Goblin Diplomacy



Items Needed

  • 3 suits of Goblin mail
  • Blue dye (or 2 Woad leaves)
  • Orange dye (or 3 Redberries and 2 Onions)
  • 35 coins to make the dyes


Talk to either General Wartface or General Bentnoze in Goblin Village north of Doric's hut.

Before beginning to make your life easier, bring 60gp with you in your inventory.

  1. Talk to one of the generals to learn that you will need to collect various dyed Goblin mails.
  2. In the house SE of the generals building, search the sacks in the corner and speak to Grubfoot, he'll give you Goblin Mail.
  3. Walk West to the house opposite of Grubfoot and search the sacks inside two times. This will give you a second and third Goblin Mail.
  4. Since you're near Falador, take 30gp, run into the park to buy Woad leaves from Wyson for later in the quest. Wyson is located on the far east side inside of Falador park.
  5. Run further south into Rimmington to harvest 2 onions.
  6. go south of Varrock where red berries spawn, west of the mining patch. Take three redberries. The grocery store in Port Sarim sells redberries 3gp ea but more than likely the shop is empty of them. A this point you should have all you need for your dyes.
  7. Run over to draynor and find Aggie the witch in one of the houses. Buy your red, blue, and yellow dye.
  8. Use the yellow dye on the red dye to create orange dye, slap it on a goblin mail
  9. Speak to a goblin general and they'll say orange is not /fa/ enough. Blue is totally in this season.
  10. Proceed to use blue dye on goblin mail then speak to a general once more.
  11. The goblins think it's tacky and want brown, the perfect fall color.
  12. Talk to a general again and give them the third uncolored goblin mail.

Congratulations fashionista. You saved their wardrobe.


  • 5 Quest Points
  • 450 Crafting experience
  • A gold bar
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