Dwarf Cannon



Required Items

  • A hammer
  • Teleports to Falador and Camelot/Ardougne (optional, but recommended to speed up completion)


Fixing the Fence

Start the quest by talking to the Dwarf Commander and agreeing to fix the railings. There are 6 damaged areas you must find (these aren't visually different from the normal fence sections). After repairing all the sections, go back and talk to the Dwarf Commander.

The Watchtower

The Dwarf Commander will tell you to investigate the watchtower just south of the gate by him. Inside the watchtower, pick up the dwarf remains and return to the commander. The Dwarf Commander will tell you to find the son of the killed dwarf, head to the cave southeast of the Dwarf Commander, and east of the fishing guild.

Take the center path and head to the very end. Search the crates until you find the dwarf child, Lollk. Talk to the Lollk and return to the Dwarf Commander

Repairing the Dwarf Cannon

After talking to the Commander, you will receive a toolkit. Go to the building directly east of the commander where the Dwarf Cannon is located.

Use the toolkit on the cannon and math the 3 tools up to the parts.

  1. Use the hooked tool with the spring
  2. Use the pliers with the safety switch
  3. Use the toothed tool on the gear

Talk to the commander again and he'll tell you he doesn't know how to get ammo. Go to the dwarf base south of Ice Mountain near an entrance to the dwarf mines and talk to Nulodion to receive an ammo mould and instructions. DO NOT DROP THE MOULD!

Return to the dwarf commander to complete the quest!


1 Quest Point
1687.5 Crafting exp
Ability to buy and use a Dwarf Multicannon

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