Ghosts Ahoy


  • 25 Agility
  • 20 Cooking
  • Completion of Priest in Peril
  • Completion of The Restless Ghost


  • Amulet of Ghostspeak
  • 35 (recommended 40+) Ecto-tokens
  • Bucket of milk
  • Spade
  • Needle
  • 5 Thread
  • Silk
  • Knife
  • Bowl of water
  • Nettles (found near Edgeville dungeon entrance or more conveniently few paces east of Canifis slayer master)
  • Any gloves (to pick up nettles)
  • Oak longbow
  • Three random colors of dye (bring three of each type)
  • Set of logs and a Tinderbox
  • Around 300-400 gp (you'll have to gamble with robin until he owes you 100 gp)

Ring of Charos (a) is recommended if you've completed Creature of Fenkenstrain and Garden of Tranquility.


Getting Started

Before starting the quest, ensure that you have made plenty of Ecto-tokens beforehand. Each passage through the gates will cost you 2 tokens either way, so you may as well bring your entire stack throughout the quest.

  1. Speak to Velorina in Port Phasmatys to start the quest. She is found in the single house in the north of the town. She will tell you to talk to Necrovarus.
  2. Speak to Necrovarus. You can find him at the Ectofuntus just north of town. He will get angry at you, and proceed to ignore your requests.
  3. Head back to Velorina and she will tell you to go to the Old Crone by the Slayer Tower.

The Old Crone

  1. Head to the Slayer Tower, and slightly to the east there is a shack. Enter it and talk to the Old Crone.
  2. She will tell you that she needs some nettle tea to refresh her memory. Once you have the materials, make the nettle tea. To do so, simply: put the nettles in a bowl of water and boil the water with any normal cooking spot.
  3. Try giving it to the woman, and she will refuse. The old bat will tell you she needs it in her special cup.
  4. She will give you the cup. Simply use the tea on the cup. She will still refuse the tea, saying it needs some milk.
  5. Use the milk on the tea, and she will finally accept it.
  6. She will offer to enchant your Amulet of Ghostspeak to be able to control Necrovarus, but she needs three components.
  7. Make sure you talk to her again and ask if you can do anything for her. You will receive a model ship.

The Broken Ship

  1. To begin with, you must repair the model ship.
  2. Use the silk, needle, thread, and knife to repair the sail.
  3. Head to the broken ship outside of Port Phasmatys. It is north of the farm that is west of the Ectofuntus.
  4. Once on the broken ship, climb up the ladder and then again to reach the upper level.
  5. Search the mast to find out the colors of the sail, and use the dyes on the model ship appropriately.
  6. Head back down and give the model ship to the old man there. He will give you a key.
  7. Use the key on the chest inside the captain's quarters to get a map piece.
  8. Proceed to the north side of the ship and jump across the rocks.
  9. Open the chest and get a map piece.
  10. Go back and head to the lowest level of the ship.
  11. Search the chests until a giant lobster appears.
  12. Kill it and take the last map piece from the chest.
  13. Put the pieces together for a complete map.

Enchanting the Amulet

  1. Head back to Port Phasmatys. Head out onto the docks and find a ghost next to a little rowboat.
  2. Pay him 25 ecto-tokens to take you out to Dragontooth Island.
  3. Use the map to find the treasure, the Book of Haricanto. If you want to walk it out, go to the left arm of the statue you see nearby upon landing on the island. From there, walk 6 steps south, 8 steps east, 2 steps north, 4 steps east, and 22 steps south.
  4. Grab some coins (around 400gp is enough) from the Port Phasmatys bank.
  5. Talk to Ak Haranu at the docks, he will want a signature from Robin Hood on an oak longbow.
  6. Talk to Robin, and gamble against him. Keep doing so until he owes you 100 or more coins.
  7. To repay you, he'll give you his signature.
  8. Give the signed bow to Ak Haranu, and he'll give you the Translation Manual.
  9. Talk to the innkeeper to receive a bedsheet. Put it on.
  10. Go to the bottom of the Ectofunctus pool and use your bedsheet on the slime.
  11. Talk to Gravingas, the ghost with the sign.
  12. Talk to the townsfolk and get ten signatures. Don't worry if they refuse, keep pestering them until they give you a signature.
  13. Bring the petition to Gravingas, who will tell you to show it to Necrovarus.
  14. Necrovarus will burn the petition. You'll find the key dropped on the floor. Take it, go upstairs, and unlock the door.
  15. Steal Necrovarus's robes from the coffin.

Using the Spell

  1. Head back to the Old Crone with the Book, the Manual, the robes, and the amulet of ghostspeak.
  2. She will enchant the amulet for you.
  3. Equip it and head back to Necrovarus.
  4. Talk to him and command him to release the ghosts.
  5. Afterwards, head back into Port Phasmatys and talk to Velorina. That's it, you're done.


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Ectophial (a free teleport to the Ectofunctus. You can refill it by using it on the Ectofunctus.)
  • Free passage into Port Phasmatys
  • 5,400 Prayer experience
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