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Combat is an integral part of the game. The ability to kill monsters is very useful, and the combat skills allow you to do just that. If you didn't know that already, consider sudoku. Although this page is titled 'Combat', it omits Ranged and Magic training into their own guides so just consider it as 'Melee skills and Hitpoints'.

Combat Level

Every player and monster with the ability to fight has a combat level. This level summarizes the enemy's skill in combat. A player's combat level is calculated from these skills:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Hitpoints
  • Ranged
  • Magic
  • Prayer

The maximum combat level for a player is 126. Combat Level rises when you improve in any of the seven skills above. However, focusing on only one skill will result in a lower combat level than spreading the levels around. Defence, Prayer and Hitpoints contribute to your combat level no matter what. Attack and Strength only affect melee based combat levels, Ranged only affects itself, as does Magic.


Hitpoints represent the amount of life a monster, or your character has. Red splats are damage indicators, indicating how much damage the monster or player has taken. Blue splats will appear when the monster or player has been attacked but takes no damage.

Once a player's hitpoints reach zero, they will die, dropping all items except their three most valuable (value of an item is based on its High Level Alchemy value) items (four if the Protect Item prayer was being used on death). By default a player will respawn in Lumbridge, although if a player has completed Recruitment Drive they can set their respawn point to Falador. Remember that the Fire Cape will always protect upon death, but takes up one of the 3 kept-on-death slots (needs confirmation so use Protect Item when you're about to die for now).


Attack dictates how often you hit an enemy for damage. The higher your Attack, the less likely you will hit zero. Attack also dictates which weapons a player can wield. The higher your Attack, the better the weaponry a player can wield.

To advance Attack, you must use the Accurate fighting style. For every point of damage you inflict whilst in this style, you will gain 9 experience points.

Type of Weaponry Attack Level to use
Bronze 1
Iron 1
Steel 5
Black 10
Mithril 20
Adamant 30
Rune 40
Dragon 60
Barrows (Melee) 70
  • Note that Barrows Melee equipment usually come with Strength requirements.


Strength dictates how much damage you inflict when you hit an enemy. The higher your strength level, the higher your max hit will be on enemies. To level Strength, you must fight in Aggressive mode. For every point of damage you inflict whilst in this style, you will gain 9 experience points.


Defence dictates how often enemies will hit you. Defence also allows you to wear stronger amour and wield better shields. Magical Defence is split between your Magic skill (70%) and your Defence skill (30%).

To level Defence, you must fight in Defensive mode. For every point of damage you inflict whilst in this style, you will gain 9 experience points.

Type of Armour/Shield Defence Level to use
Bronze 1
Iron 1
Steel 5
Black 10
Mithril 20
Yak-hide 20
Adamant 30
Rune 40
Granite 50
Dragon 60
Crystal 70, with Roving Elves
Dragonfire Shield 75

Combat Styles

Whilst fighting, you can choose from four different types of fighting styles.

  • Accurate: When fighting with this style, you will be more likely to hit your opponent.. This is the fighting style you should use if you are training Attack.
  • Aggressive: When fighting in Aggressive mode, you will hit much higher than with any other combat style. You should use this fighting style when training Strength.
  • Defensive: When fighting in the Defensive style, will be less likely to hit you. This is the fighting style you should use when training Defence.
  • Controlled: Certain weapons give the option to fight in a special "Controlled" mode. When fighting Controlled, you will get a little of each. This mode of fighting gives 3 experience per hit to all three melee skills - Attack, Strength and Defence.

As well as these four methods of fighting, you will see something else in the fighting styles - either Stab, Crush or Slash. Different weapons are better with certain styles, and different monsters and defences have a weakness to these different styles, eg. Plate Armour is weak against Crush attacks. Use the ::checkweakness command for monsters.

Suggested Equipment

Cheap but Effective

  • Berserker Helmet
  • Rune Platebody
  • Rune Platelegs
  • Rune Kiteshield
  • Rune Scimitar
  • Amulet of Glory


  • Guthan's Helm
  • Guthan's Body
  • Guthan's Legs
  • Guthan's Spear
  • Fire Cape
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Abyssal Whip
  • Rune Defender
  • Dragon Boots
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Warrior/Berserker Ring

Use the Abyssal Whip and Rune Defender until you are low on health, then switch to Guthan's Spear to gain health back thanks to the equipment set effect.

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