Family Crest

Family Crest

Starting the quest

Talk to Dimintheis in southeast Varrock



  • 40 Mining
  • 40 Smithing
  • 59 Magic (boostable)
  • 40 Crafting
  • Must be able to kill a level 170 demon

Items Needed

  • Shrimp
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Bass
  • Swordfish
  • Pickaxe
  • 2 cut rubies
  • Ring mold
  • Necklace mold
  • 1 anti-poison potion
  • Runes to cast all elemental "blast" spells (13 air runes, 3 water runes, 4 earth runes, 5 fire runes, 4 death runes)

Recommended Items

  • An additional anti-poison potion
  • Varrock, Camelot, Falador, and Ardougne teleports
  • Ring of Dueling


Talk to Dimintheis in the fenced off area of southeast of Varrock next to the clothing shop.
You'll learn about his 3 sons and the family crest. He'll point you towards Catherby.


Go to Catherby. At the north edge of town, south of the farming supply store is a chef. Talk to him
He'll give you more information about the crest and tell you to gather a cooked shrimp, salmon, tuna, bass, and swordfish to get his piece (all but the salmon can be fished in Catherby).
Once you get the necessary cooked fish, he'll give you the piece and tell you his brother, Avan, was last seen in Al Kharid.


Talk to the gem trader in Al Kharid located east of the gate between Lumbridge and Al Kharid to learn about the second brother, Avan.
Head north to the entrance of the mine to find a man with a yellow cape. Talk to him.
He'll tell you to find 'perfect' gold ore, so head to the Dwarven Mines to find a dwarf named Boot (he is in the western part of the mine).
Boot will inform you that you that the 'perfect' gold ore is near Ardougne.
Run east of Ardougne, just outside of the wall next to Witchhaven. (make sure to grab your pickaxe).
In the dungeon, there are level 28 hobgoblins, level 53 ogres, and level 122 hell hounds. You will need to complete a lever flipping puzzle to get to the rocks. Don't fret, the levers don't visually change when you click on them but it still counts:

  1. Flip the lever on the north wall.
  2. Enter the southern room and flip the lever inside.
  3. Go to the northern wall again and flip the lever.
  4. Enter the northern room and flip the lever.
  5. Exit the room and flip the lever outside (the lever from steps 1 and 3).
  6. Go to the south room an flip the lever.
  7. Enter the middle cage and mine 2 'perfect' gold ores (turn off auto retaliate so the hellhounds don't interrupt your mining).

Now, using the 'perfect' gold ore, rubies, and necklace/ring molds, make a 'perfect' ruby necklace and 'perfect' ruby ring at any furnace.
Go talk to Avan with the 'perfect' ruby necklace and ring in your inventory to receive the second crest piece and the location of the final brother.


The final brother can be found in the Jolly Boar Inn northeast of Varrock on the second floor. Talk to him (make sure you have an antipoison potion).
Use the antipoison potion on him and he'll tell you about the demon that stole the last crest piece.
The demon can be found in the Edgeville dungeon by the Earth Obelisk and poison spiders (an antipoison potion may be useful to bring).
Cast all four "blast" spells on the demon (bring extra runes since these CAN splash). After hitting the demon with all 4 spells, kill him.
Pick up the crest piece the demon drops to get the third and final piece of the crest.

Completing the Quest

Use the crest pieces on each other to get a completed crest.
Go and talk to Dimintheis with the crest in your inventory to complete the quest!


  • Steel gauntlets
  • 1 Quest Point
  • A free skill imbue for the gauntlets

There are three different imbued gauntlets you can receive by talking to the correct brother:

  • Goldsmith gauntlets (Avan) give increased Smithing exp for smelting gold ore (126.5 exp from 50.6 exp)
  • Cooking gauntlets (Caleb) significantly reduce the chance of burning certain fish
  • Chaos gauntlets (Jonathon) increase the damage from "bolt"(chaos rune) spells by 1

While the first imbue is free, changing will cost 25,000 coins. If the gauntlets are lost, they can be re-obtained by talking to Dimintheis.

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