Since March 22nd 2014!

What Is /v/scape?

/v/scape is a private server created and hosted by /v/irgins for /v/irgins.

Features Include

2.25x experience rate, and infinite run energy.*

Important Links


  • Pickles Frog_mask.png (God-king of /v/scape, all hail Pikol) (!pikolGod2A)
  • Bobster Bearhead.png (Gave us the current client, landwhale lubber) (!Zse4f8H3iE)
  • Odel Lederhosen_hat.png (Hosts the server, based as fuck) (!!Ma7uJItz9cg)
  • Drbitterness Tribal_mask_%28blue%29.png (Ay lamo) (!!TvmTsV0Bfrt)
  • Saxi Thief_Warrior.png (Cronyism reeee) (!nNy/WMqVk)
  • Mod Latent Torag%27s_helm.png (Mentos - The Freshmaker) (!DsG1vuD2G)
  • Lord Dio Cavalier_mask.png (KONO DIO DA! MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!) (!TEsgJa29Mt)

Latest Updates & Site News

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You can also check in-game with ::patchnotes or view the full archived list of all of them here.

Game last updated on =June 9th, 2019=

  • Gnomeball minigame added
  • Sorceress' Garden minigame added
  • Added Quizmaster random event
  • Added slimy eel fishing spots
  • Re-worked all Fremennik armor crafting dialogue
  • Nardah and West Ardougne now have general stores
  • Fixed implings wandering into inappropriate areas
  • Fixed bind effects applying before a hit displays
  • Fixed being unable to cook rainbow fish
  • Fixed being unable to fill waterskins from various water items
  • Fixed KBD magic breath attack splashing for damage
  • Improved cacti cutting functionality
  • Fixed Underground Pass cell doors
  • Fixed bookshelves in Sorceress' house
  • Fixed a block in Barbarian Training dialogue


Download Client Here (JRE8 Now Required) - Need Help? / How To Play
Note that /v/scape also works on Unix OS with the right JRE8, search that up for more info.

Advanced configuration options can be found at the settings ini page

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