Ernest The Chicken


  • Evade a level 22 skeleton

Items Needed

  • A spade (can be obtained in Draynor Manor)


Getting Started

Speak with Veronica outside Draynor Manor to learn that her husband Ernest is missing.
Enter the manor and climb the stairs until you reach the top floor and talk to the Professor.
The Professor will tell you that Ernest has been turned into a chicken. To reverse this you will need to gather a pressure gauge, rubber tube, and oil can (these can be obtained in any order).

Pressure Gauge

Head down the stairs to the second floor. In the room near a level 19 Ghost is some fish food. Pick this up.
Go down to the ground floor and to the kitchen. In the small room south of the kitchen you will find some poison.
Combine these items and head outside to the southwest portion of the yard. Use the poisoned fish food with the fountain.
Search the fountain to find the pressure gauge.

Rubber Tube

Outside of the manor, on the western side, is a compost pile. Use a spade to find a key (you can find a spade in the eastern room of the manor on the ground floor).
Enter the manor and use the key on the door behind the staircase on the ground floor with the level 22 skeleton.
Run and grab the rubber hose laying on the ground (either kill the skeleton or turn off auto retaliate to make things easier).

Oil Can

Go to the southwestern room on the ground floor and search the bookcases on the wall to enter a secret room (this room is where ava is located for Animal Magnetism).
Head down the ladder to the basement of draynor manor.
In the basement are a bunch of levers and closed off rooms. Pulling the levers will teleport you to a room so they must be pulled in the correct order:

  1. Pull lever A and then lever B
  2. Pull lever D
  3. Pull lever A and then lever B
  4. Pull lever E and then lever F
  5. Pull lever C
  6. Pull lever E to enter the final room

Search the crates and boxes to find the oil can.
Just in case the final step with pulling lever E doesn't open the final room, pull it twice instead of once.

Finishing the Quest

Once you have all the items, head to the top floor and talk to the Professor
Ernest will be transformed back into a human and the quest will be completed!


  • 4 Quest Points
  • 1,300 coins
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