Druidic Ritual



Required Items

  • Raw bear meat
  • Raw chicken
  • Raw rat meat
  • Raw beef


Kaqemeex will tell you to talk to Sanfrew, who can be found on the second story of the herblore shop in Taverley. Sanfew will tell you to enchant raw rat meat, raw chicken, raw bear meat, and raw beef. These can be obtained 2 ways:

  1. You can kill the respective animals. Cows and chickens can be found in farms around Lumbridge, giant rats in the Varrock Sewers or Lumbridge swamps, and Bears in low level wildy north of Edgeville or around the mining site northeast of Ardougne on the way to the Legends Guild.
  2. If you have completed Priest in Peril or have 64 Agility, the Canifis meat shop directly north of the bank sells all of the necessary meats.

After you have the raw meat, go to the dungeon just south of Taverley (lower levels may require food for this part). Walk north in the dungeon past the skeletons until you reach a gate with 2 suits of armor on either side. Enter the gate and you will see the cauldron of thunder (lower level players will be attacked by a suit of armor). Dip each of the meats into the cauldron and go back to Sanfrew.

Sanfew will take the meats and tell you to go and talk to Kaqemeex to finish the quest!


  • 4 Quest Points
  • 562 Herblore exp
  • Access to the Herblore skill
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