Gertrude's Cat



Needed Items

  • Raw sardine (can be fished in Catherby and Draynor)
  • Bucket of Milk
  • Doogle leaves (found south of Gertrudes house)
  • 100 coins


Gertrude's Request

Speak to Gertrude at her house west of Varrock to learn about her missing cat, Fluffs (Be sure to pick up some Doogle leaves).
Head to Varrock square to speak to one of her 2 kids Wilough and Shilop.
Pay 100 coins to get the location of the cat (the lumberyard northeast of Varrock).


Head to the lumberyard and use a Doogle leaf with the raw sardine.
Fluffs can be found after going up a ladder in the lumber yard. Use the bucket of milk and then the seasoned sardine on her (Interact with her between using the items).
Go down the ladder and search the crates and boxes in the lumberyard until you find a kitten. Use the kitten on Fluffs (you will get a message saying they ran off, but Fluffs will remain there).
Head back to Gertrude and talk to her to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 3431 Cooking exp
  • A chocolate cake
  • A bowl of stew
  • Ability to get a kitten pet
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