Cooks Assistant



Items Needed

Egg.png Egg Found in the chicken pen to east of Lumbridge.
Bucket_of_milk.png Bucket of milk Fill a Bucket up from a milk cow in the fields to the east of Lumbridge.
Pot_of_flour.png Pot of flour Head north-east of Lumbridge, pick grain and then process it in the mill nearby.

Starting the Quest

Speak to Cook in the kitchen on the ground floor of Lumbridge Castle.


  1. Speak to the cook on the ground floor of Lumbridge castle.
  2. When speaking to the chef he will want you to go get him three ingredients for a cake, which are a bucket of milk, a pot of flour and an egg.
  3. Pick up the empty pot from the table. There is a mill to the north of Lumbridge, grind some wheat into flour.
  4. Go to the general store and buy a bucket, head to the cow pasture in Lumbridge. Milk the Dairy cow there.
  5. There is a chicken coop near the cow pasture, go in and grab an egg.
  6. Return to the chef.

Quest Rewards

Quest.png 1 Quest Point
Cooking-icon.png 675 Cooking experience
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