Creature Of Fenkenstrain


  • 20 Crafting
  • 25 Thieving
  • Completion of Priest in Peril
  • Completion of The Restless Ghost
  • Able to defeat a level 51 monster and run past level 72 monsters.
  • 33 Magic is optional for Telekinetic grab.


  • Amulet of Ghostspeak
  • 1 Silver Bar
  • 3 Bronze wire
  • 1 Needle
  • 5 Thread
  • Spade
  • 100 gp
  • 2 Ectotokens (for access to the furnace, only needed if Ghosts Ahoy has not been completed)
  • Ectophial (optional)


Read the sign in the middle of Canifis to start the quest.


Reading Time

  1. Get a pickled brain for 50g in Canifis on your way to the castle.
  2. Talk to the doctor: Answer "Braindead" then answer "Grave digging".
  3. Go upstairs to the bookcases
  4. Read "The Joy Of Grave Digging" in the west bookcase.
  5. Read "Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques" in the east bookcase.
  6. Combine the 2 marble amulet and obsidian amulet into the star amulet.


  1. Talk to the Gardener Ghost (with Ghostspeak Amulet equipped). He is found in the garden at the back of the castle. He will tell you that his head is can be found in the Haunted Woods south-east of the castle.
  2. Travel to the Haunted Woods. If you can't find the grave markers, speak to the Gardener Ghost for directions. Watch out for the VAMPIRES.
  3. Combine the brain and head to create a Decapitated head.


  1. Go to the tombstones to the southeast of the castle.
  2. Use your star amulet on the right most tombstone.
  3. Inside kill a level 51 Experiment for the cavern key.
  4. Follow the path. Search the chest and climb the ladder.
  5. Dig at the tombstones to get the body, torso and legs.

Repairing the Lightning Rod

  1. Backtrack to the doctor and give him all the parts, including the needle and threads.
  2. Talk to the Gardener Ghost for the shed key.
  3. Search the shed cupboard and take 3 canes from the pile of canes.
  4. Combine 3 canes with garden brush to get Extended brush
  5. Go upstairs and clean the west fireplace.
  6. Go to a furnace and smelt a silver bar into a lightning rod.
  7. Return to the castle and go to the Lightning tower.
  8. Use the "Repair lightning rod" option.
  9. Talk to the doctor.
  10. Go to the monster room and talk to the monster.
  11. Pickpocket the doctor.


  • 2 Quest points
  • 2,250 Thieving experience
  • Ring of Charos, which allows access to the werewolf agility areas (not implemented yet)
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