Abyss Miniquest

Abyss Miniquest



  • Several teleportation methods to Varrock, Edgeville, Ardougne, and Yanille (with 66 magic)


Part 1 : A Dangerous Journey (jk lol)

Start the quest by talking to the Mage of Zamorak (note that he will not talk to you if you're wearing any Saradomin or Guthix items) north of Edgeville in level ~5 Wilderness - use the River Lum as a guide if you must as he's right at the end of it. He will quickly tell you to meet him in Varrock as his current location is too dangerous, so you must travel there.
Teleport or run east-southeast from there and once in Varrock, go to the southeast corner of the city in the temple building with the Chaos Altar in it - this is south of Aubrey's Rune Shop which is south of the Varrock East Bank in case you don't know how to look at a map.
Talk to the Mage here and ask him where he gets his runes. He will explain a problem to you - Zamorakians have access to the Abyss which allows them to craft runes, but have a limited supply of Rune Essence and are unaware of the various Rune Essence mines around the world. Your character will say that you know of the mines and the Mage will ask for your help in exchange for knowledge on the Abyss, so you should probably say that you'll help him. According to him this will not only benefit you, but also keep the delicate power struggle between followers of the three Gods from being too one-sided which is somehow beneficial for all.

Part 2 : If You Somehow Can't Teleport Or Afford Teleport Tablets You'll Probably Complain That Runescape Quests Are Shit At This Point But That's Your Fault, Isn't It?

The Mage will give you a Scrying Orb once you agree to help him. The Orb has a "Cypher Spell" on it which will fill up with information the Mage needs once you travel at least Three times to the Rune Essence mines from various locations. Once you're teleported to a mine from any of the locations with the Orb in your inventory, it'll record what it needs and you can move on to the next one.

The easiest of the three Mine locations you need to be teleported to are as follows:

  • Aubury, who is just north of the Chaos Temple. No further teleports needed.
  • Sedridor in the basement of the Wizard's Tower, who is the Head Wizard just in case you forgot, you cheeky kunt. Either ::home teleport or use an Amulet of Glory and run from Draynor Village, it's a short trip either way.
  • Brimstail, near the southwest corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Either take a Spirit Tree if you're able to for the fastest trip to the Stronghold, take a glider to the top of the Stronghold if you're able to for another method, or Ardougne teleport if you're able to and run up to the Stronghold.
  • Wizard Distentor in the Yanille Wizard's Guild is faster to get to than Brimstail, but he requires 66 magic to access. However if you do meet that requirement you may simply Watchtower Teleport with spell or tablet to quickly enter the guild.

Once you have recorded the three locations, the Scrying Orb will be filled up and you may return to the Zamorak Mage in the temple.

Part 3 : Completion

Upon returning to the Mage, he will exchange information with you as promised. Make sure to exhaust all his dialogue options before you leave as the temple is a safe location. If you don't listen to him, you'll have to hear to what he has to say anyway before you enter the Abyss but you'll be in the Wilderness so take the time to do it now. He'll also explain that enchantments placed on the Abyss will drain your Prayer to 0 and Skull you (you will lose ALL your items if you die, lasts 10 minutes) upon each entry so be careful if you plan Runecraft a lot.
Congratulations! Quest complete!


  • 2,250 Runecrafting experience (levels you from 1 to 14 if you haven't gained any RC exp yet)
  • Abyssal Book explaining more about the Abyss (read if you're interested in more lore)
  • Small Runecrafting Pouch, which stores 3 essence
  • And of course, access to the Abyss for Runecrafting
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