Digsite Quest

The Digsite Quest

Starting the Quest

Talk to an Examiner at the exam center South of the digsite, East of Varrock


  • 10 Agility
  • 10 Herblore
  • 25 Thieving

Items Needed

  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Leather Gloves (can be stolen from a workman)
  • Leather Boots
  • Vial
  • Tinderbox
  • Cup of Tea (can be stolen in Varrock from the Tea stall)
  • 2 Ropes (can be stolen form a workman)
  • Opal or Uncut Opal (obtainable during quest)
  • Charcoal (obtainable during quest)
  • Panning Tray (obtainable during quest)
  • Trowel (obtainable during quest)

Optional Items

  • 2 Varrock teleports


Make sure to wear your leather boots and gloves at all times

Getting Started

Talk to an examiner and ask to take an exam and you'll receive a letter. Go to the Varrock museum, speak with the curator and you'll receive a stamped letter. Go back to the examiner and you can take the first test. No matter what, you'll get the the questions wrong and wil have to ask the students at the digsite for the answers. In order to get the answers, you'll have to retrieve their lost items.

Getting the Answers

Head North to the digsite. Along the way, you'll pass a large blue urn. Search the nearby bushes to get a teddy bear. Continue north until you find a workman. Pick pocket one of them until you get an animal skull and specimen brush (you can also get your leather gloves, boots, and rope from them). Next head East to the tent near the river and take a panning tray. Use the panning tray on the panning spot (looks like a fishing spot) and you'll be stopped by the panning guide. Ask him what you need to do to be allowed to pan and give him the tea. Pan until you find a special cup (you can also get the required opal while panning). Talk to the three students in the digsite and they'll take the appropriate item and give you an answer to the test.

Retaking the Exam

Go back and talk to the examiner to retake the exam. Answer each question with the answer given by the students and you'll receive a certificate and trowel. Go back and talk to each student again to get the answers for the second exam. Once you pass the second level exam, you'll receive a level 2 certificate. Repeat for the third level, only you'll need an opal for one of the students to get the answer (can be found by panning in the river). Once you have the level 3 certificate, you'll be able to dig at all sites.

Ancient Talisman

Head back up to the digsite and go to the northern most digsite. There will be some sack just West of it. Search them to find a specimen jar. Head to the site just south and use your trowel on the soil until you find an Ancient Talisman. Go back and talk to the Archeological Expert in the Exam center to get an invitation letter allowing you to enter the boreholes.

Chemical Compound

Head to the western digging area of the digsite and use the invitation letter on the workman. Use a rope on the winch and climb down the rope. Grab the Arcenia root and head East until you see some bricks blocking a door to the south. Search the bricks and return to the surface. Head to the Northeastern winch and climb down. Talk to Doug Deeping to get a key for the chest in the tent with the panning trays. Open the chest to get the chemical powder. Use the trowel and the barrel just West of the tent to open it and then use the vial to get Unidentified Liquid. Then search the Specimen Tray just north (looks like a sandbox) until you find some charcoal and then grind the charcoal (you'll need an unground piece for Desert Treasure if you want to get it now). Use the Unidentified Liquid and Chemical Powder on the Archeological Expert to identify them. Use the Powder with the liquid, then add the charcoal, and finally the Arcenia root to get Chemical Compound. Go back down the Western winch to the bricks blocking the way and use the chemical compound on them. Next use a tinderbox to blow them up. Enter the chamber and grab a Stone Tablet and return to the Archeological Expert to complete the quest!


  • 2 Quest Ponts
  • 34,425 Mining Exp
  • 4,500 Herblore Exp
  • 2 Gold Bars
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