Black Knights Fortress


  • 12 Quest Points
  • Able to kill or avoid level 33 Black Knights

Items Needed

  • Bronze Medium Helm
  • Iron Chainbody
  • Cabbage (not from Draynor Manor)
  • Food (optional)
  • Armor (optional)
  • Falador Teleport (optional)

Not required but level 26 Smithing will allow you to make the required armor pieces instead of buying from vendors (1 bronze bar and 3 iron bars are necessary for this).

Starting the quest

Speak to Sir Amik Varze on the third floor, in the western tower, of the White Knight's Castle in Falador.


Starting Out

Sir Amik Varze will tell you to go and infiltrate the Black Knight's Fortress northeast of Falador near Ice Mountain. To be able to enter, you will need a Bronze Medium Helm (which can be bought in Barbarian Village) and an Iron Chain (can be bought in Falador). After obtaining the armor, head to the fortress which is just northeast of the monastery. Make sure to pick up a cabbage at the Monastery if you don't have one already.

Infiltrating the Fortress

Enter the door on the south side while wearing the Bronze Medium Helm and Iron Chainbody. The wall right in front of you can be pushed to enter a small room. Climb up the ladder in there and then up the ladder to the right of it.

Climb down the ladder just south, enter a door to the east, and then climb up another ladder. Climb down a ladder by the one you just came up and you will be in a room with a chaos altar. Open the door and run to avoid the black knights, then climb down the ladder to the southwest and you will be in a small room. Click on the grill to listen to a conversation.

Completing the Quest

Go back to the room with the false wall and enter the room to the east with several Black Knights. Run and climb up the ladder on the north wall. Walk southeast and find a wall that can be pushed in. Push in the wall and use your cabbage with the hole (make sure to right click so you don't accidently eat it). Go back and talk to Sir Amik Varze in Falador to complete the quest!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 5625 coins
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