Quest.png Completion of Plague City
Magic-icon.png 33 Magic for Telegrab

Items Needed

Priest_gown_(top).png Priest gown top Purchase from Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock for 5 coins
Priest_gown_(bottom).png Priest gown bottom Purchase from Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock for 5 coins
Rotten_apple.png Rotten apple Pick up from a rotten apple crate in Seers' Village or Ardougne
Air_rune.png 1 Air rune For telegrab
Law_rune.png 1 Law rune For telegrab

Starting the Quest

Speak to Elena in her house in East Ardougne.


Getting Started

Speak to Elena in her house in East Ardougne. She will tell you she's been studying the plague, but the mourners took all her stuff. The old way into West Ardougne is sealed off, so you need to find a new way into West Ardougne. She'll tell you to talk to Jerico, who resides east of her house.

Getting In

Talk to Jerico. Following that, search the cupboard for some bird seed, and take a pigeon cage from the back of his house. Talk to Omart near the southern end of West Ardougne's wall, and he'll tell you he can get you in, but the guards need to be distracted first. Go north and use the bird seed on the tower, then release the pigeons. Talk to Omart and you'll get into the western part of the city.


Head north to the Mourner HQ. You can try to get in, but will be denied. You'll need a disguise. Perhaps an inconspicuous cardboard box will do. Head around back and pick up the rotten apple, and throw it into the stew. Try to enter again, and you'll be denied. Next, head to Nurse Sarah's house in the southwestern part of West Ardougne. Search the cupboard to obtain a doctor's gown. Equip it, and the mourners will let you in. Head upstairs, kill a mourner, and use the key to get into the fenced off area. Search the boxes until you find Elena's distillator. Head back into East Ardougne.

Plague Samples

Talk to Elena, and she will give you four items: a plague sample and three vials of various liquids. She will tell you to go to Rimmington. A simple task, just teleport to Falador and- for the love of God do not do that. The Plague Sample is very fragile and will break upon doing any of the following:

- Combat of any sort
- Any form of teleportation (including spirit trees and gnome gliders)
- Using canoes
- Participating in a random event

However, you can bank the sample, and then teleport.

Once you're in Rimmington, talk to the Chemist. Do not mention the plague sample. He will give you some touch paper. The next step is to head to the southeastern part of Varrock and talk to Guidor. However, a guard is posted at the gate and will confiscate your three vials if he catches you with them. To get them in, you can do one of two things.

1) Drop the three vials outside of the wall, get searched by the guard, and then telegrab them from the inside.

2) Give the vials to the three helpers outside of the Chemist's house. Give Chancey the liquid honey, Hops the Sulphuric Broline, and Da Vinci the Ethenea.


If you gave the vials to the assistants, meet them in the inn and collect the vials. Head to Guidor's house.

If you try to talk to Guidor, his wife will interfere with you and not allow you to enter his room. Wear your priest robes, and she will allow you to enter. Talk to Guidor, and tell him Elena sent you. He will make the big reveal that the plague was actually a lie the whole time! Yowzers. Head back to Ardougne and talk to Elena. She'll recommend you talk to King Lathas. Go to his castle and talk to him. He'll give you the inside scoop as to the whole plague hoax. Wrap it up folks, quest's done.

Quest Rewards

Quest.png 3 Quest Points
Thieving-icon.png 2812.5 Thieving XP
Shortcut_icon.png Access to the combat training camp north of Ardougne
Shortcut_icon.png Ability to travel to West Ardougne through the gate

Completion Scroll

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