Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome! New /v/scape players will benefit greatly from reading this FAQ, as well as the Differences and Beginner's Guide pages. It is highly recommended that you read all three if you're unsure of anything before you ask a question. Even some older players may learn something new from these!

Questions And Answers

Q: What is the experience rate?
A: /v/scape's exp rate is 2.25x. This also includes quest exp AND money rewards, for example The Knight's Sword quest will grant enough exp to bring you straight to 38 smithing from level 1.

Q: What are the commands/how do I talk in world chat?
A: See below for all commands. Use ::y to talk in the world chat.

Q: How do I make an account?
A: Select Existing User and type in a username and password. If it isn't taken, you will join the server and you can go through Tutorial Island.

Q: What era of Realscape is /v/scape based on?
A: Late 2006 to early 2007.

Q: How old is /v/scape?
A: /v/scape has been around since March of 2014!

Q: What's different about this server compared to real Runescape and other private servers?
A: See our differences page, for starters.

Q: What sort of features does the client itself have?
A: The /v/scape client has many conveniences, such as:

  • Tab-to-reply to the last PM received (if the person in question is on your Friends List)
  • Middle mouse button camera movement (also works with Alt+clicking)
  • Resizable mode (can be made into Fullscreen)
  • Zooming in/out with the mousewheel (can be disabled in the Options tab)
  • XP drops (right-click the orb in the top-right corner of the screen)
  • Function Key hotkeys into menu tabs (except Clanchat and Music), see picture (click to enlarge) - Note that Fkeys can be re-bound by editing the settings.ini file inside the .vscape2 folder and setting the settings.ini file to Read-only. However this will lock the file from being changed by the in-game client and possibly by future updates.:
  • hotkeys.png
  • Custom inventory/chat backgrounds (see below for more info)
  • There are a few more options that require editing the settings.ini

Q: I see people posting screenshots in the thread and their chat and inventory backgrounds are different, what's up with that?
A: Yet another feature of the client is that you can customize your chat and inventory backgrounds! A collection of them are available to download at the following link in case you don't want to make any yourself : MEGA link
The .zip also contains installation instructions for getting them to show up properly as well as tips for making custom ones. If you're too lazy to download and read it, the base sprites are stored in your C:\\Users\Yourname\.vscape2\sprites folder under the names mascot_chat.png and mascot_inv.png. The background for the login screen can be changed too. Add an image named "background_custom.png" to overwrite the background. Basically, make sure your custom sprites keep these same filenames, and to set them to Read-Only to make sure future client updates don't overwrite them.

Q: Do I have to pay to access member content?
A: /v/scape is 100% free to play forever. Remember the first time you got a membership and walked through the gate into Taverley? Well on /v/scape, you can relive that again without having to pay anything.

Q: I just started, how do I make money? What skills should I start leveling up?
A: Collect secondaries for Herblore, Mine pure essence or Iron ore. All of these are in high demand and don't require much to get started working on. You can also head over to our Skill Guides page for further training tips. Also mentioned on the Beginner's Guide is the Stronghold of Security, which rewards some minor starter cash in the form of a 10,000 gp check.

Q: Are there quests?
A: The majority quests from this client build/era are in, with more being slowly added as they're done. See the quest page for a complete list of what's available as well as most of their guides. If a quest is not listed in the menu ingame, that means it has not been coded yet.

Q: How can people be wearing the Quest Cape if not every quest from this version is in?
A: The Quest Cape is available as long as you've completed every CURRENT quest that's in. Check the quest page or the Quest tab ingame to see what's available, remember that as new quests come out the cape will become unavailable until you complete them.

Q: Are Ancient Magicks in? What about Lunar Magicks? What about <X quest-specific feature>?
A: Ancient Magicks are available, however just like in Realscape they require Desert Treasure completed to access. Lunar Magic is in.
There are a few other quest-end features that do not require the quest to be completed if the quest itself isn't implemented, feel free to ask in global chat about those.

Q: Are there minigames?
A: There are quite a few minigames available; such as Barrows, Treasure Trails, and Pest Control. Head over to that page to see what else there is, as well as some guides and more info on them.

Q: Are there events?
A: Yes, /v/scape has had exclusive custom holiday events for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, July 4th, and the server Anniversary every year so far! The Anniversary and July 4th events have custom rewards (the Dank Mask and Gnome Book/the Freedom Banner and Patriotic Hat respectively), while the normal holiday events have the normal themed rewards you'd expect from Realscape back in the day. The events are all 100% custom too.
However, every event item is untradable. Partyhats are in, but no selling them or getting jewed for them. Hope they come back in a later repeat event like Easter Rings did.
Also just like in Realscape, untradable lost event items can be recovered via Diango in Draynor Village.
There are a few exceptions to event items being untradable, and those are:

  • Santa Hats from the 2014 Christmas event
  • Easter Eggs from the 2015 Easter event
  • Pumpkins from the 2016 Halloween event

These CAN be lost upon death and traded to other players, and therefore can NOT be recovered from Diango.

Q: Is < X piece of modern RS content > in the game?
A: Most pieces of modern RS content are not available, but feel free to ask in global chat about the specifics.
There are a few minor exceptions to the "No modern content" rule that /v/scape has, and those are:

  • The multi-loot mechanic for Thieving.
  • Bank tabs.
  • Charter ships and their vendors.

Q: Is <insert X Oldschool Runescape content> in?
A: Everything on this page: {} is NOT available in /v/scape, and then some. No Grand Exchange, no Zulrah, none of that nonsense. Several bits of OSRS-only content aren't even documented in that link, so feel free to ask if /v/scape has it if it isn't there and you don't want to read through years of OSRS patchnotes. Examples are below:

  • The Party Room's location - in OSRS it is located in Falador, but on /v/scape it is in Seers' Village like it should be in this time period.
  • The Edgeville lever is OSRS-only, it doesn't exist in /v/scape.

There is one exception to the 'no OSRS content rule', however, and that is:

  • Bronze (g) equipment from level 1 clue scrolls.

Q: How do I private message/whisper someone?
A: If they've yelled recently, you can right-click their name and immediately add them to your Friends List to PM them. If they've already messaged you and they're on your friends list, you can immediately press the Tab key to reply to them without having to open the list. If you add someone but they seem offline, it's because they have their Private chat setting set to 'Friends' or 'Off'.

Q: Buy-X when? I don't have the attention span to Buy-10 at a time!
A: Never ever.

Q: Why did I just turn into <x NPC/animal/monster/etc> just now? I hate fun, please change me back!
A: All gold crown admins can turn anyone into any possible NPC, don't ask why. Enter the wilderness or simply relog to revert back to normal, otherwise it'll last forever. Some fun to be had during these times are to see how goofy certain actions are like skilling, combat, ::sitting, and so on while transformed.

Q: Why is Darude: Sandstorm/the Ghostbusters Theme/the main menu music/etc suddenly playing? I just woke up my mom, help me change it back!
A: Admins are having more fun with you. They can either play songs globally or for specific players, same with transforming people. Your music volume is forced to the max for this as well, so to turn it off simply put the volume back down in the F11/Options menu.

Q: I've encountered a bug! What should I do?
A: Report it in-game via the red report button under the chatbox or if it's serious report it to one of the staff members directly. Alternatively (and preferably) you may sign up and submit a report on the bugtracker, located here.
If you've run into one of the common bugs like a resource spot such as a tree or rock not respawning, then simply relog to fix it until a more permanent solution is found.

Q: I can't even play/launching the client is messed up/etc! What do I do!
A: Please see the How To Play page, for starters.

Q: How much is <X item> worth? What can I buy it for? How much are people selling it for?
A: Since we do not have the Grand Exchange and our population is not very high, prices listed here might become inaccurate. Just ask for a price check in ::yell and filter out the obvious meme answers.

Q: How can I combine my black cavalier and highwayman mask like I've seen other players do?
A: After Cabin Fever is completed, take both items and 5,000 coins to Patchy the Pirate in Mos Le'Harmless and talk to him. As you'll also see you can combine other things like eyepatches/bandanas into one item too. Remember your Book O' Piracy from the end of the quest. You can buy other pieces of pirate-themed gear from Mike in Mos Le'Harmless as well.

Q: Can I donate to the server? What do I get for doing so?
A: Yes, now that Odel is renting a server donations are open to pay for the rent. Note that you will not be rewarded in any way in-game or outside of it for donating.

Q: What is the average population like?
A: Between 20-70 players, depending on what time of day you play.

Q: Someone just called me <insert insult here>!
A: There is no language filter for a reason. We're free to say whatever we want to whomever we want. Just don't shitpost excessively.

Q: Is botting allowed here? Is <x dubious thing> allowed here?
A: The ::rules command states no botting, no duping, and to use common sense. Read: You will get fucking banned if you break a rule, kiddo.
Autoclicking/mouserecording/etc, all count as botting and will result in the same punishment.

Q: Is there a forum?
A: Not exactly. The thread at is the closest alternative. Note that because this is a 4chan server, there's bound to be loads of shitposting and banter. Keep this in mind if you're a newfriend, take every post there with a grain of salt.

A: The server might have crashed. Just be patient, the staff will be working to put it back up as soon as possible.

Q: Where is the Lumbridge/home bank?
A: On the roof of Lumbridge castle. Players who have started Recipe for Disaster are able to bank in the Lumbridge castle basement.

Q: Where can I get <x equipment set/set pieces>?
A: Check the Store Guide page, as it catalogs every NPC store in /v/scape. If you're looking for something that has an incomplete table on the page, simply ask about it in global chat, or it might be on this FAQ too.

Q: Where do I get a pickaxe?
A: A bronze pickaxe spawns up two ladders on the top of the Lumbridge Castle gate. You can also buy every type of pickaxe up to rune in the Dwarven Mines under Falador from Nurmof. A rune pick costs 32,000 coins. See the Mining guide for more information.

Q: Where do I get a hammer?
A: Buy it from the Falador general store. It's also a fairly common drop from imps.

Q: Where do I get a shovel/spade?
A: One spawns on the ground in the Varrock general store.

Q: Where can I get planks that are needed for a few quests?
A: With the addition of Construction, the easiest way is to go to the Sawmill Operator northeast of Varrock for planks, or to collect them from a few other locations:
Planks spawn on the shore of Entrana, remember that you need to bank ALL gear that gives stats if equipped in order to journey there. There are other locations that planks spawn at, but this is the only one not in the wilderness or requiring anything else.
If you're doing the quests that require steel nails as well as planks, unless you can smith them yourself your best bet is buying from another player or the Sawmill Operator.

Q: Where can I get a needle and/or thread, and a chisel?
A: Buy them from the crafting store on the eastern edge of Al Kharid.

Q: Where can I get charcoal?
A: Charcoal can be purchased from the Shilo Village and Tai Bwo Wannai village general stores, and also dug up in the Digsite east of Varrock.

Q: Where can I get snakeskin?
A: Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. This requires completion of Jungle Potion, as well as a machete (can be bought from Jiminua's Jungle Store north of the village). Bush snakes will occasionally spawn as enemies, but be warned as their poison can hit really hard.

Q: Where can I get lots of vials for training Herblore?
A: Lots of water-filled vials are for sale at the general store run by Aemad, located in Ardougne - 500 are stocked for only 2gp each. The store run by Jiminua in the Tai Bwo Wannai village of Karamja also stocks 300 water-filled and empty vials for the same price as above, but it's much farther from a bank..

Q: Where can I find a sand pit?
A: You can find one close to a bank in Yanille, or try Zanaris too. Entrana also has one along with a glassblowing pipe and seaweed spawns making it easiest for a single trip of glassblowing. Completion of The Hand In The Sand will also reward you with 84 sand buckets daily, provided you talk to Bert.

Q: Where can I get a rope?
A: Buy it in the Ardougne general store, or take balls of wool to Ned in Draynor Village.

Q: Where do I get a knife?
A: There are three easily accessible knife spawns. One is on the floor of the Varrock general store, one is on the floor behind Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, and the easiest one to get is on top of a crate inside the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle.

Q: How do I get to Catherby/Seers' Village/Ardougne from Lumbridge?
A: Do not go through the White Wolf mountain, as the wolves can decimate a new player. Instead simply take 60 gp with you (kill some Goblins in Lumbridge / sell junk to a general store if you don't have enough) and take the boat from Port Sarim into Karamja for 30gp. From there, keep going west into Brimhaven, and then pay the sailors another 30gp to go to Ardougne. Once in Ardougne, go a little east off the docks and then all the way north to get to Seers, and from there you may go southeast to Catherby.
Check the map linked on the front page of the wiki so you know where to go. This is also listed in the beginner's guide too.
Alternatively you may purchase a Camelot teleport tab from another player or simply ask them to Telother you to Camelot, and then run to where you need to go from there.

Q: How do I get into Shilo Village?
A: You need to complete the Shilo Village quest in order to get in. If you've completed the quest, you can pay Hajedy the cart-guy 10gp for faster entry. He's right near the boat destination in Brimhaven when you take the ship from Ardougne.

Q: How do I get into the Kharazi Jungle?
A: With Legend's Quest out, you need to proceed a few steps into the quest to get into the jungle with a machete and woodcutting axe. Hope you meet the requirements to start the quest.

Q: How do I get to Piscatoris Fishing Colony?
A: Piscatoris is easily accessible without the Swan Song quest in at the moment, simply follow the instructions and map located on the fishing guide.

Q: How do I get to Lletya/the Elf lands?
A: To get to Lletya, you need to complete the Underground Pass/Regicide quests in order to go through the Arandar gates or through the Pass itself to get into the Elf forest. See this page for more info.

Q: How do I get to Miscellania/Etceteria?
A: After The Fremennik Trials is completed, talk to the sailor offering a free trip on the docks in Rellekka.

Q: How do I get to Port Phasmatys?
A: Port Phasmatys can technically be accessed by anyone that can reach Morytania (64 Agility or Priest in Peril completed), but without the Ghosts Ahoy quest done you must pay 10 Ecto-tokens to enter the Port each time. See below for more info on the tokens.

Q: What else are Ecto-tokens used for? I got a ton of them from the Ectofuntus/another player.
A: You can use Ecto-tokens to buy bolt racks for Karil's Crossbow from Ak-Haranu in Port Phasmatys Tough luck pal, Ak-Haranu has moved onto the gold standard now. The only other use they have is for brewing. Ecto-tokens are also fully tradeable in /v/scape, though unless you run into a madlad building an ecto-token memestack, you're not going to have much luck trading them.

Q: There's an ironman mode? / What's that helmet icon I see on certain players?
A: /v/scape does indeed have an official Ironman mode! In order to become an ironman, you must create a new account and proceed through tutorial island as normal. The very last NPC before you're sent to the mainland will ask if you want to change your ironman status. You can switch back and forth while you're still on tutorial island and talk to the Lumbridge guide on the mainland to remove ironman status but this choice is permanent.
/v/scape's basic features for ironmen are; no trading with other players, and finite run everywhere instead of just the wilderness. However they can still complete quests such as Shield of Arrav and Heroes by just right-click+using the items they need to swap on another player. Ironman armour is also not available, as that's OSRS content as previously stated on this FAQ.

Q: What's with that Community guy?
A: /v/scape has its very own Community account! It is an Ironman to prevent item theft, otherwise you are free to grind on it or do whatever you want with it.
ID: Community | PW: ayylmao

Q: I can run everywhere without my energy draining?
A: Run energy being infinite is a feature(tm). It makes Agility only useful for shortcuts and faster energy regain as an Ironman, in the wilderness, and a select few overworld locations:

Q: Can I edit the wiki too?
A: Anyone can help out if they wish. Simply create a wikidot account if you don't have one already and click the 'Join this site' button at the very top of the page pictured here for clarification so a site admin can verify you, then you can contribute whenever you please.

Q: How do I get to settings.ini when I'm using a Mac Computer?
A: Open Finder, click Go, then type in /Users/yourname/.vscape2

Q: What are the ::y text modifiers and colors?
A: Click below, no more sekrit klub:

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