Fletching-icon.png Introduction

Fletching is a skill which allows the player to create various types of bows and arrows. The products of this skill are primarily used in the combat skill, Ranged. It also provides some of the most popular materials used for High Alchemy, which is one of the main methods for training the Magic skill. At a higher fletching level, the skill can be trained without losing any coins, although a decent amount of working capital is very useful. Money can usually be generated at higher fletching levels.


This guide uses unstrung bows. If you are stringing at any step, then half the number of bows needed. It is recommended to start stringing at yews or magics.

Levels 1-5 : Arrow Shafts

Cut 35 logs into 525 arrow shafts.

Levels 5-10 : Shortbows

Cut 69 logs into unstrung shortbows.

Levels 10-20 : Longbows

Cut 148 logs into unstrung longbows.

Levels 20-25 : Oak Shortbows

Cut 91 oak logs into unstrung oak shortbows.

Levels 25-35 : Oak Longbows

Cut 259 oak logs into unstrung oak longbows.

Levels 35-40 : Willow Shortbows

Cut 198 willow logs into unstrung willow shortbows.

Levels 40-50 : Willow Longbows

Cut 687 willow logs into unstrung willow longbows.

Levels 50-55 : Maple Shortbows

Cut 581 maple logs into unstrung maple shortbows.

Levels 55-65/99 : Maple Longbows or Mithril Bolts

Cut 2156 maple logs into unstrung maple longbows or mine mithril and coal and smith mithril bolts. Trading bolts for mithril ores/bars on ::yell is a fairly sustainable training method, or you can sell them for cash. Get feathers from fishing stores or the evil chicken.

Levels 65-70 : Yew Shortbows

Cut 1898 yew logs into unstrung yew shortbows.

Levels 70-80/99 : Yew Longbows

Cut 3650 yew logs into unstrung yew longbows, and then string them all (Or you can double the amount and ignore the stringing part, though these alch for less). Continuing to make Yew Longbows are still a viable option towards leveling to 99 seeing that Magic Logs are a little harder/expensive to come by.

Levels 80-85 : Magic Shortbows

Cut 3395 magic logs into unstrung magic shortbows, and then string them all.

Levels 85-99 : Magic Longbows

Cut 23243 magic logs into unstrung magic longbows, and then string them all.


It is best to sell the bows from maple and below to a general store. From yews and onwards it is best to high alchemize them to make some mean cash gains. From 85-99 fletching, if you string all the magic longs and high alch them, you end up with 35,701,248 gold pieces, presuming you make all the nature runes/bow string yourself

Bow Unstrung value Strung value
Yew shortbow 240 480
Yew longbow 384 768
Magic shortbow 480 960
Magic longbow 768 1,536
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