Desert Treasure


Quest.png Completion of Digsite Quest
Quest.png Completion of Temple of Ikov
Quest.png Completion of Tourist Trap
Quest.png Completion of Troll Stronghold
Quest.png Completion of Priest in Peril
Quest.png Completion of Waterfall Quest
Thieving-icon.png 53 Thieving
Magic-icon.png 50 Magic
Firemaking-icon.png 50 Firemaking
Slayer-icon.png 10 Slayer

Items Needed

Coins_250.png 650 Coins Make money.
Magic_logs.png 12 Magic Logs Cut with 75 Woodcutting or purchase from players
Steel_bar.png 6 Steel Bars Smith with 30 Smithing or purchase from playes
Molten_glass.png 6 Molten glass Crafted with bucket of sand and soda ash on a furnace
Ashes.png Ashes Burn a log or kill a demonic creature.
Blood_rune.png Blood rune Purchase from the Magic Guild shop, or dropped by various monsters.
Bones.png Bones Kill any humanoid creature.
Chocolate_cake.png Chocolate cake Purchase from the baker in Ardougne, or steal from the stall.
Spiked_boots.png Spiked Boots Bring Dunstan in Burthorpe a pair of Climbing boots and an Iron bar.
Garlic.png Garlic Found in Morgan's house in Draynor, on a table in Seers' Village. Sold by the Spice seller in East Ardougne.
Spice.png Spice Sold by the Spice seller in East Ardougne.
Pestle_and_mortar.png Pestle and mortar Sold by Jatix in Taverley.
Facemask.png Facemask Sold by any Slayer master. Turael in Burthorpe is the easiest to get to.
Silver_bar.png Silver Bar Smelt Silver with 20 Smithing or purchase from players.
Tinderbox.png Tinderbox Sold by any General store.
Charcoal.png Charcoal Sold by the General store in Shilo Village, and the one north of Tai Bwo Wannai.
Lockpick.png 20+ Lockpicks Purchased from Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den. You need 50 Thieving and 50 Agility.

Items Suggested

Shark.png 20+ Sharks You'll need high healing food for the four boss fights.
Antipoison(4).png 5+ Antipoisons Used to cure poison you may be afflicted with.
Prayer_potion(4).png 10+ Prayer Potions Needed to use the Protect prayers during the boss fights, otherwise bring a lot more food.
Super_energy(4).png 10+ Super energy potions You'll be running a lot, so these will help cut down travel time.
Super_restore(4).png 5+ Super restore potions Needed to recover stats on the route to Kamil.
Ice_gloves.png Ice gloves Allows you to wield a weapon against Fareed.


Part I: The Legend of Aziz Ansari

The Desert

To start the quest, speak to the Archaeologist in the Bebadin Camp. The Bebadin Camp is found in the Kharidian Desert, south-west from Shanty Pass.

A daring adventurer, that Asgarnia Smith. Anyways, he's heard of some treasure out there somewhere in the desert, and is willing to split the reward to anyone who can help him find it. He'll give you some etchings, and wants you to take them to the Digsite.

Head to the Exam Center of the Digsite, and give it to the archaeological expert there. Give him a few minutes to translate, and he will give you a translation book. Read it if you wish, and head back to the Archaeologist. Agree again to help him out, and he'll point you in the direction of the Bandit Camp south of the Bedabin camp.

Head to the bar and buy a beer for 650 coins. Ask him if there's any treasure or interesting things around to find out about the Four Diamonds of Azzanadra. He won't know much, but it's a lead. Head directly east and talk to Eblis. Inquire about the Four Diamonds, and he'll tell you to bring him some things and then meet him southeast of the Bandit Camp. He'll want you to bring these things:

  • 12 Magic logs (can be noted)
  • 6 Steel bars (can be noted)
  • 6 Molten glass (can be noted)
  • Ashes
  • Blood rune
  • Charcoal
  • Bones

Give the items to Eblis. He will head slightly southeast of the Bandit Camp to a hill with a ring around it. With the items you've given him, he will set up six mirrors that will show the general locations of the Four Diamonds. Two are duds- they show a pyramid and the Bandit Camp respectively, so ignore those for now. It's now time to begin the hunt for the diamonds.

Part II: The Hunt for the Diamonds

A quick note: once you have obtained at least one diamond, at any point during the quest a level 95 stranger may appear and attack you. He carries a poisoned dagger, so always carry a little food and an antiposion. If you do not wish to fight him, you may run away.

The Blood Diamond (Morytania)

Pestle_and_mortar.png Pestle and mortar
Garlic.png Garlic
Silver_bar.png Silver Bar
Spice.png Spice
Super_energy(4).png Super energy potions
Prayer_potion(4).png Prayer Potions
Shark.png Good Food
Attack_style_icon.png Weapons and armour - Air spells are recommended

One mirror will show Canifis. Therefore, one of the Diamonds resides somewhere within Morytania. Gather the items required and head off to Canifis. Specifically, go into the bar and witness me a short cutscene. Talk to the vampire, Malak. Ask him about the Diamonds, and he will tell you that another vampire, Dessous, has the diamond. Killing him would net you both the diamond and do a favor for Malak, so your interests are mutual. Ask him what you need to do to kill Dessous. You need a special mixture within a special vessel to weaken Dessous enough to kill him.

First off, you'll require a silver pot. Malak has an associate who remembers how to make one. Head to Draynor and enter the sewers. Find Ruantun, and ask him how to make a silver pot. He'll take the silver bar from you and in exchange give you the pot. The next step is to get said pot blessed. Head to Entrana (remember to take no stat-boosting items) and talk to the High Priest there. He will bless the pot for you. Head back to Malak.

Make sure you have at least more than five hitpoints, then ask Malak where to fill the pot with blood from. He will hurt you for 5 damage, and fill up the pot with your blood. Ooh, edgy. Finally, grind your garlic with the pestle and mortar, throw in the garlic powder, season with spice and sear at 350 degrees for six minutes to finish the mixture. All that's left to do now is kill Dessous. Head straight outta Compton Canifis and go southeast. For orientation, Dessous's location is east of the boat shortcut to Mort'ton. Once you're there, use the blessed blood pot on the tomb, and get ready to fight.

Dessous will attack with all three combat styles- quickly with melee, and a ranged/magic combination. The best bet here is to pray melee as Dessous's melee hits faster and harder, and tank the bats he summons (they will deal 10 damage total.) He can be melee'd to death, or alternatively is weak to air spells. Kill him however you wish and return to Malak.

As it turns out, the bastard had the Blood Diamond the whole time and was keeping it from you. Oh well, what's done is done. Dessous is dead and you now have the Blood Diamond.

The Ice Diamond (Trollheim)

Chocolate_cake.png Chocolate cake
Spiked_boots.png Spiked boots
Super_restore(4).png Super restore potions
Super_energy(4).png Super energy potions
Prayer_potion(4).png Prayer Potions
Shark.png Good Food
Attack_style_icon.png Weapons and armour - Fire spells are recommended

One mirror will show an icy land. This is the Ice Path north of Trollheim, so gather your gear and head out there. Teleporting is the fastest option, but if you can't do that head out there by foot. Once at Trollheim, head up the northwest path until it starts to get snowy. Up there is a ice troll child, who is crying because his parents are deader than a doornail frozen solid because of an evil man. Talk to him and cheer him up a little with the chocolate cake, and ask him about the Ice Diamond. He will tell you his parents have it, so you're gonna need to go in there and rescue them. Head through the gate.

A quick note: It is very, very cold within the Ice Path. Every so often you will be hit for a low amount of unblockable damage and all your stats will be drained, along with your run energy. Always take a sip of your restore potions/energy potions before your stats/run energy get too low.

Once you've entered the first area, you need to kill five Ice Trolls (like the murderer you are) to continue. Do so, and the icicles blocking the far cave will be removed. Always pray melee while this is going on, as multiple ice trolls (and later on, high-level wolves) will try to hurt you. Continue down the path until Kamil appears.

Kamil attacks with both melee and magic. The magic will freeze you in place, so either keep close to him and attack him with melee or use fire magic on him. Due to the area's cold effect, your best bets will be either Fire Blast or Fire Bolt (depending on how high your magic level is.) I recommend praying melee as it does hit slightly harder than his magic. Always keep on top of your health during this fight and he will eventually go down.

Keep heading along the path until you reach an actual ice path. Equip your spiked boots and head up the path until you reach the end. There, the child's parents lie frozen within blocks of ice. Smash them to free them. Talk to them and head back to the entrance to the Ice Path. Talk to the parents and the kid to get the Ice Diamond.

The Smoke Diamond (Kharidian Desert)

Facemask.png Facemask
Ice_gloves.png Ice gloves
Tinderbox.png Tinderbox
Super_energy(4).png Super energy potions
Prayer_potion(4).png Prayer Potions
Shark.png Good Food
Attack_style_icon.png Weapons and armour - Water spells are recommended

One mirror will show a well in the middle of the desert. Gather all the items and head west of Pollniveneach to the Smokey Well. Hug the cliffs west of the town and you'll find it. Head down the well. Inside this dungeon, your run energy will drain. Your objective here is to light four giant torches in each corner of the dungeon. While relatively easy, without run energy you will not have enough time. Thus, make sure to keep your run energy topped up. Once you've lit all four, head to the center of the dungeon and open the chest within to receive a key. Next, head to the back of the dungeon and use the key to open the gate.

Fareed will appear. By the standards of all the other bosses so far, he is very easy. Simply pray melee and cast water spells on the guy until he goes down. While melee does hurt him, his defense is so absurdly high it is a very rare occurrence to hit anything but a 0 on him. Just mage the guy and get the Smoke Diamond.

The Shadow Diamond (Baxtorian Falls)

Lockpick.png 20+ Lockpicks
Antipoison(4).png Antipoisons
Super_energy(4).png Super energy potions
Prayer_potion(4).png Prayer Potions
Shark.png Good Food
Attack_style_icon.png Weapons and armour - Earth spells are recommended

One mirror will show a fenced, grassy area. This is near the Baxtorian Falls, so head there and speak to the jew, Rasolo. Ask him about the Diamonds and he will give you an object you need- the Ring of Visibility. But, in return, he needs a guilded cross. Get your lockpicks and head back to the Bandit Camp. Head to the southernmost tent and pick the secure chest there. You need to succeed three times in a row, and each time you fail you will be poisoned and have a lockpick break. Keep trying until you crack the chest and get the cross. Return it to Rasolo to get the Ring of Visibility.

Head to the picnic spot and equip the ring. The ring will cause a secret ladder to appear- head down it and enter the Shadow Realm Dungeon. Pray melee from now on, the various creatures of the dungeon do not attack with any other style. Head east until you reach a large, open chamber.

Damis will appear. Like Fareed, melee will have little to no effect on him. Instead, resort to casting earth spells on him. However, Damis does have a little trick up his sleeve- every hit of his drains prayer. While he hits with only melee, every hit against you drains a rather significant portion of prayer, so either keep it topped up with prayer potions or safespot the guy to prevent hits. Regardless, kill his two forms with earth spells and get the Shadow Diamond he drops.

Part III: The Jaldraocht Pyramid Plunder

Antipoison(4).png Antipoisons
Prayer_potion(4).png Prayer Potions
Shark.png Good Food
Attack_style_icon.png Weapons and armour - Desert gear whilst traversing the desert

Once you have all four Diamonds, return to Eblis and tell him you have the Four Diamonds. He will tell you to head south to the Pyramid. Once there, put the Four Diamonds in their corresponding pillars around the Pyramid- once you have done so, the 5th element will activate and destroy the meteor coming towards earth. Jk, but the doors at the top will open. Head inside.

The pyramid isn't that hard to navigate, the only problem being that it occasionally summons scarab swarms (which can poison), mummies (which cannot poison) and annoyingly, pitfall traps which send you outside the pyramid. You will fall in the pitfalls less often if you have less weight on you and aren't running. Your objective is to simply reach the inner sanctorum on the fourth floor while avoiding getting shunted out the pyramid by the pitfall traps. Easier said than done, however. The best way to avoid the traps is to keep clicking at all times and hope for the best.

Once you've reached the altar chamber, talk to Azzanadra. He will believe the God Wars are still happening due to his PTSD, but realize he cannot hear Zaros anymore, and realize that too much time has passed. In reward for your efforts, he will give you access to an ancient form of Zarosian magic.

Part IV: The End

Quest Complete! Here are your rewards:

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 45,000 Magic xp
  • Access to the Ancient Magicks- to switch between spellbooks, pray at the Ancient Altar in the Pyramid.
  • Access to the Curse of Zaros miniquest (i.e. the ghostly robes miniquest)
  • The Ring of Visibility (requirement for the Curse of Zaros)
  • Ability to use the Ancient Staff
  • Access to the Smoke Dungeon for various slayer tasks, such as Dust Devils which can drop the Dragon Chainbody
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