Firemaking-icon.png Introduction

Firemaking is the skill for you! …if you wanted to be a fire merchant on the Musa Point lobster dock on a Free-to-Play server in 2005.

The tangible benefits to training Firemaking are using better light sources (the best one is the equip-able Mining Helmet at level 65) or getting an easy 99 to trim another skillcape which adds +4 Prayer, and being able to cook anywhere with any sort of log. The better logs last longer as well and it's really just terrible because if you're cooking you're going to do in on a range near a bank in the first place, what a shit skill.

Each tile in Runescape is roughly 1.36 square metres. Each fire takes up a tile. Following this guide and achieving 99 with no quest, lamp, or other experience boosts, you will have to burn a 27.75 km long line of fire.

Mechanics of Firemaking

It's very simple, though there are a few things to note:

  • There are many spots where you can't light fires such as inside banks, and certain spots next to buildings, fences, on top of flowers, on top of other fires, etc. It's pretty arbitrary.
  • If you stop lighting your fire mid-animation, the log will remain dropped on the ground.
  • When finished lighting, you will automatically move one space to the west. If it's not possible and you're against an obstacle, you'll move one to the east.
  • If you Right-click -> Use Tinderbox with a Log again within a certain window of time after lighting a fire (just as your character is turning around after standing up), it will skip the bending over animation entirely and just plop out a fire underneath your feet.

The last two points mean you can accrue experience very quickly with decent timing and an unobstructed line of ground.

There are many different logs to burn, coming from the varied trees around /v/scape:

There is also a collection of gear in /v/scape which has a Firemaking requirement to use. Light sources are lit with tinderboxes.

Burning Grounds

If you already have a stack and just need a spot to burn them:

Rogue's Den

Located in Burthorpe, (quickest way there is a Games Necklace teleport) underneath the trapdoor in the Toad and Chicken pub. Features a bank (on the west side, even) and several lines to make fires on, between the torches. Start at the east side of the room.



A lot of open west-east running space; directly north of the east bank, great for convenience. You can make about 4 lit lines. You can't light fires on the flowers, by the way.


Port Phasmatys

Directly next to the bank, but requires 64 Agility or completion of Priest in Peril to access. Space enough for 3 good lines.



The most space (up to 5 lines which trumps other spots near banks with absolutely no obstacles in the way of the lines) and the best training spot overall, but it is out of the way so is only recommended for firemaking if you have a ton of logs to burn. If you have less than 500 or so it's fine to just use Falador's east bank.



It should go without saying that it's highly recommended you train Woodcutting with this skill so you have easy access to logs to burn if you do not want to, or cannot purchase enough logs. Woodcutting gains less experience per log so the remainder should go into Fletching.

There is one quest currently which gives Firemaking experience - Heroes Quest. It gives 3,544 experience: the equivalent of 39 normal, 26 oak, 18 willow, 12 maple, 8 yew, or 5 magic logs.


Levels 1-15 : Normal Logs

Burn 27 normal logs. This is one full inventory + a tinderbox, easily doable in Lumbridge when starting out.

Levels 15-30 : Oak Logs

Burn 82 oak logs. 3 inventories, very simple. There are a ton of Oak trees between Lumbridge and Draynor.

Levels 30-45 : Willow Logs

Burn 238 willow logs. The best spot to use would be in Draynor village if you burn as you cut, cut the trees behind the bank and light fires in front of it. Or you can take a short run to Falador east if you collect all the logs beforehand.

Levels 45-60 : Maple Logs

Burn 699 maple logs. Seer's Village is a good place to cut and burn. There are 5 or so maple trees near the bank, and a few lines can be made in front of the bank and almost a complete one behind it. At this point you may want to consider gathering your materials all at once and bringing them all to Piscatoris to blaze.

At level 49, congrats, you can light Bullseye Lanterns. At level 50, congrats, you can now complete Desert Treasure. It was undoubtedly a long difficult grind but well worth it.

Levels 60-75 : Yew Logs

Burn 2,056 yew logs. Stop at 65 if you only want the maximum Firemaking needed for a quest.

Levels 75-99

You can now burn magic logs. On the road to 99, you can either burn 17,298 magic logs or 25,951 yew logs, depending on what you're able to acquire. Yews ARE faster to cut and cheaper to buy but slightly less experience per hour.

If doing magic logs, the distance of magic trees to banks makes it not recommended to cut and bank them. You can, however, efficiently cut and burn them at the Sorceror's Tower, which is north of the Legend's Guild and south of Seer's. There are 4 magic trees and space for 2-3 lines of fire. This is faster Firemaking exp than banking to burn later, because it eliminates the bank trips.


If you made it to 99, well, gz I guess. Firemaking has little to say about it. It's pretty much just a holdover from the Runescape Classic days where there was quite a larger emphasis on survival, as evidenced by the Survival Expert on Tutorial Island teaching new players about Firemaking.

If you have completed this guide, congratulations! If you're just passing through, thank you for reading!

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