Hunter_icon.png Introduction

Hunter is by far one of the easiest and quickest skills to level. Most drops are only needed in single digits, and damage is rarely taken, this means that banking is not needed and trips last as long as you want. No other skills are required for Hunter, but having Magic greatly helps for teleports. Hunter is not an incredibly useful skill with the exception of items like the Spottier Cape, and Gloves of Silence; what is most useful from Hunter are things like Chinchompas, which provide good Ranged EXP. Because Hunter is a very straightforward and linear skill, not much is needed to know about the skill itself and strategy does not play a large role in leveling.

Starting Out

Recommended: 58 Magic for Watchtower Teleport and Ardougne Teleport (requires Plague City)

First thing first, go to Yanille and buy your tools. At least one of every item except for the Unlit Torch because it is useless, with multiple Box Traps and Butterfly Jars, you should also have at least 5 Rope and Small Fishing Nets in your bank for when Salamanders get fixed (never).


Methods are fairly straight forward, everything is just a time sink as this skill is very low investment with a high reward once you hit above level 70. Just have patience and reset traps when needed. This table accounts for Salamanders being broken and is subject to change when fixed.

~ Level ~ Method ~ Area
1-11 Bird Trapping Crimson Swifts Feldip Hills Hunting Area
11-19 Cerulean Twitches Relekka Hunting Area
19-27 Tropical Wagtails Feldip Hills Hunting Area
27-33 Ferrets Piscatorious Hunting Area
33-37 Barb-Tailed Kebbits Feldip Hills Hunting Area
37-43 Prickly Kebbits Piscatorious Hunting Area
43-53 Spotted Kebbits Falconry
53-70 Chinchompas Piscatorious Hunting Area
70-99 Red Chinchompas Feldip Hills Hunting Area


At 43 you can begin falconry with Spotted Kebbits, and Dark Kebbits after 57; Falconry is very click intensive and requires your full attention but is fast XP, you can stay here up to 60 to better your chances with catching Chinchompas and being able to place down a third trap.

Red Chinchompas

DO NOT do these before 70, pre 70 and possibly up to 73 regular Chinchompas are actually better XP due to how often you will have your traps reset by Red Chinchompas pre 70. This is where patience is key as you will get bored with Chinchompas but must stay with them. You should prioritize collecting shaking traps and than setting new traps over picking up fallen traps. This will increase efficiency somewhat for the long grind as it's better to have as many active traps as possible.

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