Hunter_icon.png Introduction

Hunter is by far one of the easiest and quickest skills to level. Most drops are only needed in double digits, and damage is rarely taken, this means that banking is not needed and trips last as long as you want. No other skills are required for Hunter, but having Magic greatly helps for teleports. Hunter is not an incredibly useful skill with the exception of being able to catch dragon implings and having access to items like the Spottier Cape, and Gloves of Silence; what is most useful from Hunter are things like Chinchompas, which provide good Ranged EXP. Because Hunter is a very straightforward and linear skill, not much is needed to know about the skill itself and strategy does not play a large role in leveling.

Starting Out

Recommended: 58 Magic for Watchtower Teleport and Ardougne Teleport (requires Plague City)

First thing first, go to Yanille and buy your tools. At least one of every item except for the Unlit Torch because it is useless, with multiple Box Traps and Butterfly Jars, you should also have at least 5 Rope and Small Fishing Nets in your bank for when Salamanders get fixed (never).


Methods are fairly straight forward, everything is just a time sink as this skill is very low investment with a high reward once you hit above level 70. Just have patience and reset traps when needed. This table accounts for Salamanders being broken and is subject to change when fixed.

~ Level ~ XP Difference ~ Creature ~ Method ~ Experience ~ Catches ~ Area
01-11 1,358 Bird Trapping Crimson Swifts Bird Snare 76.5 18 Feldip Hills Hunting Area
11-19 2,615 Cerulean Twitches Bird Snare 145.125 19 Relekka Hunting Area
19-27 5,757 Tropical Wagtails Bird Snare 213.75 27 Feldip Hills Hunting Area
27-33 8,517 Ferrets Bird Snare 259.2 33 Piscatorious Hunting Area
33-37 9,226 Barb-Tailed Kebbits Deadfall Trap 378 25 Feldip Hills Hunting Area
37-43 22,866 Prickly Kebbits Bird Snare 459 50 Piscatorious Hunting Area
43-53 85,255 Spotted Kebbits Falconry 234 365 Piscatoris Falconer
53-70 602,033 Chinchompas Box Trap 446.4 1,349 Piscatorious Hunting Area
70-83 1,935,487 Red Chinchompas Box Trap 596.25 3,247 Feldip Hills Hunting Area
70-99 12,296,804 Red Chinchompas Box Trap 596.25 20,624 Feldip Hills Hunting Area

Levels 1-11 : Crimson Swift - Bird Snares

Items Required: Bird Snare
Optional: Alching fodder while you wait for traps to activate

Make your way over to Feldip hunter area. Crimson swifts can be found south west of the chompy bird hunting area, where the brown green and yellow minimap intersect. Simply lay a bird snare near these birds and wait for one of them to spring your trap. At 76.5 exp each, you will only need to 10 minutes to catch 18 of these and proceed to the next tier of bird.

Levels 11-19 : Cerulean Twitch - Bird Snares

Items Required: Bird Snare
Optional: Alching fodder while you wait for traps to activate

Make your way over to the hunting grounds north east of Rellekka. This is located on a snowy peninsula north of the Keldagrim entry cave. At 145.125 exp each, you will only need 15 minutes to trap 18 of these to proceed to the next tier bird.

Levels 19-27 : Tropical wagtail - Bird Snares

Items Required: Bird Snare x2
Optional: Alching fodder while you wait for traps to activate

Head over to the Feldip hunter area and see the map above for the location of Tropical Wagtails. At 213.75 exp each, you will only need to spend 15 minutes to get 27 successful snares and move on to the next stage.

Levels 27-35/39 : Ferrets - Box Traps

Items Required: Box Traps x2
Optional: Alching fodder while you wait for traps to activate

Head over to Piscatoris hunting area south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony. The ferrets can be found north west of where it says "Eagle's Peak" on your minimap. Simply lay the box traps and collect your live ferrets from the boxes.

At 259.2 exp each, you will only need 30 minutes to catch 33 of these good boys to reach level 33, or 49 ferrets to advance to level 35, as is recommended for better efficiency on the next stage. Given the time taken to go to Feldip for Barb tail kebbits and then come back to Piscatoris for Spotted Kebbits, you may elect to skip that stage entirely and train here until you have 93 ferrets to hit level 39 for Prickly Kebbits north of this location.

Levels 35-39 : Barb tail kebbit - Deadfall Traps

Items Required: Knife, Any Axe
Optional: Full inventory of logs to start with

At the Feldip hunting area, you will find some boulders at the areas with Barb-tailed Kebbits as shown in the map above. Simply interact with the boulders to set up your deadfall traps using logs. You will be cutting logs at nearby jungle trees every time your trap is unsuccessful (a lot). From here on out you wont get any time to alch in between trap as everything will be click intensive and require your full attention.

Ferrets is a bit better still until about level 35, at which you start to get a good success rate. Any logs that you use on unsuccessful traps will be wasted so you want to minimise time running around to chop trees and waiting for them to respawn. It is also very click intensive and requires full attention.

Barb tail harpoons they drop which can be wielded (with 33 hunter) while shark fishing to save 1 inventory slot in a similar fashion to wood cutting axes. Your gains are finally starting to pay off as you now start to get some useful hunter exclusive gear.

At 378 experience each, it will take 28 of these to advance. After 15 minutes here you will get level 39 and with it, a decent success rate on Barb-tail kebbits. Now its time to move on to the next stage of your safari escapades.

Levels 39-45/60 : Prickly Kebbits - Deadfall Traps

Items Required: Knife, Any Axe
Optional: Full inventory of logs to start with, 32 fletching and chisel

These can be found at the Piscatoris hunting ground. Again, interact with the boulders to set up your deadfall traps using logs and chop the nearby trees as you need them.

If you started at level 37, about 1/5 succeed when you first start Prickly Kebbits, so wait till at least level 39. I found that levelling 37-38 on Prickly Kebbits was slower than 41-42 due to the huge difference in success rates. Once you get 40 hunter, majority of the traps should succeed.

The deadfall traps in here are spaced further apart compared to the Barb-Tailed Kebbits so there will be more running. You will want to fullscreen your game window to keep an eye on all 3 traps at once as you run back and forth between the traps. Here you will find that you won't be able to maintain constant uptime on your traps. The limiting factor will be the time it takes to chop the wood and run back to the traps.

If you have 32 fletching, bring a chisel so you can turn the kebbit spikes into a nice stackable bunch kebbit bolts that you can drop all at once. Useless.

At 459 exp each, it will take about an hour and 61 Prickly Kebbits to reach level 45 for decent falconry success rates. Alternatively you can stay to catch 523 Prickly Kebbits to grind to level 60 for grey Chinchompas.

Levels 45-60 : Spotted Kebbits - Falconry

Items Required: 500gp

You need 2 free hands for falconry so unequip your shield, sword and glove slots and head to the falconry enclosure south east of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Pay the man 500gp for the falconry glove and simply click on the spotted kebbits in the enclosure to make the falcon attack them. It is recommended to bring a few multiples more than 500gp because you will lose the falconry glove every time you leave the enclosure or log out and need to pay again. There are only 4 spotted kebbits in the entire enclosure, so again, keep your game window fullscreen so you can spot your next kill and click to it for maximum efficiency.

You can take 2 spotted kebbit furs and 400 gp to the fancy dress shop in south east varrock to get a Spotted Cape. It requires 40 hunter to wear and reduces carry weight by 2.2kg. This might have some limited usefulness if you plan to do the agility pyramid. Although you could have just used the boots of lightness.

Unlike prickly kebbits, having a full inventory doesn't prevent you from continuing, so this time you can keep hunting with a full inventory without needing to drop items. Otherwise bank them and pay the 500 gp to falcon man when you return. Everybody who has the required hunter level to wear the Spotted cape will already have one of their own, so banking more furs is a waste of time.

You will notice that unlike the previous stages and tiers, there isn't a large experience rate boost once you hit falconry as the Spotted Kebbits actually give less experience per catch compared to Prickly Kebbits, although they are faster to catch. Whereas all the previous stages of hunting went by fairly quickly and easily, once you start falconry there will be a very sudden and sharp incline into grinding territory. It takes about 3 hours from level 1 to get up to this point and another 8 hours to get to the next stage.

If you have spare logs in your bank, deadfall trapping prickly kebbits is much faster than falconry given the failure rates meaning you will have to click several times per spotted kebbit and lower exp at 234 Spotted Kebbit compared to 459 per Prickly Kebbit deadfall trap.
After enduring the falconry music looping for hours on end, you can move on to grey Chinchompas to finally start reaping the rewards.

Levels 60-70 : grey Chinchompas - Box Traps

Items Required: Box Traps x4

Head to the Piscatoris hunting ground and use your box traps to get 1,349 grey chins, after which you can move on to red chins.

Levels 70-99 : Red Chinchompas - Box Traps

Items Required: Box Traps x5

Head back to Feldip hunter area to the location shown on the map above to get Red (Carnivorous) Chinchompas. On the way to 99 hunter you will get loads Red Chinchompas which are highly coveted as AoE ranged ammunition.
DO NOT do these before 70, pre 70 and possibly up to 73 regular Chinchompas are actually better XP due to how often you will have your traps reset by Red Chinchompas pre 70. This is where patience is key as you will get bored with Chinchompas but must stay with them. You should prioritize collecting shaking traps and than setting new traps over picking up fallen traps. This will increase efficiency somewhat for the long grind as it's better to have as many active traps as possible.

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