Dragon Slayer


  • 32 Quest Points
  • 33 Magic (if you don't want to spend 10k coins)

Items Needed

  • 13k Coins (if you don't have 33 Magic for the Telekinetic Grab Spell)


  • 3k Coins, 1 Law Rune, 1 Air Rune (for the Telekinetic spell NOTE: you can only kill the goblin with ranged or magic, so bring a bow and some arrows, or some runes, your choice)
  • Hammer
  • 3 Wood Planks (an easy place to find them is north of the Barbarian agility course, or Entrana) (Can now be made at Sawmill as well with the addition of Construction skill)
  • 90 Steel Nails (Smith or buy from Sawmill)
  • Unfired Bowl
  • Wizard's Mind Bomb
  • Silk
  • Lobster Pot
  • Anti-dragon Shield
  • Amulet of Glory (optional, for teleports)
  • Skills Necklace (optional, for teleports)


Proving Your Worth

  1. Speak to the Guildmaster in the Champions Guild south of Varrock to start the quest. Ask him about why there is no Rune Platebody in the shops, he will tell you only one person sells them, Oziach in Edgevile.
  2. Head to Edgeville. On the way stop off at Barbarian Village to create a Unfired Bowl if you haven't already.
  3. Enter the shack in the northwest of Edgeville. Oziach will tell you only people worthy get to wear Rune Platebody and that you have to prove you slayed a dragon by bringing him the head of Elvarg.
  4. Go back to the Champions Guild and talk to the Guildmaster for more information on Elvarg.
  5. The Guildmaster will tell you that you need to get 3 pieces of a map that are scattered about the land to get the Elvarg's lair on Crandor. The Guild Master will give you a key for Melzar's Maze.
  6. If you lack the Anti Dragon Fire Shield head to Lumbridge and purchase one from the Duke of Lumbridge for 1000 gp.

Melzar's Piece

  1. Head to Melzar's Maze. It is located south of the Crafting Guild near Falador. Enter the maze using the key you were given.
  2. Kill the monsters until they drop a key, use said key to unlock the door to advance to the next level, refer to the picture for each door.
  3. Once in the basement continue killing monsters to get colored keys for the colored doors until you reach Melzar.
  4. Kill Melzar.
  5. Use the colored key on the colored door and kill the Lesser Demon to open the chest and get the map piece.

Thalzar's Piece

  1. Talk to the Oracle on top of the Ice Mountains. She will tell you that to access Thalzar's Piece you will need a Wizard Mind Bomb, an Unfired Bowl, a Lobster Pot and Silk.
  2. Head to the Dwarven Mines. Once inside the mines head to the room east of Nurmof's shop and click on the magical door.
  3. Grab Thalzar's Piece from the chest.

Lozar's Piece.

  1. Head to Port Sarim and enter the jail, there will be a goblin around who has the last map piece you need.
  2. You have 2 options here, you either pay him the 10k for the map piece, or you can just kill him and then use Telekinetic on the item.
  3. Combine the map into one.

The Ship

  1. Talk to Klarense in Port Sarim and he will sell you his ship for 2000 gp. It's not sea worthy though and needs some repairs.
  2. Bring your cabin boy a Hammer, 3 Planks, and 90 Steel Nails. You can smith the Steel Nails yourself or buy from the Sawmill Operator. Likewise with the planks, you can make at Sawmill or pick them up in several places: north of the Barbarian agility course, on Entrana north west of the Law altar, near the General Store in Port Khazard and in the Graveyard of Shadows in the Wilderness.
  3. You need a captain to steer your ship. Head to Draynor Village and ask Ned to be your captain. Head back to Port Sarim and take your boat to Crandor.


  1. Travel up towards the top of the island. Head into the volcano once at the top.
  2. Head down the path until you reach Elvarg's Chamber.
  3. Make sure you have your Anti-dragon Shield equipped. Enter the chamber.
  4. Once you have defeated her, take her head and open the shortcut to the Karamja dungeon.
  5. Your ship, the Lady Lumbridge was damaged so you'll either need to walk through Karamja or teleport to get out.
  6. Bring Elvarg's head to Oziach to finish the quest.


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 41,962 Strength experience
  • 41,962 Defence experience
  • Can now wear Rune Platebody and Green D'hide body.
  • Access to Crandor.
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