Agility-icon.png Introduction

Agility is often overlooked as a tedious and boring skill (which it is), especially considering that aside from one other use the skill is only really useful for shortcuts thanks to infinite run (higher levels let you regain your energy faster while inside the wilderness / as an ironman).

However if you persevere with training it you can reap many conveniences, some of which are borderline essential for the most common and popular forms of combat training and money making. Many players choose to stop training at certain levels (most commonly 70 or 71) as the skill has diminishing returns past that point unless you're looking for the 99. Agility is also one of the few skills that requires almost no materials or extra requirements to level up in.

There are four main agility courses available in /v/scape: The Gnome course, Barbarian course, Wilderness course and Ape Atoll course. Currently none of the agility courses have fail rates except the Barbarian course (which can still be bypassed with no items equipped or in your inventory and the boots of lightness equipped).

Most Useful Shortcuts

For 99% of /v/scapers, these shortcuts will be the key to your success in combat training and skilling. Note that shortcuts give a small amount of diminishing non-repeatable exp after you use them a few times - they will never be a proper substitute for training at courses. Not anymore at least :^)


Levels 1-25 : The Gnome Course

The Gnome course is very simple and straightforward. located at the Gnome Stronghold north of Ardougne. Since you cannot possibly have completed the Grand Tree at this point you cannot glide to the Stronghold quickly from Al-Kharid. Your best way of getting there is to find a commonly sold and made Camelot teleport tab and then running to the Stronghold from there, with various other teleports from jewelry available to help get you there too.

You get 194.625 exp per completed lap including all of the individual obstacle exp, meaning that from 0 experience at level 1 it takes approximately 40 laps to get to level 25.

Levels 25-35/36 : The Grand Tree (quest)

The Grand Tree quest might be hard to complete for a new player without a decent ranged or magic stat, and requires 25 Agility to start, but will reward enough Agility experience at the end to level you from 25 to about 36 which is perfect for starting the Barbarian course.

Levels 35-52 : The Barbarian Course

The Barbarian course is located northeast of the Grand Tree, or north of the Baxtorian Falls where you can start the Waterfall Quest. Getting there is similar to getting to the Gnome course since they are very close together on the map.

You need to complete Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest to enter the course, however. This is the only quest/miniquest requirement to training Agility outside of the first step of Temple of Ikov.

As mentioned in the introduction, this course does have fail rates attached to it currently but this can be circumvented with a negative Weight rating - no other items on you, except for the Boots of Lightness from the Temple of Ikov Quest. You do not need the skill requirements needed to complete Ikov to get the boots as they are only from the first step of the quest, all you need is to talk to Lucien to start it and then go into the temple with a lit candle and a knife or other slashing weapon. The boots are on the ground behind a web in the dark basement of the Temple.

Each lap of the course gives 313.875 exp, and from level 35 approximately 322 laps are required to reach level 52. You may also stop at level 49 if you wish, as you can still enter the Wilderness Course by then as long as you boost with an Agility Potion each time you get to its gate.

Levels 52-99 : The Wilderness Course

Once you hit level 52, the agility course located in the top-left corner of the wilderness in ~level 50 near the Ice Plateau is your prime training spot from now on.
My rates are calculated at a little over 100,000 experience per hour at max clicking efficiency, compared to about 80,000 per hour at the Ape Atoll course.
While most don't care for maxing out this particular skill, you'll be here for a long time if you choose to go for it as 1,286 exp per lap from level 52 will require about 10,039 laps to reach level 99.

The best way to get there is using the Ardougne lever (next to the gate to West Ardougne), which places you in high 40's wilderness in the Deserted Keep on the eastern side of the Mage Arena/Mage Bank, and then running around the Arena and to the west to reach the agility arena. You need a slash weapon or a knife in order to break through the web from when you use the lever, and watch out for other players.
Remember to bring food, cheap equipment to defend yourself with if need be that you wouldn't mind losing too much if you died, and perhaps a few doses of energy potion for an emergency escape. Despite there being finite run in the wilderness now, while doing the course you regen your run energy over the obstacles giving you essentially infinite run again inside the arena. On the way there however, you might want to disable your run to save it for the course.
Also note that the beginning plank leading up to the course does have a fail rate on it, but it's a minor obstacle.

Levels 48-99 : The Ape Atoll Course

This course requires the completion of Monkey Madness and a Ninja Monkey Greegree. If you plan to train past 70 then this course will be far more consistent than the Wilderness course. At peak times players will often kill you at the Wilderness course, and they'll camp so it's often best just to wait them out. Switching to this course means you can get comparable experience whilst not worrying about dying all the time.


>Can tightrope walk at level 1.
>Requires level 80 to jump over a square on the floor
Not many people have 99 agility and for admittedly good reasons too, as there's no real reason to train it even past 80. But if you want to persevere and go for the 99, nothing's stopping you! Except griefers :^)

Why Not Use The Ape Atoll Course?

The Primate Panic/Ferguson Frenzy/Simian Samba agility course is not recommended to train in over the Wilderness course due to slower overall experience gain. Even though it only requires 48 Agility to enter, it takes more time to complete Monkey Madness AND to get a Ninja Monkey Greegree to get into the course than to just gain the levels between 48-52 agility at the Barbarian course. If you already have Monkey Madness done, however, you may use the course from 48-52 guilt-free.
If you don't have a Ninja Monkey Greegree:

  • You have to buy another Monkey Talisman from the Rune Store on Ape Atoll for 1,000 coins
  • You have to kill a ninja monkey (easiest are the level 86 archers) and get their bones (if killing an archer you must range it and then Telegrab the bones
  • Bring the bones and talisman to Zooknock at the end of the long dungeon (use your normal Greegree to be safer throughout the run) and then talk to him to create it

Even then, it's faster to just get to 49 at the Barbarian course and boost into the Wilderness course with an agility potion.

However the Ape Atoll course does offer one solid advantage over the Wilderness course; it's safe and free of player-killers. If you're having a particularly off night and keep getting attacked but still want to train agility, head on over to Ape Atoll and wait for the rabble to die down.

If you have completed this guide, congratulations! If you're just passing through, thank you for reading!

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