / 69 hunter to make). The Spotted cape will reduce the player's weight by 2.2 kg, the Spottier cape will reduce the player's weight by 4.5 kg. Since ironmen have finite run energy, these capes are a useful tool to make run energy deplete less rapidly. The capes can be acquired by first catching a Spotted and Dashing kebbit respectively, obtaining its fur, and then bringing it to the Fancy Dress store in Varrock (not to be confused with Thessalia's store!) along with 500 coins. The hunter level required to catch the kebbits can be boosted using spicy stews (yellow spice).

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Agility is a very important aspect for Ironmen and should also be the first skill in which you reach lvl 70! By getting 70 agility you can easily access blue dragons in Taverly dungeon which can be completely safespotted, this is a great source of dragon bones for prayer as well as blue dragonhides for crafting. It also gives you the ability to use most shortcuts in the game, helps you in completing quests with high level agility requirements, makes you run faster and reduces most obstacles at Agility pyramid, which is a good source of early-game gold.

You should always have teleport jewelry in your bank. For the low requirement ones, Games Necklaces (enchanted Sapphire necklaces) and Rings of Dueling (enchanted Emerald rings) give you quick access to Pest control and Burthorpe as well as easy banking during skilling with Castle wars teleport.

For canoe travel (easy access for Lumbridge, the Heroes Guild berry bush, Barbarian village, Edgeville and mid-Wilderness), you can use an axe at canoe spots.

Getting 50 construction is a must. A mounted glory gives unlimited teleports, while the portal chamber gives you access to teleports that you usually wouldn't be able to teleport to without changing spellbooks such as the Canifis teleport. It is encouraged to build multiple portal chambers covering all teleports, as this way you can spare some inventory spaces with only house tabs.

Getting law runes is not that easy when you've just started off as an Ironman. It is recommended to do a few quests in order to make traveling easier. If you need a handful of law runes desperately, kill Hobgoblins or Chaos Druids.

  • Tree Gnome Village

Gives access to Spirit Tree travel

  • The Grand Tree

Further access Spirit Tree travel as well as the Gnome Glider

  • Ghosts Ahoy

Ectophial teleport

  • Plague City

Enables the Ardougne teleport (requires 51 magic)

  • Garden of Tranquillity

Ring of Charos (e) in order to reduce travel costs by ships, recharging teleports and others

  • Lost city and the two Fairy Tale quests

Access to Zanaris and Fairy Rings.

  • Enlightened Journey

Gives access to balloon travel. Useful for making planks for construction. Also a quick Entrana teleport.

  • The Fremennik Trials

Gives access to the Enchanted Lyre to teleport to Rellekka.

  • **Mourning's End Part 1

Gives access to teleport crystals in Lletya.

Accessing some other locations after certain quests

  • Tree Gnome Stronghold

(after the Grand Tree): Ring of Dueling -> Duel Arena -> run west to the gnome glider -> teleport to the Grand Tree

  • Yanille

- Watchtower teleport -> Run north
- POH in Yanille

Upgrading your equipment

  • Mithril Axe

Woodcutting is important skill as it provides logs for Firemaking and Fletching. However nobody wants to cut Yews or Magic trees with a Bronze Axe.
Mithril axes are a 1/10 drop from Green Dragons. You should be able to kill one easily around 50+ combat level with an Anti-dragon shield, a good stab weapon (Wolves Bane, Adamant/Rune Sword/Longsword) and some good food. You can find Green Dragons north-west of Edgeville in around lvl 10 Wilderness. It is recommended to bring an instant teleport method, such as an Ectophial or a Dueling Ring for emergency teleports.

A safe method is to get 40 Slayer and kill Basilisks in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon in Rellekka.

  • Rune Pickaxe

Once you have 32,000 gold, head to Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine north of Falador to purchase a Rune pickaxe.

  • Rune Axe

You should consider getting a Rune Axe when you start cutting maple/yew trees. Getting one is considerably harder because they are a 1/10 drop from Steel dragons. You can find these dragon in the Brimhaven dungeon in the big room south of the Black Demons. The easiest method in defeating Steel Dragons is by using melee prayer flicking. By standing in melee range they will opt to attack you more often with their melee attacks instead of their long range Dragonfire attacks. If you can time your flicking right they will only hit you with their Dragonfire attacks. You can also kill Tree Spirits to get a Rune Axe in the Enchanted Valley once you have access to fairy rings. The Enchanted Valley can be accessed by using the code b-k-q; once there chop a tree in the valley and a tree spirit will spawn. These Tree Spirits can be easily safespotted.

  • Dragon Axe

These are a drop from the three Dagannoth Kings. Good luck.

  • Rune crossbow

Acquiring a Rune Crossbow requires 69 Fletching and Runite Limbs which are also a 1/10 drop from Steel dragons. You should get a pair of Runite Limbs while you are farming for the Rune Axe drop. Alternatively, if you have completed Temple of Ikov and Death Plateau, you can access the God Wars Dungeon, where Aviansies have a 1/128 drop chance for Runite Limbs and do not require antifire potions to fight safely.

  • Void Armor

It is highly recommended to play Pest Control until you have enough to acquire the Ranged Helm and rest of the Void Knight set (chest, robe and gloves) version of the Void Knight set, due to the difficulty of obtaining Black d'hide as an Ironman.

  • Crystal bow

Arguably the best bow to train ranged with. Is a reward for the Roving Elves quest, and requires 70 ranged and 50 agility to use.
After the quest, you'll have the option to receive a 2/10 charged Crystal Bow (the other option being a crystal shield). A new crystal bow costs 900,000 coins, and holds 25,000 charges (as opposed to the 2,500 charges on realscape). The crystal bow will degrade by 1/10 every 2,500 charges, and it's stats will decrease as well. When the crystal bow reaches it's final charge, it will turn into a crystal seed. This seed can be restored to a bow for 900,000 coins by Ilfeen (the wandering elf from the quest). With every restoration she does, however, she will do it for 180,000 coins cheaper, meaning that the second restoration will cost you 720,000, the third one will cost you 540,000, and so on. The minimum recharge cost is fixed at 180,000 coins.
You cannot restore a crystal bow to it's full potential without using it up fully, so don't waste a trip trying to do so.

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