Construction-icon.png Introduction

Construction is a skill that allows other players to build their own houses (dubbed Player-Owned Houses, or POHs) in set locations across the world accessed via a POH Portal. The skill is an infamous money sink, arguably the most costly skill in the game to 99.
It also goes without saying that Woodcutting is essential for Construction, as most of the furniture and objects are built out of wood - you'll be training exclusively to 99 with wood, particularly oak logs, in this guide. In fact, approximately 96,452 Oak logs in total are needed to reach 99 if you train exclusively with them.

As you level up the skill, you'll have access to more and more rooms of the house to build, more furniture to construct for it, and the choice to place the Portal for your house in a few other locations across the world.
Benefits to building your own house include many conveniences - such as the ability to mount an Amulet of Glory to a wall which provides you with infinite Glory teleports, and so on.

Key NPCs to help you with the skill are:

  • Estate Agents which can be found in Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne, or Seers' Village. They can give you general Construction information, provide you with your skillcape once you reach 99, redecorate the outside wall style of the house, and move the location of the POH Portal.
  • The Sawmill Operator who can be found in the Sawmill/Lumberyard northeast of Varrock. He can sell you Bronze/Iron/Steel Nails, Saws, Bolts of Cloth, and can cut your normal/oak/teak/mahogany logs into their respective plank forms for a fee.
  • The Stonemason in Keldagrim (north of Relleka) sells construction-specific items, such as Marble blocks and Gold leaves. He is the only place you can acquire these items, other than from players.
  • Not an NPC, but 40 Magic is a convenience for the Teleport to House spell - it takes 1 Earth rune, 1 Air rune, and 1 Law rune to cast.

Note that in /v/scape only, your initial POH Portal is automatically placed in the world (in Rimmington by default) - you do not need to pay the flat 1,000 coin fee to purchase the house.

If you don't want to chop your own logs to turn into planks at the sawmill or with your POH servant you can get your subjects to collect teak/mahogany logs from the Managing Miscellania minigame after completing the quest Throne of Miscellania. You can get 301 teak logs/204 mahogany logs/121 teak and mahogany logs a day (with 100% favor and at least 500k gp in your coffers). Making teak planks with teak logs from Managing Miscellania is a cost effective alternative to buying oak logs and making oak planks while making mahogany planks with mahogany logs from Managing Miscellania is the fastest xp/hr once you have all the logs planked but significantly more expensive.

House Setup

The Estate Agent will move your POH portal for a fee provided you have the required Construction level. The POH Portal locations and prices are as follows:

Location Cost to Move Level Required
Rimmington 5,000 (Default location) 1
Taverley 5,000 10
Pollnivneach 7,500 20
Rellekka 10,000 25
Brimhaven 15,000 30
Yanille 25,000 50

Estate Agents can also redecorate the outside wall style of your home with various options, as follows:

Style Cost
Basic Wood 5,000 (Default style)
Basic Stone 5,000
Whitewashed Stone 7,500
Fremennik-style Wood 10,000
Tropical Wood 15,000
Fancy Stone 25,000

Balloon Transport System

Starting Out


Levels 1-33 : Crude Wooden Chairs

Because you do not have access to any servants yet, you'll need to make repeated runs back and forth from the Sawmill Operator and the east Varrock back, converting normal logs to planks. You may use some spare runes to teleport back to Varrock from the Sawmill instead, you'll save a bit of time running but obviously this costs more to do.

Firstly buy at least 600 Bronze nails from the Sawmill Operator, they cost 4 gp ea. Ideally you'll need less but you need more than the minimum to account for cheaper nails bending/breaking a lot.

Then you'll need to cut/purchase 280 normal logs (normal trees are found everywhere, but look at the Woodcutting guide for better locations), and then take them to be cut into planks at the Sawmill Operator which will cost 100 gp each - meaning 28,000 coins total.

Head into your house (in building mode) and then construct Crude Wooden Chairs until you reach level 33.
They give 130.5 experience each, meaning you'll need to build approximately 140 of them (so 280 planks total).

You'll have to go bank a few times, this is easiest done by using Rings of Dueling to go to Castle Wars or similar teleportation jewellery and then keeping the runes for Teleport to House on you to get back, or running to the bank which will take much longer.

Alternatively, if you are an Ironman you can travel to Entrana and pick up the planks that rapidly respawn on the northern side of the island. Doing this saves you spending 28,000 gold needlessly, and isn't much slower than cutting the logs themselves anyway if you bank in Draynor Village.

Levels 33-50 : Oak Larders

Once at level 33, go to Build at any Door Hotspot of the house and construct a Kitchen. All it takes is 7,500 coins and no other materials. You'll be using oak planks, 8 at a time, to construct Oak Larders to level up for the time being. It's recommended to place your Kitchen directly next to the Portal rather than off the default Parlour room as this will save just a bit more time running through the house.
When cutting your oak logs into planks at the Sawmill, it'll cost 250gp each. You'll need 616 oak logs for now, so that amounts to 154,000 gp to cut them into planks.

Each Oak Larder built will grant 1,080 experience, meaning you'll need to construct about 77 Oak Larders (or use 616 oak planks) to reach level 50.

When making use of Rings of Dueling and Teleport to House with an Staff of Air/Earth to bank and return for training you'll have 24 free inventory slots for planks; enough for 3 larders.

Levels 40-74 : Carved Oak Dining Tables

Construct a Workshop for 10,000 coins and no other materials. You'll be using oak planks, 6 at a time, to construct Carved Oak Dining Table flatpacks. This is the same experience per inventory of planks as the next section, just faster since you don't have to remove in between builds like you have to with oak larders (larders cannot be built as flatpacks)

Once you have a workshop, build an oak workbench in the middle with five oak planks. Now, you can build flatpacks -tradeable versions of furniture -by clicking on the workbench. The oak workbench can only build flatpackable items up to level 40, luckily for you Carved Oak Dining Tables require level 31. You can stay with dining tables up to level 74, when oak dungeon doors become faster. At level 50, consider getting a demon butler (see next section).

Levels 50-74 : More Oak Larders

From here until level 74, it's more Oak Larders. This time around however, you'll be enlisting the services of a Demon Butler who will greatly boost your experience rates:

In order to hire the Demon Butler for your house, you must first have at least 2 Bedrooms with beds in them. Bedrooms cost 10,000 coins each to make, so grab 20k first. A recommended spot for the Bedroom your butler will be using is off the Kitchen you built earlier so he spawns closest to the larder hotspot whenever you enter your house. The second Bedroom presumed for you doesn't matter where you place it.

You also need materials to make two of the cheapest beds - Wooden Beds which require 3 planks, 3 nails, and 2 bolts of cloth (purchase from the Sawmill Operator) each.

Once you meet the requirements you may go speak to the Demon Butler to hire him, he's located in the Servants' Guild which is north of the East Ardougne market along with all the other hire-able house servants. It'll cost 10,000 gold and then he'll meet you in your POH.

Remember that the butler will also ask for 10,000 coins per 8th trip you send him on. Make sure your cash stack is big enough for this repeated jewing so you don't have to take too many exp-wasting bank trips for more money. If you sent him on an errand and he doesn't give you your stuff after you pay him, simply talk to him again.

The butler can be used to un-note noted oak logs of yours by right-click -> using them on him, and then once he's back you can use the unnoted logs on him to send him to the Sawmill Operator with the money to cut the logs and deliver the planks back to you in a few short moments.

This means you can keep a stack of noted oaks in your inventory along with a large cash stack, so you can train without ever having to leave your house lest you run out of logs. The stack of cash and logs will replace the runes for Teleport to House, so you still have 24 free spaces for the 24 planks/3 larders at-a-time method.

To reach level 74, around 922 Oak Larders must be built. That means 7,376 oak planks, and also 1,844,000 coins in order to cut all the logs into the planks; not to mention the costs of the Demon Butler's services every 8th trip. Since exp is given per plank, you will need to build 1230 flatpacks. Feel free to trash them since no-one buys furniture.

Levels 69-99 : Carved Teak Magic Wardrobes

If you're training with teak planks instead of oak planks you can very quickly and easily make flatpacks of Carved Teak Magic Wardrobes on a Bench with vice and simply drop them (make sure you're not in building mode otherwise you can't drop anything). From this point you'd need to make ~10.2k Carved Teak Magic Wardrobe flatpacks which comes up to around 61.1k teak planks.

Levels 74-99 : Oak Dungeon Doors

Once you hit 74, it'll be smooth sailing until 99 with Oak Dungeon Doors. They can only be built in the Dungeon of your POH, which can only be in a basement, therefore you'll need to make some stairs to go down to the lower level first.

Each Oak Dungeon Door built will grant 1,350 Construction experience. Therefore from level 74 until 99, you'll need to construct 8,845 Oak Dungeon Doors - meaning a total of 88,450 oak planks, and 22,112,500 coins to cut those logs into planks are required. Don't forget the extra costs from your butler every 8 trips too.


In conclusion, you've probably realized that Construction is really expensive to train by now. On the other hand it also levels up very quickly as long as you've got the correct materials on hand, and even then Oak logs can be very quickly cut on your own.
Above all else, Construction is mainly a money sink that allows you to build your very own house and customize it any way you like - what more could you want?

Why Not Use Mahogany To Train?

Mahogany logs are not recommended to make furniture to train with due to several reasons:

  • They are much slower to cut than oaks.
  • Along with the completion of the Jungle Potion quest to even access the hardwood grove to access them along with teak trees, they require many Trading Sticks to continue cutting them which can only be acquired from the tedious Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame or selling opal/jade/topaz gems to Gabooty.
  • They are much more expensive to cut at the Sawmill Operator compared to oak logs: 1,500 gp vs 250.
  • The active player market for the logs is quite small at the moment and for the forseeable future too, forasking much chance of buying enough logs to eliminate the long extra time that would be taken to cut them instead.

You can cut them on Ape Atoll a bit faster than utilizing Tai Bwo Wannai/having to worry about Trading Sticks, but ONLY attempt this if you have the Ape Atoll Teleport spell unlocked and have completed the requisite subquest of Recipe for Disaster for it, and Monkey Madness completed obviously. Make sure to not forget your Monkey Greegree so everything on the island doesn't try to kill you, and something like a Ring of Dueling/Games Necklace to easily teleport back to bank somewhere.
Tl;dr: Don't bother with them.

What To Actually Do With Your House (under 'construction')

  • Gilded Altar (Lv75) in Chapel for the fast Prayer training (lower xp per bone than ecto, higher xp per hour)
  • Teak Shelves 2 (Lv67) in Kitchen can be used (along with a furnished kitchen) to temp boost construction 3 points (this saves 376,000gp+ if boosting to build a Gilded Altar)
  • Mounted Amulet of Glory (Lv47) in Quest Hall for unlimited teleports
  • Portals (Lv50+) in Portal Chamber for quick teleportation to various game areas
  • Lecterns (Lv40+) in Study for creating clay tablets for teleports, enchanting and Bones to Bananas/Peaches
  • Various furniture in Bedroom for changing your character's appearance

If you have completed this guide, congratulations! If you're just passing through, thank you for reading!

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