Death Plateau



Items Needed

  • 10 Loaves of Bread
  • 10 Cooked Trout
  • Iron Bar
  • 60 coins
  • Asgarnian Ale (Can be found on a table on the ground floor at the pub in Burthrope)
  • Blurberry Special or Premade Blurberry Special (This is NOT optional)


  • Games Necklace for Burthrope Games Room teleport
  • Some coins


Starting Out

Speak to Denulth, located in his tent in Burthrope. He tells you that trolls have taken over Death Plateau.

However, they cannot reclaim the camp because the main path is heavily guarded by trolls. It has now become your job to open the equipment storage room, which requires a combination code. You also have to find a different path to the Death Plateau.

Getting the Combination Code

To obtain the combination, first go to the top floor of the castle to the north, and talk to Eohric. He will tell you that the guard, Harold, who was on duty is at the Toad and Chicken Pub in Burthorpe.
Head Southeast, go to the pub, and head upstairs and to the left to find him.
Try and speak to Harold, but he refuses to talk about the combination.

Now, go back and talk to Eohric. He will tell you that beer and gambling may help Harold's guilt go away.
Players MUST talk to Eohric again before giving Harold the beer. You will not be able to progress without talking to Eohric a second time.

Give the alcoholic fuck an Asgarnian Ale. Talk to him again and he will reveal he lost the combination and has searched for it everywhere without success.
Give Harold the Blurberry Special and ask him to gamble. You are guaranteed to win if you gave him the Blurberry Special. Either way, use your coins to place a bet.
Once you get the IOU, read it to find that the combination code to the storage room is on the back of the IOU!
The IOU will vanish from your inventory and be replaced with the Combination. Don't drop this, you will need it to complete the quest.

Unlocking the Storage Room

Head back to the castle, and pick up the colored balls on the floor.
To proceed, set up the balls like this:

  • Blue in the bottom left corner.
  • Yellow in the bottom right corner.
  • Red in the middle on the left.
  • Purple in the middle on the right.
  • Green in the top right corner.

Afterwards, go through the door to the north and climb up the ladder. Speak to the archer, who will thank you for unlocking the storage room.

Finding a New Path

Leave the castle, and head northwest. You should find a cave up the path. If you pass a wounded soldier, you have gone too far.
Enter the cave, and talk to Saba. The man is a grumpy old NEET, and tells the player to get out.
However, he hates the trolls more than the normies who disturb him. After talking to him, he will share a secret path from a Sherpa's house which will go directly to Death Plateau.

Exit Saba's cave and continue heading west along the path until the path splits into a fork north and south-west.
A wounded soldier marks the dangerous route towards the north, so head south-west.

Follow the southern path and enter the house; inside you will find the Sherpa Tenzing.
Talk to Tenzing and ask for his help. He will help you in return for 10 loaves of bread, 10 cooked trout and some Spiked boots.
He will hand you some Climbing boots; take those to Dunstan near the anvil in north-east Burthorpe to get them changed into Spiked boots.

Spiked Boots

Take the climbing boots to Dunstan in north-east Burthorpe (marked by an anvil on the mini-map, north-east of the castle) to get them changed into spiked boots.
He tells you that he will make you the boots under one condition: His son should be made into an Imperial Guard. He also requires an iron bar to make the spiked boots.
After talking to Dunstan, head back to the tent where you started the quest, and talk to Denulth, and tell him that you have found a new path.
However, it will only be revealed if the Sherpa gets his boots spiked and Dunstan's shitty kid can join the Imperial Guard
Denulth will make an exception for you, and gives you the certificate. Show the certificate to Dunstan and give him an iron bar to get the spiked boots.

A Fuckload of Bread and Fish

Return to Tenzing and give him 10 bread, 10 cooked trout, and his spiked boots.
In exchange, he will give you a map of the secret area. You must check the path before returning to Denulth.
Head out of the sherpa's house via the side door to the north, and climb over the turnstile.
Head northeast along the passage. Keep going until you've passed the second mountain goat, just past some rocks. (You don't need to climb the rocks)
After heading far enough, a message will pop up that it's safe to tell Denulth about the path.

Completing the Quest

Head back west across the path, climb over the turnstile, and exit the sherpa's house.
Return to Denulth in his tent with the Combination and Secret Map to complete the Quest!
(If you lost your Combination, you can get a new one from Harold)


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 6,750 Attack xp
  • Steel Claws (Requires 5 Attack)
  • The Ability to Smith Claws
  • Ability to Purchase/Wear Climbing Boots from Tenzing
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