Heroes Quest

Heroes Quest

Starting the quest

Speak to Achietties outside the Heroes' Guild, North of Taverley



  • 53 Cooking
  • 53 Fishing
  • 25 Herblore
  • 50 Mining
  • 70 Agility (optional)
  • Ability to kill a level 111 Ice Queen
  • Grip (if sided with the Pheonix gang)

Quest Requirements


  • Fishing Rod (obtained during quest)
  • Fishing Bait (obtained during quest)
  • Dusty Key (if using Taverley Dungeon for Lava Eel)
  • Knife (if using Lava Maze for Lava Eel)
  • Appropriate Armor to kill a level 111 Ice Queen
  • Appropriate Weapon to kill a level 111 Ice Queen
  • Food
  • Harralander
  • Vial of Water
  • Pickaxe
  • About 2,000 coins
  • Anti-dragon or Dragonfire Shield for stray Blue Dragons
  • Black Fullhelm, Black Platebody, Black Platelegs if you side with Black Arm Gang
  • Ranged attack method if you side with Pheonix Gang


Getting Started

Talk to Achietties outside the Heroes' Guild to learn you need to gather three items:

  • Fire Feather from an Entrana Firebird
  • Cooked Lava Eel
  • Master Thieves Armband

These can be obtained in any order.

Firebird's Feather

To get the Firebird feather, first you'll need to get some Ice Gloves to pick it up. Bring a pickaxe, appropriate armor, weapon, rune if using magic, and some food. You may also want rune to teleport out afterwards
Go to White Wolf Mountain and enter on the South side. Run North until you reach a rockslide. Use the pickaxe to mine through to some level 57 Ice Warriors and 3 ladders.
Use the South ladder and go down the Southwestern tunnel. Go up the ladder just after the tunnel bends North. Once up, you will see some level 53 Ice Giants. There should be 2 other ladders here.
Take the East ladder and run through the tunnel with Ice Spiders and Ice Giants. The tunnel will loop around and ends with a ladder. Go up this ladder and down the next one.
Continue through the tunnel and you will enter a room with several Ice Warriors and the Ice Queen. Since this is a multicombat zone, you may wish to kite the Ice Queen behind the throne to limit attackers.
Kill her and she'll drop the Ice Gloves! Exit the dungeon and bank you items in preparation for going to Entrana (you can't have anything that gives combat stats.
Head to Port Sarim and talk to one of the monks to travel to Entrana. Head to the Northeastern part of the island to find the Firebird and kill it. Pick up the Fire Feather it drops (make sure you're wearing the Ice Gloves)!

Cooked Lava Eel

Go to Port Sarim and enter the Fishing shop. Talk to Gerrant to receive a bottle of Blamish Snail Slime. You can buy a fishing rod and fishing bait here if you need it too.
Use the Harralander with the Vial of Water and then the unfinished potion with the Blamish Snail Slime to get Blamish Oil. Use the Fishing Rod with the Blamish Oil to get an Oily Fishing Rod.
There are to locations where you can catch a Lava Eel:

  • Lava Maze which is deep in the Wilderness
  • Taverley Dungeon (recommended)

Be sure to bring spares as these can burn

Taverley Dungeon Route

For this method, you'll need a dusty key (unless you have 70 Agility). The key is not tradeable and can only be bought from the Legend's Guild (which is impossible to get into unless you finish Heroes), or acquired deeper through the Taverley dungeon in the Black Knight's compound, kill the level 47 Jailer and use his key to open the cell door with Velrak the Explorer in it and he'll give you the Dusty Key.
Head South of Taverley and climb down the ladder to enter the dungeon. Make sure you have an Anti-dragon or Dragonfire Shield because there are Blue Dragons on the way that will fuck your shit up otherwise.
If you have 70 Agility, go through the pipe by the ladder and run South to the corner with lots of lava and skulls around. Fish at the fishing spot to catch a Lava Eel.
If you don't, walk North and then East past the Skeletons, Chaos Druids, Magic Axes, and Poison Scorpions. Go over the bridge past the Chaos Dwarves and Lesser Demons and use the key on the door.
You'll enter a chamber with several Blue Dragons and Baby Blue Dragons. Cross the room and run south at the end to enter the area with lava and skulls on the ground. Fish at one of the spots in the lava to catch a Lava Eel.
Exit the dungeon and find a range or fire to cook to Eels on to get a Cooked Lava Eel! Grab more than one just in case you burn it.

Lava Maze Route

For this method, you'll be traveling to the Lava Maze in the Wilderness. Make you way to the border, preferably Edgeville with your Oily Fishing Rod, Fishing Bait, a Knife/Slashing Weapon, some food/anti PK gear, and a teleport.
Make your way to the Western area of the maze where there are trees and spider webs. Navigate the maze and go past some black knights to the southern/middle section where the fishing area is.
Fish some Lava Eels and exit the maze. Head to level 20 wilderness to teleport out (level 30 for Glories and Combat Braces)
It's fastest to run to KBD(King Black Dragon) Dungeon (Use ladder guarded by three lesser demons just west of maze. Once inside pull the lever - and quickly teleport (This runs the risk of being poisoned - hits start at 6 - bring an anti poison or have one handy in bank)

Find a range or fire and use the Lava Eel on it to get a Cooked Lava Eel!

Master Thieves Armband

For this part, you will need the help of another player in the opposite gang (it doesn't matter if they've already done the quest).

Black Arm Gang

Go to Varrock and talk to Katrine (she's in the building in Southwest Varrock). She'll tell you the password is "Four leafed clover". She'll tell you to steal ScarFace Pete's Candlesticks for the Armband.
If you need to, buy a Black Fullhelm and Black Platelegs from the Champions Guild and a Black Platebody from Horviks armor shop in Varrock (just East of the Market).
Go to Brimhaven and find the gang hideout east of the bar. Talk to Trobert to get the ID Papers to enter the Manor. Put on the Black armor and talk to Garv outside the mansion West of the bar.
Show him the ID Papers and enter the mansion. Go talk to Grip to receive the Miscellaneous Key. Exit the mansion and give the key to your friend. Reenter the building.
Once your friend is in position, enter the room Northeast of the entrance and search the cupboards. Grip will enter and your friend should range him. When he dies, a key will appear in your inventory.
Use the key to enter the treasure room and take the Candlesticks. Exit the building and give one Candlestick to your friend. Go back to Varrock and talk to Katrine to get the Master Thieves Armband!

Phoenix Gang

Go to Varrock and talk to Straven in the basement South of the Eastern bank. He'll tell you to steal ScarFace Pete's Candlesticks and give you the password : "Gherkin".
Get a bow and arrows and head to Brimhaven. Wait until your Black Arm Gang friend gives you the Miscellaneous Key and go to the Shrimp and Parrot Bar (not the Southern one).
Talk to Alfonse the Waiter and Charlie the Cook. Give them the password. Charlie will tell you about a secret panel. Enter it and you'll see some Guard Dogs. Go past these and enter the West side door of the mansion.
Use the Miscellaneous Key on the North door inside. You will enter a closet with a window into a room with some cupboards. Shoot Grip through the wall when he enters and exit the mansion when he dies.
Your Black Arm Gang friend will give you a candlestick. Go back to Varrock and talk to Straven to receive a Master Thieve's Armband!

Finishing the Quest

Once you have all of the items, return to the Heroes' Guild and talk to Achietties outside with the three items in your inventory to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Access to the Heroes Guild
  • Ability to charge Amulets of Glory at the Fountain of Glory
  • Ability to buy and wield Dragon Battleaxes and Dragon Maces
  • 6356.25 Attack Exp
  • 6918.75 Defence Exp
  • 6806.25 Stength Exp
  • 6243.75 Hitpoints Exp
  • 3431.25 Ranged Exp
  • 6131.25 Cooking Exp
  • 4218.75 Woodcutting Exp
  • 6131.25 Firemaking Exp
  • 5006.25 Smithing Exp
  • 5793.75 Mining Exp
  • 4106.25 Herblore Exp
  • 6131.25 Fishing Exp
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