Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl

Starting the Miniquest

Speak to the guard outside of the Barbarian Agility course.

Grocery List

  • 208 coins (more if you plan on traveling by boat)

Starting Out

In order to gain access to the barbarian training arena, you must play their troll toll by visiting bars across Gielenor and get a card signed by various barkeepers. To make life easier teleports and teleportation jewelry can make this miniquest less painful, but it is more than doable without. Once you have visited every bar, return to the outpost and you will be let in as a true barbarian!

Becoming a Chad

Note: These bars are listed in alphabetical order.

  1. The Blue Moon Inn. If you don't know where this is then git gud go to south-central Varrock. It is off the main road you can't miss it. You will be getting Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot for 50 coins here.
  2. The Blurberry Bar on the second floor of the Grand Tree. Talk to Blurberry and get a Fire Toad Blast for 10 coins
  3. The Dead Man's Chest in Brimhaven. Here you will buy a Supergrog for 15 coins.
  4. The Dragon Inn in Yanille. You will get a Fire Brandy for 12 coins here.
  5. The Flying Horse Inn in Ardougne. Here you will get a Heart Stopper for 8 coins. Be careful-this one does damage.
  6. The Forester's Arms in Seer's Village. You will get a Liverbane Ale here for 18 coins.
  7. The Jolly Boar Inn outside of Varrock by the sawmill. You will get Olde Suspiciouse for 10 coins here.
  8. The Karamja Spirits Bar in Musa Point. You will be getting Colt 45 Ape Bite Liqueur here for 7 coins.
  9. The Rising Sun in Falador. Here's a heft drink called the Hand of Death for 70 coins.
  10. The Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim. You will get the Black Skull Ale for 8 coins.

Optimal Route

If you are a serious babby and need your hand held through everything in runescape, read on:

  • Teleport to Seers Village and walk to #6,
  • Teleport to Al Kharid and glide to #2,
  • Teleport to Ardougne for #5
  • Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars and walk to Yanille for #4
  • Glory to Draynor and walk to #10
  • Charter a ship or Glory to Musa Point and walk to #8
  • Run over to Brimhaven for #3
  • Teleport to Varrock and go to #1 and #7
  • Teleport to Falador and go to #9


  • Access to the Barbarian Agility Training Arena
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