Fishing Contest


  • Level 10 Fishing

Items Needed

  • 10 Coins
  • 3 Pieces of Fishing Bait (optional)
  • Garlic (can be found in a house Southwest of Seers' Village bank)
  • Fishing Rod (buy from a fishing store or Grandpa Jack)
  • 3 Red Vine Worm (obtainable during quest)
  • Spade
  • Food if low level


Speak to one of the dwarves near the entrance to the tunnel near White Wolf Mountain, on either the Catherby side or the Taverly side. Ask if you can use their tunnel and they'll tell you that you can if you win the fishing contest in Hemenster and give you a pass to enter the contest.

Head to Hemenster and if you want, you can attempt to fish, but you will lose the contest no matter what. Instead, talk to Grandpa Jack nearby and he will tell you the best spot is where the vampire usually is and to use Red Vine Worms which can be found in McGruber's Woods.

Head to McGruber's Woods (you can enter from the north side through some railings) and go to the Western side (watch out for the guard dogs if you're a low level). Dig up some Red Vines and check to get some Red Vine Worms. Get several just in case and leave the woods.

Head back to Hemenster and pay Bonzo the 5 Gold entrance fee. Use the Garlic on the pipes by the Sinister Stranger and he'll ask to change places with you. Once the contest starts, fish using Red Vine Worms and you should catch a Giant Carp. Talk to Bonzo to win the contest. After winning, you'll receive a trophy. Go back to the Dwarf and give it to him to complete the quest!


  • 1 Quest Points
  • 5483.25 Fishing XP
  • Access to a shortcut under White Wolf Mountain
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