Crafting-icon.png Introduction

Crafting is extremely useful to train which is also one of the most diverse skills in the game - it allows you to make many useful items and gain a lot of money while doing so. However with this in mind it is also one of the hardest skills to max out on /v/scape. Getting 99 crafting will be extremely hard and time-consuming without having a decent amount of cash at your disposal.
Unlike most other skills, crafting requires a few prerequisite skills to train; most notably Thieving and Smithing, and also Mining and Magic. Click those individual pages for their skill guides if they're not up to par.
For craftable items not shown in the charts of this guide, simply go to the skills tab/F2 menu ingame and then click the Crafting skill icon to see what else you can make.

Recommendations to train crafting properly are:

40+ Mining MINIMUM (preferably much higher) - Important for Gem or Gold mining, which will be detailed later.
40 Smithing - To smelt all the gold you'll be getting to craft into jewelry, this is vital. Also completion of Family Crest for Goldsmithing gauntlets is nigh-essential too.
80+ Thieving - High thieving levels allow you to pickpocket gnomes and heroes for very good materials.
57 Magic - To enchant Diamond jewelry at least, and 55 magic is for High Level Alchemy. Alching and enchanting aren't essential for crafting exp but you'll want them to make tons of extra money if you aren't dumb.
10-15m gold available to spend (more is better) - Very likely that you’ll have to buy a lot of mats if you aren't planning on being 100% self-sufficient, since very few people have the time or patience to completely farm for the 99. A lot of the mats you buy will be turned back into cash via alching although you won't totally break even or make a profit if you buy your materials.

Essential tips:

Start a new bank tab for crafting. It will be very helpful since there are a lot of different crafting items. Having them in one tab makes it much quicker to organize and find them. You will need buy a chisel, the four different molds (ring, bracelet, amulet and necklace), a needle, and buy as much thread as you can. You can purchase all of these very easily at the crafting store in Al-Kharid.
In /v/scape, as long as you have a ball of wool in your inventory when you craft amulets using a gold bar and any type of gem, it will be automatically strung so you don't have to manually do it. Note that stringing amulets (either automatically while crafting them or manually) does not grant extra crafting exp.
Also note that threads used for crafting have a ~1/10 (or ~10%) chance to be used up per item crafted, so keep in mind that you don't have to buy a 1:1 stack of thread for the items you'll be crafting.

Gems and Jewelry


If you'd like to think ahead a bit, you can worry about buying materials now. Flax, dragonhides and gold bars are what you want to mainly focus on if you have the cash so rev up those shitposts on ::yell. You can also buy gold ores instead of bars if you have extra cash and want more Smithing exp.

Levels 1-10 : Cowhides Cowhide.png

For the first 10 levels you will be slaughtering cows, you need only 38 cowhides to get to level 10 crafting. Don't bother trying to buy cowhides, just collect them easily yourself and gain an extra bit of combat exp too. If you didn't know already the best place to kill cows is in the large pen right outside the Al-Kharid border gate in Lumbridge. After you have enough cowhides (you will need to bank at least once), go into Al Kebab with a bit of money and tan the hides at the tanner (he’s next to the furnace which is near the bank). Tanning the cowhides will give you soft leather. Leather.png
Then, with needle and thread in your inventory, right-click Use the needle on a piece of leather to convert it into leather gloves. Leather_gloves.png

Once you have made 38 pairs of gloves you will be level 10, simple as that. Time to move on.
The gloves are so worthless that you might just want to drop them to save bank space.

Levels 10-63 : Flax Flax.png

Flax, flax and flax. If you can buy them it will be extremely quick yet expensive, otherwise you can pick it yourself. The best place to pick flax is in the Elven town of Lletya where you can get upwards of 2,000 per hour, however this requires the completion of Underground Pass and partial completion of Regicide so if you are unable to do those quests, you can pick them in the Tree Gnome Stronghold (they are literally next to the bank stairs and just walk around 10 steps south), or pick them in Seer's Village (like you learned in the Beginner's Guide).
Once you have all your flax you can head to Lumbridge, as the Spinning Wheel on the second floor of the castle (right below the bank) is the best place to spin. Make all your flax into bowstrings. Bow_string.png

Each piece of Flax spun into Bowstring will grant 33.75 Crafting experience. From level 10, you will need approximately 10,888 flax to reach 63 crafting.
You can either use all your bowstrings to train Fletching up quite a bit or sell them if you bought the flax to break even. Even better is to sell them after you picked the flax yourself for a great amount of money.

The reason why you stopped spinning flax at level 63 is so you can pick any of the methods you like right away without having to spin flax any further. Alternatively if you've been shitting up yell and buying dhides before you got to high levels of craft you can stop flax at 57, and use d'hides to get to the 63 mark.

Levels 63-71 or 63-84 or 63-99 : Thieving or Dragonhides Thief_Hero.png Green_dragonhide.png Blue_dragonhide.png Red_dragonhide.png Black_dragonhide.png

Here is where crafting takes many different paths, as even the 'fastest' methods can be very unreliable. There are many methods to get 99 using different mats and you will almost certainly be using all of them at some point.

Dragonhides Green_dragonhide.png Blue_dragonhide.png Red_dragonhide.png Black_dragonhide.png

When crafting d'hide, always craft the bodies and never the chaps. You can also do vambraces for equal crafting exp to bodies but at the cost of less money per alch so only do this if you have nature runes to spare and want more magic exp instead of money.
You will have to tan the hides at the tanner at Al Kebab which is the best tannery, the one in Canifis is slightly closer to the bank but costs 2x more per hide tanned which isn't worth it. Of course make sure you have enough thread (at least 1,000) too.

Note that you should obviously treat d'hides as supplemental and not main training methods, the time and money investment into purely using them to get to 99 is a waste. Training using Dragonhides is insanely expensive but if you farm the dragons yourself you will begin to see some amazing profits as well as fast combat and Slayer training.

Green Dragonhides Green_dragonhide.png
From level 63, you can begin crafting Green D'hide Bodies Green_d%27hide_body.png which will grant you 418.5 experience each per 3 tanned green d'hide and 4,680 coins if you alch them.
If you wish to keep going to level 71, you will need approximately 3,199 green dragonhides.
If you wish to keep going until level 84, you will need approximately 18,515 green dragonhides.
If you wish to keep going until level 99, you will need approximately 90,798 green dragonhides. Getting 99 crafting on that number of green d'hides alone is unheard of and there are much better methods available to you but hey, it's possible.
Blue Dragonhides Blue_dragonhide.png
From level 71, you can begin crafting Blue D'hide Bodies Blue_d%27hide_body.png which will grant you 472.5 experience each per 3 tanned blue d'hide and 5,616 coins if you alch them.
If you wish to keep going until level 84, you will need approximately 13,570 blue dragonhides.
If you wish to keep going until level 99, you will need approximately 77,583 blue dragonhides. Getting 99 crafting on that number of blue d'hides alone is unheard of and there are much better methods available to you but hey, it's possible.
Black Dragonhides Black_dragonhide.png
From level 84, you can begin crafting Black D'hide Bodies Black_d%27hide_body.png which will grant you 580.5 experience each per 3 tanned black d'hide and 8,088 coins if you alch them.
If you wish to gain the 99 purely this way, you will need approximately 52,111 black dragonhides.

This guide has skipped red d'hides as it is a /v/scape specific guide. Red dragons are not easily farmable thus making the market for red dragonhide nonexistent. If you manage to get a lot of red d'hide, follow the same steps you used for the others.
You will be using all sorts of hides to level up high. It will take a lot of materials, more than you could probably farm, so you will most likely have to buy hides to get there.

Thieving Thief_Hero.png

The best way to level up crafting is by thieving from Heroes and there's no beating around the bush there, if you're simply looking for the fastest way to get the 99 from 63 then look no further.
Heroes grant you gold ore for fast and easy smithing experience, fire orbs for fletching-tier crafting experience and the best alching fodder in the game, and uncut diamonds for great crafting experience to attach to the gold bars for even more crafting experience and when enchanted, diamond bracelets become Abyssal Bracelets which are the second best alching fodder in the game. Head over to the Thieving guide right now to train yourself up more. The methods mentioned in that guide will also boost your crafting considerably even before you reach Heroes or Gnomes!
At level 63 you can craft everything you need from Heroes which is why you stop spinning flax there, but it's also when you can begin crafting dragonhides as an alternative option.

Blank Battlestaves cost 7,000 gold each from Zaff in Varrock whom stocks 100 at a time, but a Fire Battlestaff alchs for 9,300 coins which means a 2,300 profit each alch along with magic and crafting experience. This means you can reliably craft and alch 100 staves at a time even if you only have startup funds of 700,000 gold for 100 blank battlestaves. Crafting a Fire Battlestaff Fire_battlestaff.png grants 281.25 crafting exp.Diamond Bracelets Abyssal_bracelet.png can be crafted with a cut diamond and gold bar (duh) with a Bracelet Mold in your inventory. With 13 of both the gold and diamonds in your inventory, right-click Use a gold bar on a furnace and create all you can.
The closest furnace to a bank is in Port Phasmatys which requires either 64 Agility or completion of Priest in Peril to access. Completion of Ghosts Ahoy is also likely required as well so you don't have to get Ectotokens to enter the town each time.
Cutting a diamond with a chisel will grant you 241.875 crafting exp, and creating a Diamond Bracelet gives 213.75 exp. Enchanting it into an Abyssal Bracelet Abyssal_bracelet.png will also grant 150.75 magic exp, and alching that will give you 2,520 coins.
As explained on the Thieving guide, Abyssal Bracelets are the best thing to craft with diamonds as they grant a nice 405 coins more per alch when compared to Amulets of Power while not requiring balls of wool to make at the slight cost of only 11.25 less experience per craft.

Because pickpocketing loot is randomized, calculating the exact items to get to the 99 from here is asinine. Keep in mind that you will probably get 99 thieving before your 99 crafting. Just know that it'll go by fast enough, and have a happy grind. If you already have 99 or a similarly high level of thieving, even better for you because you'll get materials faster.

Alternative Methods

Gem Rocks

Gold Jewelry



Crafting is great skill to grind. It is insanely useful as you will be able to make a lot of items that are regularly in demand (Glories, Furies, etc). If you used thieving or farmed a lot of dragons for hides you will realize that it is very profitable and is probably one of the best money making skills in the game. Just have fun with it and know that while it is a hard skill, the 99 is well worth it for that dank cape alone.

Why Not Make Orbs / Do <X-Thing>?

Orbs and basically all glassblowing as a whole is a big waste of time. Most methods have been tested and none of them beat pickpocketing Heroes and crafting the materials from them.

If you have completed this guide, congratulations! If you're just passing through, thank you for reading!

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