Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure

Starting the quest

Talk to the archaeologist at Bebadin Camp.


Completion of Digsite Quest, Temple of Ikov, Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Priest in Peril, and Waterfall Quest.
53 Thieving
50 Firemaking
10 Slayer
50 Magic

Items Needed

650 Coins
12 Magic logs
6 Steel bars
6 Molten glass
A blood rune
Some bones
Chocolate cake (must be whole)
Spiked boots
Climbing boots (if under 61 Magic for Trollheim Teleport)
Pestle and Mortar
Silver bar
Energy/Super Energy potions
Lockpicks (20+ recommended)

Prayer potions/Super Restores
Good armor/weapons
Good food (at the very least Monkfish)
Ice gloves
Teleports to various parts of Gilenor
High Agility level

Part I: The Legend of Aziz Ansari

The Desert

To start the quest, speak to the Archaeologist. A daring adventurer, that Asgarnia Smith. Anyways, he's heard of some treasure out there somewhere in the desert, and is willing to split the reward to anyone who can help him find it. He'll give you some etchings, and wants you to take them to the Digsite. Head to the Exam Center of the Digsite, and give it to the archaeological expert there. Give him a few minutes to translate, and he will give you a translation book. Read it if you wish, and head back to the Archaeologist. Agree again to help him out, and he'll point you in the direction of the Bandit Camp south of the Bedabin camp.

Head to the bar and buy a beer for 650 coins. Ask him if there's any treasure or interesting things around to find out about the Four Diamonds of Azzanadra. He won't know much, but it's a lead. Head directly east and talk to Eblis. Inquire about the Four Diamonds, and he'll tell you to bring him some things and then meet him southeast of the Bandit Camp. He'll want you to bring these things:

  • 12 Magic logs (can be noted)
  • 6 Steel bars (can be noted)
  • 6 Molten glass (can be noted)
  • Ashes
  • Blood rune
  • Charcoal
  • Bones

Give the items to Eblis. He will head slightly southwest of the Bandit Camp to a hill with a ring around it. With the items you've given him, he will set up six mirrors that will show the general locations of the Four Diamonds. Two are duds- they show a pyramid and the Bandit Camp respectively, so ignore those for now. It's now time to begin the hunt for the diamonds.

Part II: The Hunt for the Diamonds

A quick note: once you have obtained at least one diamond, at any point during the quest a level 95 stranger may appear and attack you. He carries a poisoned dagger, so always carry a little food and an antiposion. If you do not wish to fight him, you may run away.


Part III: The Jaldraocht Pyramid Plunder

Items Needed
The Four Diamonds
Good food/prayer potions/super restores
Desert Gear

Return to Eblis and tell him you have the Four Diamonds. He will tell you to head south to the Pyramid. Once there, put the Four Diamonds in their corresponding pillars around the Pyramid- once you have done so, the 5th element will activate and destroy the meteor coming towards earth. Jk, but the doors at the top will open. Head inside.

The pyramid isn't that hard to navigate, the only problem being that it occasionally summons scarab swarms (which can poison), mummies (which cannot poison) and annoyingly, pitfall traps which send you outside the pyramid. You will fall in the pitfalls less often if you have less weight on you and aren't running. Your objective is to simply reach the inner sanctorum on the fourth floor while avoiding getting shunted out the pyramid by the pitfall traps. Easier said than done, however. The best way to avoid the traps is to keep clicking at all times and hope for the best.


Once you've reached the altar chamber, talk to Azzanadra. He will believe the God Wars are still happening due to his PTSD, but realize he cannot hear Zaros anymore, and realize that too much time has passed. In reward for your efforts, he will give you access to an ancient form of Zarosian magic.

Part IV: The End

Quest Complete! Here are your rewards:

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 45,000 Magic xp
  • Access to the Ancient Magicks- to switch between spellbooks, pray at the Ancient Altar in the Pyramid.
  • Access to the Curse of Zaros miniquest (i.e. the ghostly robes miniquest)
  • The Ring of Visibility (requirement for the Curse of Zaros)
  • Ability to use the Ancient Staff
  • Access to the Smoke Dungeon for various slayer tasks, such as Dust Devils which can drop the Dragon Chainbody
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