Enlightened Journey


20 Quest points
20 Firemaking
30 Farming
36 Crafting

Items Needed

A rake
A spade
3 papyrus
A ball of wool
A sack of potatoes (10 potatoes)
An unlit candle
Yellow dye
Red dye
10 silk
A bowl
8 empty sacks - You will change these into 8 sandbags on Entrana itself.
12 willow branches (obtainable during the quest if planting the tree - Buy from the Grand Exchange otherwise haha NO.)
A tinderbox
At least 10 normal logs


Getting started
Required items: 3 Papyrus (bring 3 in total, 2 used later), 1 Ball of wool, 1 Full sack of potatoes and 1 Unlit candle.

Talk to Auguste on Entrana north of the Herblore shop
Use the Papyrus with the Ball of wool.
Use the unlit Candle on the Balloon structure.

The big balloon
Required items: 12 willow branches, 10 silk, 10 logs, 8 sacks of sand, 2 papyrus, yellow and red dye, and a bowl

Talk to Auguste.
Talk to Auguste again with the two Papyrus and a sack of potatoes in your inventory.
Go slightly south of Auguste and fill up the sacks with sand.
Give Auguste a Yellow dye, a Red dye, ten Silk, a Bowl, and eight Sandbags.
Use twelve Willow branch, from either a player-grown tree or from the sapling given by Auguste, on the balloon frame on the nearby platform.
Obtain ten Logs and a Tinderbox.

In flight
Talk to Auguste.

Screen one
Drop 1 sandbag.
Burn 1 log.
Relax 9 times.
Pull 1 red rope.
Relax 2 times.
Pull 1 brown rope.
Relax 5 times.

Screen two
Burn 1 log.
Relax 1 time.
Burn 1 log.
Relax 10 times.
Burn 1 log.
Relax 5 times.

Screen three
Relax 7 times.
Pull 1 red rope.
Pull 1 brown rope.
Relax 3 times.
Burn 1 log.
Relax 4 times.
Pull 1 brown rope.

Finishing up
Talk to Auguste.
gz. You're done!


1 Quest point
4,500 Crafting experience
6,750 Farming experience
3,375 Woodcutting experience
9,000 Firemaking experience
The Bomber jacket and cap
Access to the balloon transport system
Ability to make origami balloons

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