Animal Magnetism



  • Mithril Axe
  • 5 Iron Bars
  • A Hammer
  • Ghost Speak Amulet
  • Holy Symbol
  • Hard Leather
  • Polished Buttons (pickpocketed from HAM members)
  • 20 Ecto Tokens
  • Ectophial (optional)
  • Games Necklace or Combat bracelet (optional)
  • Amulet of Glory (optional)


Ava's Request

  • Speak with the Ava on the first floor of Draynor Manor. She will ask you to gather some Undead Chickens, a Magnet and an Undead Twig.

Undead Chickens

  1. Head to the farm to the northwest of Port Phasmatys.
  2. Speak to Alice in the farm shop. She will tell you to speak to her husband. Equip your Ghostspeak amulet if you haven't already.
  3. Speak to the husband. He will tell you that he will only sell you some chickens if he can speak to his wife directly.
  4. Tell Alice her husband's request.
  5. Go to the Old Crone. She can be found to the east of the Slayer Tower just north of Canifis.
  6. Unequip your Ghostspeak amulet. Speak to the Old Crone, who will then make you an special amulet for the husband.
  7. Return to Alice's husband and give him the amulet.
  8. Purchase some Undead Chickens from him for 20 Ecto-tokens.
  9. Return to Ava.


  1. Ava will ask you to create a magnet for her.
  2. Speak to the Witch on the ground floor of Draynor Manor. She will turn your five Iron bars into a Selected Bar.
  3. Head to Rimmington mine. Whilst in the mine, face north and use your Hammer on the Selected Bar to create the Magnet.
  4. Return to Ava.

Undead Twig

  1. Ava will ask you to gather an undead twig from one of the Undead trees in front of Draynor Manor.
  2. Head outside and use your Mithril axe on one of the Undead trees. You will be unable to cut it.
  3. Return to Ava. She will tell you to speak to Turael in Burthorpe to obtain a Blessed axe.
  4. Speak to Turael. He will ask you to give him a holy symbol and a mithril axe to create a Blessed axe. Do so.
  5. Return to Draynor Manor and chop one of the Undead trees to obtain a Undead Twig.
  6. Return to Ava.

The Backpack

  1. Ava will tell you she needs Hard Leather and Polished buttons to finish her project.
  2. If you have not already obtained some Polished buttons, head to the HAM hideout just north of Lumbridge castle and pickpocket a HAM member for some buttons. Click on them to polish the buttons and return.
  3. Give Ava the ideas and she will assemble the backpack.
  4. Quest complete!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 2500 exp to Crafting, Slayer and Fletching
  • 6250 exp to Woodcutting
  • If your range is less than 50, Ava's Attractor. If it's above 50, you'll get Ava's Accumulator.

Notes on Ava's Devices

  • Both devices will put all types of thrown weapons back into their receptive slots.
  • Toggle the device while equipped to stop it from randomly generating useless junk in your pack.
  • Ava's Accumulator has a higher range bonus.
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