Farming Patches


Elstan_location.png Lyra_location.png Dantaera_location.png Kragen_location.png
South of Falador West of Port Phastmatys North of Catherby North of Ardougne


Fayeth_location.png Treznor_location.png Heskel_location.png Alain_location.png
West of Lumbridge By Varrock Castle In Falador Park Within Taverley

Fruit Trees

Bolongo_location.png Ellena_location.png Garth_location.png Gileth_location.png Liliwen_location.png
South of the Grand Tree East of Catherby West of Tree Gnome Village North of Brimhaven In Lletya


Vasquen_location.png Rhonen_location.png Selena_location.png Francis_location.png
North of Lumbridge North-west of Seers' Village Within Yanille South-west of Entrana


Dreven_location.png Taria_location.png Torrell_location.png Rhazien_location.png
South-west of Varrock Within Rimmington South of Ardougne South-west Etceteria


Herb Belladonna Cactus Calquat Tree Mushroom Spore
My_Arm_location.png Draynor_Manor_patch_location.png Ayesha_location.png Imiago_location.png Mushroom_patch_location.png
Roof of Troll Stronghold (not implemented yet) Outside of Draynor Manor South-west of the Duel Arena North of Tai Bwo Wannai village West of Canifis
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