Cabin Fever


Items Needed

None! Just keep half of your inventory free of items.
Bring some food, prayer potions, and combat gear if you want, as you'll be surrounded by level 57 pirates at some point, though they do not have to be fought.


Journey to Mos Le'Harmless

  • Speak to Bill Teach, Captain of the Adventurous, in Port Phasmatys and become a pirate! He needs your help to get to Mos Le'Harmless, offer to help him and head to the docks. Go as east as you can go, and board a ship. Talk to Bill and go on yer adventure!
  • Onboard, a rather lengthy cutscene will play. You're basically under attack and have to take out the enemy cannons. Below deck, grab a fuse from the Gun Locker, and 6 ropes from the Repair Locker. Run south and pick up a tinderbox and then climb a ladder to the main deck. Climb up a Climbing Net, and use a rope on the hoisted sail. You'll now swing over to the enemy pirate ship, onboard use the fuse on the powder barrel to the west. Light the fuse with your tinderbox, and the barrel and cannon should explode. Run up a climbing net again and swing over back to the Adventurous. Talk to Bill.
  • Bill wants you to patch up the ship. Take a hammer, 30 tacks, 6 repair planks, and 3 swamp paste from the repair locker. Click on the leaks on the ship to fill them, and then waterproof them by clicking them again. Head back upstairs and talk to Bill.
  • Bill now wants you to plunder the enemy! Swing back over to the enemy ship, and climb below deck. Run north to the chest and plunder it several times until you have at least 10 plunder in your inventory, then swing back over to The Adventurous. On the Adventurous, go below deck and run south to the chest. Store 10 plunder in the chest, climb to the main deck, and talk to Bill.
  • Finally, Bill wants you to blow those pirates up. You have to repair the cannon to do this, click on the broken cannon nearby to repair it. It'll be in your inventory now, head below deck and open the Gun Locker. Take a Cannon barrel, head back upstairs, and repair the cannon with the new cannon barrel. Talk to Bill who will teach you how to fire the cannon, but head back downstairs and get a ramrod, a cannon canister, and several fuses. Go back upstairs.
  1. Back on deck, take some gunpowder from a Powder Barrel and use it on the cannon
  2. Now use the ramrod on the cannon.
  3. Now use the canister on the cannon.
  4. Now use a fuse on the cannon.
  5. Now Fire! the cannon!
  6. Use the ramrod on the cannon to clean it and repeat the steps
  7. If you miss for whatever reason, repeat the steps until you hit
  • Talk to Bill and then go below deck to take 3 cannonballs. Go back upstairs and repeat the steps above three (3) times, but replace the canister for a cannonball. You'll get a cutscene once you're done, and you'll finish the quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Book o' Piracy (Required to talk to pirates on Mos Le'Harmless)
  • 15,750 Smithing XP
  • 15,750 Crafting XP
  • 15,750 Agility XP
  • Access to Mos Le'Harmless
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