Differences From Realscape

While the /v/scape devs try to avoid custom content as much as possible, sometimes it is necessary for things to run smoothly. It is recommended that you read this page as well as the FAQ and Beginner's Guide too if you're new, and before you ask any questions that aren't already answered on these three pages.

Changes to base game:

Tradable Items (needs filling out)

Certain items that were untradable in Realscape are fully tradable in /v/scape. Examples are below. As a general tip, if an item cannot be dropped but instead must be destroyed to get rid of it, it is untradable.

  • Ectotokens
  • Moonclan hats
  • Blessed axes (useless though, you need to create one from scratch to progress in Animal Magnetism)

Abyssal Whip

  • Uses an old version of its special attack: for 50% of your special energy you have a 50/50 chance to hit for either your current max hit or nothing at all.

Barrows Gloves/Recipe for Disaster

  • Before RFD's implementation, Barrows Gloves were only possible to get as a possible custom reward from the Barrows Chest.
  • This is not the case now, and you do not need the completion of the quest to equip the gloves for those who got them before.
  • However the gloves no longer permanently keep upon death, so if you lose your only pair you'll need to complete RFD to get more or hope that you got spares!

Dragon Boots

  • Spiritual Mages that drop dragon boots can be found in the top-left corner of the wilderness at ~level 50 since the God Wars Dungeon isn't implemented.
  • The level 96 Ancient Magicks spell Ghorrock Teleport will take you right to them, and like normal they require 83 Slayer to kill or even harm.

Ring Of Wealth

  • The Ring of Wealth currently gives someone wearing it the chance to hit the RDT 10% higher.

Games Necklace

  • Because Barbarian Assault is not implemented, the other teleport option for the games necklace other than the Burthorpe Games Room is to teleport to Pest Control island.

Music Player and Emotes

  • All music tracks and emotes fully unlocked from the start, can be played at any time.

Stronghold of Security

  • Security questions asked by the doors within the Stronghold are /v/scape-specific (Report bugs on the Mantis Bugtracker, etc).


  • Same stats as an Steel longsword as of Shadow of the Storm's release
  • 1.33x damage against any demon NPC that is normally affected.


  • Same stats as an Adamant longsword
  • 1.75x damage against any demon NPC that is normally affected.

Port Phasmatys

  • The Amulet of Ghostspeak is not required to talk to the ghosts in the town.

Changes to quests

Priest in Peril

Priest in Peril requires only 25 essence instead of 50, to save you a trip back to Drezel at the last part of the quest.

Heroes Quest and Shield of Arrav

Anyone can help another person complete the above two quests, even if they've already done the quests themselves.

Changes to stores

  • No stores will purchase items for their High Alchemy value.
  • Numerous stores have different levels of stock compared to the original Runescape, and some may be missing items.

Changes to minigames:

Castle Wars

  • The Castle wars bracelet can be unequipped once the game starts and it's effect will be retained, allowing you to equip other gloves.

Pest Control

  • Only one game can be played at a time. Check ::pcactive to see if a game is running and also how many players are waiting in the lander.
  • PC specific chat system with ::pc "message"
  • Point system has been buffed
  • Points rewarded are 5 for the first 50 damage, then 1 more for every 100 rounded down
  • For example, 272 damage would give you 7 points
  • Hard cap of 35 points per round
  • Spinners will stop healing the portal if hit once and aggroed
  • No Void Seal

Read its minigame guide for more information and how to play.

Clue Scrolls and Treasure Trails

  • Can receive up to 8 rewards
  • No duplicate rewards
  • Drop rates for clue scrolls increased
  • Coordinate clues require only a spade
  • Clue help specific to /v/scape can be found here. Nearly all clue help is listed, except for level 2 clues which still need filling out.
  • Read its minigame guide for more information.

Changes to skills:

All Skills:

  • Global announcement text pops up whenever a player reaches level 99 or 200 million experience in a skill.
  • Example: "Community has just achieved level 99 in woodcutting!".
  • Skillcapes' trimmed/untrimmed variants can be kept separately, capes do not auto-trim here. See the Skillcape Guide for more information.


  • None of the courses have failure rates on the obstacles except for the Barbarian course, but that can be circumvented too - see the guide for more details.
  • The only courses available are the Gnome, Barbarian, Ape Atoll, and Wilderness ones. (We now have Agility Pyramid as well!)


  • The initial POH Portal is automatically placed in the world (in Rimmington by default) - you do not need to pay the flat 1,000 coin fee to purchase the house.


  • Threads used for crafting have a ~1/10 (or ~10%) chance to be used up per item crafted, rather than a flat 4-5 crafts per spool of thread.


  • Has the multi-loot mechanic from post-2007 realscape, see its guide for more details.


  • Tasks can be re-rolled infinitely by talking to the slayer master again (unless you're an Ultimate Ironmeme, then tough luck). See the guide for a table of tasks.


  • When making Scarecrows to stand in a Flower patch for protecting Sweetcorn, every type of spear except for Dragon can be used to make it.


To address the fact that we can't world hop for higher level ores, any ore above gold has had its respawn time altered:

  • Granite respawns in 9 seconds
  • Gem rocks respawn in 30 seconds
  • Mithril respawns in 3 minutes
  • Adamantite respawns in 6 minutes
  • Runite respawns in 20 minutes

Other rock respawn rates remain unchanged, see the guide for specifics.

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