Demon Slayer


  • Ability to defeat a level 27 demon
  • Combat level of at least 41 to avoid Dark Wizards (optional)


Start by speaking to the gypsy, she will tell you about a demon being summoned again. Ask how Wally defeated the demon and make a note of the spell order. You will now need to go get Silverlight to defeat the demon.

Getting Silverlight

Find Sir Prysin in the Varrock castle and ask him for Silverlight. He will tell you you need 3 keys in order to get the sword. One is in the Wizard Tower, one is held by the captain of the guards, and he dropped his down the drain like an idiot.

Captain of the Guard's key

Head up the tower in the north west of the castle and find Captain Rovin, tell him a demon is coming and he will give you his key.

Wizard Tower key

Head to the wizard tower and find Traiborn, talk to him and ask for the key. He looks like all of the other wizards but he resides on the second floor of the tower. He will tell you that the key is in his wardrobe and he needs 25 regular bones to open it. Bring him 25 bones and he will give you his key.

Sir Prysin's lost key

Grab+ a bucket and fill it with water, head to the kitchen of the Varrock Castle and use the water bucket on the drain to flush the key down into the sewers. Go down into the sewers head left and look for the key.

Return to Sir Prysins with all 3 keys and he will give you Silverlight.

Banishing the demon

Head to the dark wizard circle near Varrock and the demon Delrith will appear and attack. You must use Silverlight against him. Recite the spell when needed.
Be aware that if you get interrupted during the dialog to banish Deirith you will have to relog and fight him again, so it's recommended to gain a combat level of at least 41 to make the wizards not aggro on you (Waterfall Quest's experience rewards will put you close to this).


  • Silverlight
  • 3 Quest Point

Notes on Silverlight

Silverlight's stats have been buffed on /v/scape.

  • Same stats as an steel longsword
  • Hits are 1.33 times harder against anything with "Demon" in its name.

If lost you can buy a new one from Sir Prysin for 5000 gold.

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