Getting Started in /v/scape

Beginner's Guide to /v/scape:


If you are a new player, welcome! Thank you for reading this guide. It is nigh-essential that you read the FAQ and Differences pages to learn more about /v/scape and the way it works, and if you're on this beginner's guide page I assume you need some help starting out or just want an optimal way to make money and train some skills for now. The two main things this guide covers are Questing to level up your skills a bit and Making Money for newcomers before you head into the advanced training and cash gathering methods.
As a general tip keep a map of the world open as you adventure and quest around, and read over the list of in-game commands on the FAQ page.


Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold of Security dungeon located west of Varrock in the Barbarian Village is simple to run through, and rewards a total of 10,000 gold after completion along with a set of Fancy or Fighting boots that offer equal minor defence bonuses.
The dungeon is quick and easy to run through if you have some food even at combat level 3, otherwise you may want to do some of the Questing listed below or some Defence/Hitpoints training on your own before you venture into the dungeon.


Waterfall Quest

Waterfall Quest is a moderately easy quest that is highly recommended for new players to complete as it brings you to level 39 in both Attack and Strength straight from level 1, giving you a head start on combat training. It also rewards 2 diamonds and 2 gold bars, which you might want to ask another player to create some jewelry with such as an Amulet of Power and/or Ring of Life that can be very valuable to new players. Click on the quest guide link if you need help.

Vampire Slayer

Right after doing Waterfall Quest you will be leveled up enough to wield gear sufficient to complete Vampire Slayer, which awards another 10.9k Attack experience. You may wish to grind out some hitpoints levels since the vampire can hit rather high on you. You can buy a mithril scimitar from the Al Kharid scimitar vendor (Zeke) for 1,040 coins, which along with some decent food should be enough to complete the quest. You may wish to kill some goblins or other low level monsters to level your Hitpoints a bit, as only doing Waterfall quest means you won't have had any Hitpoints experience gains yet.

Once the quest is completed, you will get enough attack experience to get a little past level 40 in the skill coupled with the exp from Waterfall Quest. This means you can equip a Rune Scimitar, which you will be using for a very long time to level up your combat stats further. See below in the moneymaking section to see how to get enough money to buy a Rune Scim from another player.
If you are an ironman or confident in your ranged abilities, Fire Giants like the ones from the end of Waterfall Quest have a chance to drop a rune scimitar when killed, but for new players they may be tough to deal with so simply buying one from another player is more recommended.

The Knight's Sword

The Knight's Sword requires a bit of prep work to gather items for to complete, but rewards enough Smithing exp to jump straight to level 37. Quite a lot of easy levels in such a hard-to-train skill, which new players may find useful for various reasons. However, Smithing is a less essential skill for new players than combat is, so feel free to skip this quest for now unless you're an ironman and/or are quite interested in Smithing to create Ranged training ammo among other things.

Imp Catcher and Witch's Potion

Imp Catcher and Witch's Potion are two more very simple quests that when combined both bump up your magic level to 15 from 1, which gives you a head start on Magic training.

The Restless Ghost

The Restless Ghost is one last quick quest that will set you off right. It rewards 2,531 Prayer experience which will level you to 15 from 1 and it is required to complete for many more quests in the future, so it is quite recommended to get it out of the way. It also gives a headstart on Prayer training.

Priest in Peril

Priest in Peril is similar to the Knight's Sword in that it is less essential for very new players, but those who wish to complete it will be rewarded well.
It gives another 3,163 Prayer experience, bringing your Prayer level up to 22 after completing the Restless Ghost, and also rewards the Wolfbane Dagger - it has no requirements to equip aside from the completion of the quest, and is equivalent to a Rune dagger here on /v/scape. It will serve as a good main weapon until you get your hands on a Rune scimitar or better, and will make short work of the boss of the Vampire Slayer quest if you haven't completed it yet.

Making Money


Note that when it comes to gathering materials to sell, it is preferable that you collect usually around 1,000 or more of the item you wish to sell. 500 is the bare minimum that most players are okay with buying, any less than that might be viewed as a waste of time for them and less money for you.

Flax picking

One of the best ways to make money is to pick flax, it is in constant demand and only requires 10 crafting to spin. Spinning it is optional, some players would rather get the crafting exp for themselves, while other prefer to get it pre-spun. Spinning the flax yourself is also fast and easy way to level crafting, as 1,000 flax from level 10 crafting will put you at around level 40. The spinning wheel on the 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle is the best place to spin, as you can bank very easily using the top floor.
If you don't have the 10 Crafting required for the ability to spin flax into bowstrings, as stated on the Crafting guide you'll have to get 38 cowhides (which can be done very quickly) to level up to 10.

Though low level players can have a hard time getting there, you need to go to Seers' Village to pick flax.
The town of Lletya in Isafdar is the best place to pick flax, although it is extremely difficult to get there requiring the completion of the Underground Pass + Regicide quests and at least 56 agility to traverse the Elf forest so you have to stick with Seers' for now. There are multiple ways to get to Seers':

  • 1. Walk there

Infinite run will make the trip shorter than you think. Do not go through the White Wolf mountain, as the wolves can decimate a new player. Instead simply take 60 gp with you (kill some Goblins in Lumbridge / sell junk to a general store / pickpocket men&women in Lumbridge / beg another player if you don't have enough) and take the boat from Port Sarim into Karamja for 30gp. From there, keep going west into Brimhaven, and then pay the sailors another 30gp to go to Ardougne. Once in Ardougne, go a little east off the docks and then all the way north to get to Seers.
Check the map linked on the front page of the wiki so you know where to go.

  • 2. Get a Camelot Teleport Tab

While /v/scape does not have construction, we do have teleport tabs and other players will probably give you one if you say you want to pick flax. Somebody with 90+ Magic might also Telother you to Camelot as well, don't be afraid to ask in global chat.


Four mining materials are in constant demand on the server: Iron, Coal, Gold, and Pure Essence.

  • Iron - requires 15+ mining

The best place to mine iron is northeast of Yanille just before the entrance of Port Khazard. Use a Ring of Dueling to teleport to Castle Wars and then run east to Yanille, or ask another player to sell you a Watchtower teleport tab. Or use the tactics above for getting to Seers, but just run south from Ardougne instead of north.

  • Coal - requires 30+ mining

It is recommended to get 20 agility if you want to use the coal trucks near Seers Village to take advantage of the log balance shortcut. Be warned though, level 27 giant bats roam around the coal rocks. Either kite them around the rocks so they can't reach you or have a combat level of at least 55 to make them not attack you.
Use the same tactics posted above to get to Seers. The Mining Guild is a better place to mine coal but for now you have to stick with the Coal Trucks.

  • Gold - requires 40+ mining

With Goldsmithing gauntlets in the game, gold ore is in high demand in order to level smithing. Karamja is the best place to mine gold, there is a ring of ten gold ore rocks north of Brimhaven. To bank your gold, either carry gold coins and travel back and forth from Shilo Village with the carts, or run to the volcano and bank in the TzHaar city (less recommended).
Note that the moderately long and difficult Shilo Village quest must be completed in order to mine gold effectively to bank at Shilo.
If you lack the ability to bank at Shilo, you may either spend slightly more money to take the ship back to Ardougne and bank there, though the time and money saved by completing Shilo Village is more than worth it so this is less recommended.

  • Pure Essence - requires 30+ mining

Pure Essence is arguably the fastest money-making method in the game, as it is mined quickly (30 mining minimum to get it, 41 with a rune pickaxe is recommended), in incredibly high demand, and sold for high prices. You need to complete the very easy Rune Mysteries quest in order to gain access to the essence mine, and note that Pure Essence is what you want, not regular Rune Essence. For most players the best way to mine it is using Aubrey from the Varrock East bank, though players with 66+ Magic may use the Yanille Magic Guild which is more optimal.
You can then gather Pess at an even faster rate if you level up Runecrafting, as the various pouches available to use at certain levels of the skill can prolong your mining inbetween banking. Read its skill guide for more information.

If you lack the mining level to acquire Pure Essence from the Essence mines, you will instead get regular Rune Essence - these are near-worthless, so you'll have you level up your mining some more elsewhere. Do some general copper+tin mining at the southeast Varrock mine until level 15, and then mine iron north of Yanille until level 31. This can also be done for Coal at 30 or Gold at 40. Although you can mine Pure Essence at 30, reaching 31 mining will allow you to use an adamant pickaxe (which can be bought from Nurmof in the northern section of the Dwarven Mines under Falador, costs 3,200 gp) and mine Pess a lot faster. Nurmof sells every pickaxe up to rune as well, so you may want to consider buying what you need from him before you begin mining everything.


When woodcutting low level (non-Maple/Yew/Magic) trees the thing you want to sell is not the logs themselves but the bird nests you might get. Bird nests are used for making Saradomin Brews and can be sold for a fair price, and you have the chance to obtain high level rare seeds from the nests. It is random when you get a bird nest while cutting a tree, however.
The only logs that are in constant demand are yew and magic, and since they require 60 and 75 Woodcutting respectively to cut it's unlikely that a new player will be able to get them just yet. You can fletch your low level logs with a knife in order to make various arrow shafts/unstrung bows/etc which may be sold to general stores or players for a decent amount too.

Combat and Slayer

While difficult for a new player to make money with combat, it's still possible, just not recommended over the other methods in this guide. Make sure to attempt moneymaking from Combat at least after you've completed Waterfall quest, and ideally after both Waterfall and Vampire Slayer so you can buy+equip a Rune Scimitar.
Slayer can be a profitable money-making method when combined with Clue Scrolls, only if you are very lucky. Remember to buy an Enchanted Gem from any Slayer Master for 5 coins to stay updated on your task and to return and get a new one after you run out of kills.

Go to Burthope (easiest to buy a Games Necklace from another player and using it to teleport to the Games Room and walk up the stairs into Burthope, or walk from the northwest of Falador to the north of Taverley) and keep rerolling tasks from Turael until you get a sizable amount of goblins, then teleport ::home to Lumbridge and slaughter all of the green manlets across the bridge. Combined with a Ring of Wealth, you may quickly amass clue scrolls that have a random chance to pay out with amazing loot after one step or take five steps and give you vendor trash or anything in between, your mileage may vary.

As you begin to amass slayer and combat levels you can move on to level 28 Hill Giants located in the Edgeville Dungeon. They award level 2 clues, big bones, and limpwurt roots, so they can be very profitable and fast to level up skills with.
As you approach the mid-tiers of levels you might want to move on to slaying level 43 Moss Giants. They have better misc drops than Hill Giants and award more exp but they also keep dropping big bones and level 2 clues. At this point you need to level agility to at least 48 to access the Edgeville Dungeon-Varrock Sewers pipe shortcut, as Vannaka (he will be your new slayer master at combat level 40) who assigns Moss Giants is right next to the giants at the shortcut in Edgeville Dungeon. If you lack the agility level to get through the pipe, there are a few Moss Giant spawns far away from Vannaka located north of Ardougne.

Alternatively for those who do not wish to bother with Slayer at the moment, level 16 Thugs in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon/Edgeville Dungeon's Wilderness portion are quite easy to kill and have Rare Drop Table access which possibly means easy Key Half/Dragonstone/etc drops. They'll automatically aggro onto you even if you're above a 33 combat level in the Edgeville Dungeon's Wilderness portion making them slightly easier to kill, but watch out for player killers there. If you're quite serious about killing them for RDT loot, you may want to consider purchasing a Ring of Wealth from another player if you have the money for it.


For further training tips, please visit the Skill Guides page once you get a feel for the game a bit more. You may also want to try your hand at Minigames and other related activities. Enjoy playing /v/scape!

If you have completed this guide, congratulations! If you're just passing through, thank you for reading!

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